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14. downstairs,...

I walked down the stairs, careful not to trip and I could feel a heavy breathing Harry behind me. Not leaving my side.

" wanna drink?" Innocently, I battered my eyelids at him obviously turning him on.

" I'm thirsty," I say again before heading towards the kitchen, Harry not behind me this time but his eyes were watching me but he got bored and walked into the living room.

I grabbed the bottle of red pills and took three, one for every sibling I have. Then, I downed a yellow, black and orange one all to make sure I'll sleep tonight.

" there bad for you," Jake cautiously walks in on me, me feeling completely embarrassed.

" I've been told," I rested my head down before walking out the kitchen, Jake stood there in disbelief. I couldn't be near him after what Harry said, I just couldn't.

" why don't you listen then?" He shouts after me, causing me to turn around a slowly stride up to him, tears brimming in my eyes,

" because no-one listens to me."

And with that, I strolled into the living room choosing to ignore jake.

" Kelsey? Grab me a beer please," Niall instructed me sweetly and I knew that meant, sashay over to the beer fridge, bend down, bum in the air, and then turn everyone on. Good enough for me,

" kay,"

I done exactly what he wanted me to do, feeling everyone's intense glare lingering on my behind. Louis and Stacey were somewhere upstairs which meant Louis couldn't tell me what to do.

" anyone else?" I giggled, passing Niall his beer and taking a sip out of Harry's can. We were all underage apart from Tom and Louis therefore they were are guardians plus we were all 17 or over.

" nah, they're good," Harry grinned, pecking my lips softly, straddling me on his lap.

" what about you?" I referred to Harry as I felt his smile grew like ivy on a tree and his eyes were focused directly onto my lips.

" maybe later"

I heard everyone groan in disgust at our promises especially Jake who was now downing his beer.

" you told us to get a room this morning, I think this is a room." I defend, climbing off Harry to get myself some wine from the fridge.

" what do you wanna do tonight then?" Tom asked, stretched out on the sofa.

" I have karaoke!" I laugh tossing my head back so I could see their smug expressions.

"TWISTER!" Niall shouted before rummaging through my draws to grab the twister box.


By the time Louis and Stacey came downstairs, everyone was drunk and because Louis didn't want to drink, he and Stacey left to her house or something. I'm stuck with all his horny mates. Joy.

" Kelsey, you first, right hand red!" Tom, the person who would spinning the board, said.

" Harry, left foot yellow," Harry moved.

And so on so on until both my hands were on red next to each other, and near them, both my feet were on yellow so I basically had my bum in the air. Harry, was in a crab below me, my boobs almost on his face and I could tell he was enjoying it. Jake was benched over me, so his crotch was on my backside which I was too drunk to notice. jack and Niall were in a basic 69 position which I was laughing so hard about.

In fairness we were pretty good And we all stood strong until Jake collapsed on me which resulted on me almost landing on Harry but I moved. However, when I moved I landed directly on my back, not laying on anyone but Jake was directly on top of me.

" hi," he grinned childishly before Harry coughed from behind us, signalling for him to get off me.

" chill dude,"

Harry stretched out his hands for me and pulled me into a deep, lustful kiss before I could process what was going on. Once our lips connected, it felt like I just took the strongest drug in the world and it was as if there was only us in the room. It was magical but purposely there to show jake that I am with Harry.

Cat calls irrupted from behind us and I pulled away slowly, Harry looking into my eyes, uncontrollably.

" smooth," I licked my lips, keeping my eyes locked into his and ignoring everyone around us.

" round two?" Jake quickly interrupted as I reached for another kiss.

" Kay," I pecked the corner of Harry's mouth, leaving a bit of my lipstick on him which made butterflies erupt in my stomach, before heading to the game mat.

This time, we were all pretty wasted and barely awake, I think it was 3:56am and we had school in the morning. Another hangover for me then.

The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in Harry's arms on the floor, which couldn't of been anymore correct.

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