Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."




I awoke in a bed, not any bed but in fact it was a strangers bed. My head was spinning and all i could do is cry. The thoughts jumbled up with the hate and everything i done would make it worse. Suddenly, in came Niall who looked very disturbed. I quickly look down and thankfully im fully clothed.

" You alright?" Niall says placing a tray on the table next to the bed i was in,

" What happened? Where's my children? Where's Harry!"

I began panicking, tossing my head around in search for my family but i couldn't see anyone,

" Shhh., calm down, it's not good for you, for the baby!"

I almost threw up,


Niall looked very unsure and then repeated himself,

" It's not good for you, for you, baby."

I sunk back into the bed, feeling sick and dizzy. Niall took my temperature and then handed me a glass of water which i sipped at slowly,

" What Happened?"

He looked up confused,

" Last night?"



I was confused. The way she was panicking about something but it was all so confusing. I had no idea what she was talking about.

" You know, Harry storming out after Hunter came and then we were in search for him and-" She babbled on about some random stuff,

" We went to that house party that you wanted!"

I sighed and checked her temperature again,

" Your ill. you need some rest,"

She was angry and hit my arm away,

" You think i am making this up? It did happen! Where's Harry!"

" Harry is in the other room, you guys stayed round after dropping the children off at Louis' house. You feel asleep immediately so we all ended up drinking, Harry slept in the other room because he didn't want to wake you up,"

She looked really green and very ill,

" Kelsey, are you alright? You don't look very well."

" Bad dream, that's all.."

I was uncertain of what she just said but i decided i wouldn't argue because it would make her feel worse so instead i crept out the room and head for the living room,

" Kelsey is awake but she is very Ill! Where's harry?" I say to Tom as he grabs the cereal from the shelf,

" He's getting bacon and eggs from the corner shops;"

" ah, kay." I said before chucking myself in the living room on the sofa and switching on ' INBETWEENERS'.



Bad dream? are you kidding me. It all seemed so real and why was hunter in my dream? Ugh!

Does Harry actually think i am a dirty slut? Wait a second, why could i tell Harry's point of view too if it was my dream? Maybe just something i drank yesterday might of been slightly affective to my body. Then, i hear the front door open and in comes a cheerful voice,



I got up and quickly checked if i brought a bag with me that might have any clothes or makeup which was lucky because i did. Inside, i found a purple belly top and tight black jeans with black dolly shoes and loads of makeup. I took my chance and put everything on and to my surprise, i looked quite stunning for someone who had just been traumatised in her sleep.

I head outside my room and crept downstairs to Harry, Tom and Niall unpacking the bags on the kitchen counter, talking about the xfactor finals.

" Heyy baby," Harry greeted me and pulled me in for a kiss in which i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss attempting to woo him.

After a few minutes of sexual snogging, he pulled back with such a smirk that i though his dimples would fall off his perky cheeks,

" Good news,"

I grinned slightly as he told me the news,

" Louis is going to take care of Julia and Tommy for two weeks whilst You, Me, Tom, Michael, Jake, Rose, Kennedy, and Joe are all going up to Florida PGL for a holiday! Everything is packed and we are going tonight,"

My jaw dropped. HOW DID HE PULL THIS OFF?

" Oh My Fucking God!" I squeak, jumping into his arms and kissing him even more passionately than the first,

" Yeaha! We have a huge dorm which we will all share and it is one floor but the room is one big one, separated each side with seven beds either side, girls and boys. We all get a double bed though which is great," Niall proudly says and i feel Harry's lips approach my ear,

" We are surrounded by woodlands, so we can have a bit of fun out there,"


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