Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


46. Drunken

He was being serious.


I had changed into black lace underwear and covered myself up with a long baggy top along with shoving my hair in a messy bun. I reached for some tissues upon the side and slowly cried myself to sleep knowing I was a slut and I deserved to die alone, and also Harry would be drunk and fuming when he arrived back here.

Suddenly a huge crash boomed a few floors down meaning Harry would be home, great...

" Fuck!" He shouted as I heard he threw something onto the floor and it had smashed instantly. What is the matter with him?

The next thing I knew, I had crept into the elevator to find where Harry was and he was defiantly pissed off. He was cursing, throwing things and yelling at the top of his voice that he didn't even hear nor see me tip toe into the bottom floors kitchen.

" Harry?" I whimper and his eyes tear towards me nastily before he yanks me into a huge embrace and begins crying on my head. Drunken mood swings or what!

" I- I thought I h-had lost yyouuu,,"

I smile within his chest and take in his smell. Normally, words can not describe his luscious scents but now he smells of sweat, blood and alcohol. .

I pull back. My eyes twitch and worriedly glance into his eyes, with him looking at me confused.

" W-what?" He sniffles and my hands shoot up to my mouth and inhuman gurgles come from my mouth. He's bleeding! 

" Y-you're, hurt!"

Now I begin crying and he peers down at the huge wound on his shoulder,

" It's not part of my costume?" He asks and I violently shake my head as I hurriedly sit him down and instruct him to take off his tux.

" This may sting a little," I wince slightly as I dap my flannel on his deep wound and he cries out painfully.

" Shhh," I sooth and run the flannel over again trying to wash the cut out slightly. My eyes flicker from the cut, to his gorgeous face and to his naked, perfect body- BREATH!

Tears stream silently down my face as he tilts my head up delicately and brushes it with his thumb seductively,

" D-o you r-really hattee me?"

I inhale deeply from his naked body and sigh before removing the flannel away from the cut and applying cold cream which made him flinch once or twice.

" Course not," I begin, grabbing some pills from the side,

" Take these,"

He takes them and suddenly he is very loopy again but I have straddled him and partially pinned him down on the chair and I softly kiss his lips,

" I love you, good night baby,"

Then he was out like a light and I started stitching up the deep wound, experienced from all my past suicidal attempts. When he slept, I had to fight the urge, over and over again to just fuck him but it was not fair to put him through that whilst he has stiches, plus he could easily pop them out which I was worried about.

" Now," I clapped my hands together lightly before positioning Harrys arm in a bent position and stuck it down with tight tape and a sling and practically dragged him into the lift to get to our room.

Finally, after loads of unwanted energy wasted, I had succeeded to get Harry into bed before I collapsed in a deep sleep beside him.

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