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149. DrugDealer


I had to step up my game if we were to find out the creator behind this scandal and in the meanwhile, dodge Harry's fast flowing apologises with fake smiles. Should I let him go or should I give him a piece of his own medicine? That was the thing I was wondering on.

Today, I dressed differently and I actually wore my own clothes along with everyone else. I curled my long blonde hair, clipping the right front side back a bit, pushing all my hair to flow along my left shoulder before creating a detailed masterpiece upon my face of different coloured makeup yet all of it darker than usual. Then, I wore a short-ish black, tight dress with the sleeves laced to the back which was also laced down wards, I knew the school wouldn't let me wear this but that's where flirting gets me.

I put flat, black shoes on before grabbing my leather black bag and taking the elevator to the limo after kissing the children good bye. Harry was straight behind me, as were his eyes as we made our way down the path,

"What are you wearing!" He growled as I climbed into the limo, my but purposely swaying in his face on the way,

"Clothes... don't you like it?"

He sat next to me, eyes glued to my body and his dark, snarl barely hiding behind my seductive smirk,
"Cause I will take it off if you like?"

I began to pull the dress up and his hands slapped down onto mine, eyes glaring into mine,

"Your pissed off still, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am Harry. As a matter of fact, I am pissed off-" I rest back in the seat, the once flashy grin gone as I knocked on the glass signalling for It to stop,
"W-why you getting out? We need to talk-" He asked as I began climbing across,

"Because people will be suspicious if I arrive with my teacher... and we've already talked."

"Let me get out, then-" He started opening the door,

"No. I am, besides there's Aaron so fuck off!"

And with that I got out, slamming the door behind me and walking across the road, all eyes smacking onto my huge tits and fuck-able ass as I applied more shuddery lipstick, a grin plastering my lips seductively as Aarons eyes also caught my figure,

"Fuck me KMay! You can't walk around these streets wearing that, babe-"

His arms formed around my waist, slithering me closer his breath stinking of weed as I grinned at him as truthfully as I could,

"Well, good for you because this dress is coming off later," I wink at him, his mates all catcalling and looking in utter shock. I lower my sun glasses off my face, eyes sinking into one of his mates, 

"Be a dear and stop carrying around a knife-"

Everything goes silence, eyes all glued on me as a huge smirk appears on my lips, my teeth flashing as I walk towards him, out stretching my hand to his bag as he grasps my wrist tightly,

The smirk on my lips pry harder,

"Try me,"

I pull away from his grip, unzipping his bag and quickly pulling it out along with a bag of drugs,

"What's your name baby?"


"Where did you get that from?"

Everything is silent again as Aaron quickly spins me around, eyes furring into mine and then relaxing as I bite my lip,

"He'll tell you later if you do one thing for all of us at break?"

"What is the drug called?"

More silence as I begin walking away, chucking the bag to the floor and holding my hands up to show I aint holding it no more.

"Wait-" Aaron quickly stopped me as I turned around, his lips forming a tiny shape,


"Excuse me?"

"The drug is called belt, the most expensive and illegal. Now stay-"

The grin of a satisfied smirk dances playfully as I take his hands, placing a tender kiss to his lips, knowing Harry is watching from the smudge marks on the Limo he is getting our off secretly.

"What do you need from me so I know who is the creator?"

"Meet us later, at break. You will find out baby- now give daddy some sugar," He croaks, his lips coming closer to mine as I step back,

"Maybe later-"




My lesson was second with Kelsey and the minute class was over, she was quick to get out with Aaron, both grinning, her a little less so. She almost looked scared but I know she would never let anyone realise that; especially me.

"Kelsey?" I tried to reach her but it was too late and I was following behind slowly, my gun hiding in my shoes, at the bottom on the heel, just in case and I knew her gun was hidden in her shoe as well, unless she took it out which was unlikely.

I took a corner as Aaron held the door open for Kelsey, looking around to see if anyone saw them which was then I pretended I was looking at the sign on the wall and writing crap on my hand. Then the door creaked as I styled it out to look around so it wasn't obvious if they were still there and when they weren't, I began following again.

I peered out the window and saw Aaron meeting a few mates, greeting each other before they all began walking up the field together, merging in with people so I began walking again, keeping a close eye on Kelsey.

I quickly then rang up the FBI and my company, informing them to get ready because just before, I saw the drugs on the path when Kelsey was there and the knife that Zac was carrying, telling them about the little hut they all just crept into.

