Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


9. The only way to beat a hangover is to not stop drinking

I walked down the stairs, careful not to trip and I could feel a heavy breathing of Alessio behind me. Not leaving my side. We spent the whole morning in bed, recovering from our hang over but miraculously healed when Louis invited us round for a small party. 

"What happened last night?" I ask nervously, slipping my hand into his as he walked down my stair case.

"You were extremely horny." 

Alessio grinned at me as we turned into the living room with everyone else. My eyes widened with shock as i whispered harshly,

"Did we do anything?"

"Trust me, you would remember if we done something." He winks at me as we sit down on the furthest sofa. My cheeks heat up as i snuggle in closer to him, leaning my head on his broad shoulder. 

"So guess what Tom did?" Nial proudly beamed, telling a half finished story whilst holding Tom's hand. Nial's eyes beamed excitedly around the room,

"He kissed me in front of both my parents." 

Everyone gasped and laughed at Nial as he grinned like a cheeky school boy. Tom shook his head with a chuckle,

"i got chased out the house by his dad but it was totally worth the look on there faces." 

I could feel Alessio laughing, it buzzing through my bones and making me smile with pride. 

"I am starving!" Stacey announces as she grabs two slices of pizza from the box and shoves them both in her mouth. 

"Ew!" Exclaims Stella, nudging her with her toes teasingly.

"I got to feed two, leave me alone." 

Stacey grinned and then helped herself to fourths earning a weird chuckle from everyone.

"yes you do." Louis walks into the room, smirking before kissing her on her lips. He pulls back and pops his lips,


She nods excitedly and Louis chuckles. Officially the cutest couple.

"I'm thirsty," I say before heading towards the kitchen, alone. My eyes scanned over the drink selection as they landed upon my pills which i had hidden there a few days before. A sudden longing drew me closer as i scooped them up into my hand.

"Put them down." Alessio grumbles from behind. I jump and spin around quickly.

"I was just looking at them." I lie, biting my lower lip nervously. 

"They are bad for you," 

" I've been told," I tipped my hand to the side and let the three, white pills fall from my hand into the bin. A small chunk of me died.

"Thank you." Alessio smiles warmly, kissing my forehead. He looked pale from irritation as he glared down to the pills in the bin,

"Please stop taking them. They make you very sad."  He quietly says and i divert my eyes quickly. I thought they made me numb-er, excusing the pain, but clearly it was having a different effect.

 "Kelsey? Grab me a beer please," Nial calls out to me sweetly. I kiss Alessio on the cheek softly and grab myself and Nial a beer, excusing myself from the rising tension.

I bend over and put it on the floor next to him, feeling everyone's eyes flicker over to my ass.

"Anyone else want one?" I politely offered, ignoring the sexual devils. 

"Nah, they're good," Alessio huffed, pecking my lips softly and pulling me gently towards the sofa.

I heard everyone groan in disgust as my lips sink back into Alessio's for a few seconds. 

"What games do you have?" Tom peered up at me, before going down my game box.

"TWISTER!" Nial shouted over his shoulder.

Oh, damn. 

"Kelsey, you first, right hand red!" Tom, the person who was spinning the board, instructed.

" Nial, left foot yellow," Nial moved.

And so on so on until both my hands were on red next to each other, and near them, both my feet were on yellow so I basically had my bum in the air. Nial, was in a crab below me, my boobs almost on his face and I could tell he was enjoying it. He made a few sly remarks like,

"If only i wasn't gay." 


"Alessio you betta lock her up quickly."

Jack was benched over me, so his crotch was scraping along my backside and Stacey and Stella were in a basic 69 position which I was laughing so hard about. My eyes kept darting back up to Alessio who refused to join in and sat with Louis, deep in conversation about something. Every now and then, he would see how close i was to someone and let out a warning growl, protecting his property, or whatever.

It was harmless jealousy and as long as no one got hurt, it turned me on.

In fairness we were pretty good at this game. We all stood strong until Jack collapsed on me which resulted in me almost landing on Nial. However, when I moved I landed directly on my back with Stacey directly on top of me.

"Hi!" She giggled, sticking her tongue out and licking my nose.

"Agh!" I squeal childishly, using her shirt to wipe the saliva off of my body.

"What is going on here?" Tom grinned at Stacey and I as she laid on me, trying to kiss my cheeks. I squirmed under neath her, giggling and trying to escape her playful game. 

"MWHA!" She smacked her lips together as a big, sloppy kiss landed on my forehead, making everyone laugh. I wriggled away from under neath her and wiped off her kiss,

"You are disgusting!" I joke, jumping to my feet,

"You see this Louis? Your girlfriend is attacking me!"

Louis smirks at the both of us and then pokes me in the stomach. I squeal and jump on him, poking him back in a brotherly and sisterly fashion. Louis quickly grabs my arms, holding me down with one hand before tickling me.

"Louis!" I shriek, laughing and half crying in the process. My eyes widen as i see Alessio observing me with a passionate eye. 

"Help me!" I call out for him, trying to kick Louis away.

"I am being attacked by soon to be parents! Good luck to their child!"

Louis gasped and stared up to Alessio who exchanges a knowing look.

"She is right. Louis! Stop tickling my girlfriend!" Alessio growls and Louis immediately stops. I smile and jump up from the sofa, running into Alessio's arms cowardly. However, i knew it was a trap the minute i stuck my tongue out at Louis. 

Alessio suddenly grabbed my arms and held my legs down as Louis tickled me some more. I screamed out with laughter, trying to squirm away.

"Stop it!" I try, chuckling way too loud for them to hear my pleads. They both stop after a while of me screaming and wriggling away. Again, i jump up, playfully hitting Alessio,

"I hate you!" I pretend. I try to escape Alessio's hug but he quickly pulled me in for a deep, lustful kiss. Before i could process what was going on, my brain reacted like a drug-starved drunk, craving more.

Cat calls irrupted from behind us and I pulled away slowly, Alessio staring into my eyes, hungrily.

"Idiot," I licked my lips, keeping my eyes locked into his and ignoring everyone around us.

"Round two of twister?" Louis quickly interrupted as I reached for another kiss.

"Kay," I pecked the corner of Alessio's mouth, leaving a bit of my lipstick on him which made butterflies erupt in my stomach, before heading to the game mat.

This time, we were all pretty wasted and barely awake, I think it was 3:56am and we had school in the morning. Another hangover for me then.

The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in Alessio's arms on the floor, which couldn't of been anymore correct.

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