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23. facebookDrama

I slipped into a tight black lace dress which cut off below my bum and some black heels. The dress ran down my right arm and cut off on the left around my boobs.

Afterwards, I added a light coating of makeup, making sure my eye makeup had a dark, lustful look to it and my lips were bright red. I tightened a few strands of hair in curls but left the rest wavy and I looked especially fancy because my dark brown roots weren't showing as I only redone it yesterday.

I checked Facebook and my heart stopped when I saw the updates of Harry's step sister,

@KENNYBABE: ...... awhh, my Brothers girlfriend @KELSEYCASEY was just raped and assaulted by @JAK.ECOLE last night #yolo

What! Who does she think she is?

I commented underneath,

@KELSEYCASEY: @KENNYBABE he did not rape me! Who even said something like that?

I was furious at why someone would say that. Ok, sure he was going to rape me, but he didn't.

Quickly, I zapped over to texts,

Me: HARRY! Check what your 'step sister' put up on Facebook! DID YOU TELL HER!? :Z

Harry responded almost straight away,

Harry: looking now xx tell her about what? X

A few minutes went by and then a furious phone call came through, it was Jake.

" WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!" He was clearly pissed and I felt suddenly very small and helpless.

" I- I didn't do anything. I swear!"

A huge scoff was heard before the line went dead, leaving me frozen tears threatening to appear.

Harry: Babe, I'm so sorry. I'm going to find her now, I didn't tell her. I don't know who did! Xx just stay home and I will be home around 5.

I hadn't been more humiliated in my whole entire life.

Niall: you ok? People have been putting stuff up on fb... Do you need me to come round? X

Me: Niall, I'm scared please get my brother to come ASAP. Don't tell Harry please, I don't need him freaking out. I have made dinner so come round at 5 with the boys ;) and we can all talk x

Niall: sure!

I froze before texting Harry,

Me: Harry don't do anything stupid please xx

Harry: does murder count as stupid??

Me: stop it. Please just come straight home xx

Harry: FINE! on my way then. X be there in twenty.

I breathed a sigh of relief and head to the kitchen for a head ache tablet.

One tablet became two. Two became three. Three became four and it kept going till I felt no more pain and as usual I felt empty.

I looked at my phone one last time, seeing a text from a random stranger,

07934712902: stupid whore. Who do you think you are having sex with Harry and Jake? Go kill yourself! Or I will kill you.

Me: who is this?

07934712902: no wonder your family died, to ESCAPE you! Fucking sket. I have seen that locket and your pathetic life. You don't deserve to be alive!!!

I dropped my phone and the pills before collapsing myself soon after. Why did I change? I was coping being the miserable person that everyone feared and now I'm the girl everyone wants to fuck and kill. I'm useless.

Still on the floor, I dragged myself into the living room to find alcohol from the fridge. I open a bottle of rosé and down it, eventually becoming heavy under my eyes.

I hear the door open and Louis walks straight into the kitchen. There's a silence and I presume he's seen the texts and tablets. The next thing I know, I'm in his arms with a hazy vision with calmness all around.

Louis is sobbing into my skin and I struggle to see why he is upset. I'm fine.

His head is pressed against my heart which makes him gurgle louder. He chucks my phone down somewhere and pulls out his own frantically dialling someone.

" y-your goings to be okay. Yourrxgoing to be-" he was croaking and I was beginning to panic, why is he saying that? I am okay. What's wrong with me?

The air smells like alcohol and drugs but I am only focused on the door which is now opened to Harry. He sprints in when he hears Louis crying and he drops to his knees when he sees me.

Harry's hands slap onto his mouth and he makes horrible sounds, tears flowing effortlessly down their faces.

I am fine. Why are they crying. Harry and Louis began talking to each other and I couldn't understand what.

" she's not breathing," Louis cried before Harry pushes down forcefully onto my heart making me gasp. I'm not breathing? I thought I was.

He once again frantically pushes my heart cursing under his breath. Louis struggles to my phone and scrolls through all the texts, his eyes widening with horror.

" Stay with me, please. P-please please please don't leave me. Please." Harry was beginning to hurt me now, making me gasp slightly each time.

I raised my hand to his cheek and slowly coughed and gasped for small, thin bits of air.

" I- I love you. P-please, stay with me!" His lips crashed onto mine, blowing air into my mouth and still pumping my chest.

Then the door flew open as Niall and the paramedics ran in, checking my heat and pulse.

" unusually slow." One man said, his two fingers on my wrist.

" depression. She's had an overdose." A lady says and I hear Louis cursing at himself blaming himself for this accident.

" by the time we get to hospital she will be dead," the lady repeats.

"DEAD! She can't be! " screams Harry shaking his head. My exact thoughts... I don't want to be dead. I wanna grow old with Harry, have kids and live a life with extent. I want what Miss.Morris was telling me. I WANT A FUTURE!

" she's pulling through doctor, her pulse is coming back." The man says, applying a blood monitor to my arms which squeeze very tightly.

I force myself to stay calm and look into Harry's eyes with all my strength.

" she's strong enough. She won't die, I know she won't." Harry is clutching onto my hand tightly squeezing and crying slightly

" missy, pull through." The doctor was putting a mask over my head for oxygen and it gave me memories.

Missy. Missy as in the name Harry used to call me. No! Still calls me and always will because I am going to stay alive.

Painfully, Something lands on my chest and I peer down to see it's an electric thingy which is electrocuting my heart. I let out a shriek and I feel my eyes become more prone to the light.

Then everyone's silence and I feel my head tilt to the side.

" w-what? No what's happening!" I hear Harry panic suddenly very agrovated.

" I'm sorry son. ...she's dead."

No I can't be. I'm not dead. I'm still thinking, I can still feel myself breathing. I must be asleep instead.


My berthing starts to quicken and everyone's face shoots my direction quickly lighting up.

" she's breathing again?" A doctor rushes to my side and lifts me up in a siting position.

"KELSEY!" Harry's face was extremely pleased to see me and he smiled so big that I swear he would of got cramp.

" she's ok." A doctor stepped back and everyone clapped,

" but she needs to rest,"

And with that I fell into a deep sleep.

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