I then waited at the bottom for my SWAT team, ( I probably should of told Kelsey that I am head of the SWAT team..) as if I just burst in, Kelsey could of been hurt or held hostage and I could never put my darling in that position again.


we all went into the hut that I never knew was there on the field and immediately as the door was shut, everybody began sitting down at the huge round table, packets of all sorts of drugs being pulled out and being traded. Cigarettes were being lit and smoked as every body was beginning to start underage drinking.

I though this would be a blood bath soon,

"Crap," I gasp, warily sitting down on the sofa in the corner, the overwhelming scents of toxins burning my nostrils like a over heating bee.

"yeah it can be a bit much at first, but you'll get used to it," One guy grinned at me as his lips a came close to my ears,

"I'm undercover too, don't do anything stupid-"

I grin as he pulls away, then playing my poker face, as if nothing happened,

"So, why did you need me here?" I frown over to Aaron who is behind me, pouring himself some liquor,

"You are one of us now and we will tell you everything you need to know as long as after, you become one of us. Our sex slave."

My muscles in my jaw tense up,

"I will start Monday?" I lean back, eyes peering into his,

"WHAT! That's four school days away," Another guy gasps and Aaron nods slightly to his comment, squinting at me for a negotiation,

"I am there for the weekend too, fair enough?"

Before I had anytime to finish my sentence, Aaron announced 'done'.

I wriggled around on my bum, clicking a recording device on so I will have evidence in court when we bust these fuckers out of their drug scandal,

"Okay so what do you wanna know then Baby?"

 I wriggle closer to Aaron who is resting next to me,

"Who is the creator?"

"Paul Redcliff. In south Hampton College and is 21,"

This should be easy. I thought, as if he gives this much information out in one question.

"Any others?"


"Who are the dealers?" I peer further into his eyes, his double chin coming out as he looks down onto me,

"Look around, everyone here apart from him who is also starting today-"

He points over to the other under cover cop, who is looking really relaxed, perhaps the alcohol he is consuming.

"What's their names?"

"Marely Grait... Suan lefter... Cameron Jones... Alex pete... Peter west... and finally me, Aaron Macey, like you know-"

I grin at the fact every little detail he is giving me now will be an extra bonus of salary, and surprise that he hasn't held back on anything information wise,


"Mr.Aundre, IT teacher, and the whole foot ball team is the only people we have here at this school. The rest only Paul Redcliff knows."

I stay silent for a second,

"What drugs?"

"All. C'mon Baby, these are silly questions, I know you can ask us a lot more then that-"

I think for a second,

"Do you carry weapons on you?"

"Knives that's it. Further..."

There was a hesitating silence as I sit up quickly, eyes bursting into his,


"A couple, It doesn't matter though. We weren't caught out, the deaths were classed as suicide, so.. yeah, it's all good."

My mouth swept dry and I felt the anger build up inside of me as I quickly took a swish of alcohol to calm my nerves.

"You alright?" He looked worried as I sat back,

"Tell me everything that you know-"

It went on for what felt like hours but the only thing keeping me awake was the reflection of Harry in the window, ordering the swat team to get ready on my count,

I leant down to my shoe and quickly slipped my gun into the coat sleeves that I had before I made my way over to the liquor, secretly flashing the under cover cop my gun to show him what was about the happen as I turned around to face them all,

"One more question," I ask, frowning, putting my gun behind my back and reaching into my pocket for the FBI badge,

"What will you plead in court?"

In that minute, I pulled out my gun as the SWAT and FBI team all run in, guns aiming at everybody as yet again, another case is completed. Harry was quick to my side, lips pounding against mine as he was quick to apologise over and over again,

"I am SO sorry, please forgive me baby. I will do anything!"

I kiss back as I slap my own ass to stop the recording,

"Your forgiven darling,"

"WWHAT THE FUCK WE TTRUSTED YOU KELSEY! YOU BITCH!" Aaron growled as Harry's head cocked to the side, as he snarled in his face,

"I never really liked you Aaron,"

And that was what I saw before his fist smacked straight into his face, knocking him spark out and breaking his nose, Aarons body limping in the arms of two officers.

I grinned as they were all taken out and I handed over my evidence to Dr.Phill,

"Here you go," I grin,
"You never fail to amaze me Calista, you know that?"

"Thank you sir. What's our next mission?"

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