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67. Double special

Chapter 69 ;)


Three months in on her pregnancy and Kelsey still looks like a goddess. Each day she would come to work with me and chat about everything she wanted to talk about and I loved every second of it.

" so what gender do you think we are having?" She asked as we drove to the hospital to find out the sex of the baby. She wore black leggings, a white fluttering top and still, she never failed to amaze me by how sexy she looks... even with a swollen, pregnant belly!

" one hundred percent Girl. ." I chuckled because every night and nearly every hour of the day, I would talk to the baby In Kelsey belly and I just have a strong gut feeling it is a girl.

" Really?" She raised an eyebrow as she stroked her belly softly.

I planted my hand on her thigh and squeezed slightly, making her smirk.

" One hundred percent,"

It was silent for a second before she blurted out,

" Can you name the first child please? I know we said i would name the girl and you boy but I'm nervous and i really want you name it,"

I lean over to her and place a longing kiss to her lips, running my hands in swirls on her tummy.

" Course i will."

Her eyes light up magically and i rush round the car to open the door for her and she takes it. I help her out the car and wrap my arm around her waist.

We walk into the hospital and not long after a few minutes, we get called in by the doctor. The room we entered was medium sized and very blue and white.

" If you could just take a seat on the bed please," the doctor says to Kelsey as i help her onto the bed and she lies down. The doctor slides on gloves and rolls Kelsey top up before rubbing cream on her stomach.

"If you look into that computer, you will see your baby."  She says and i tear my head to the computer, as does Kelsey.

I feel a tear trickle down my cheek at the small little person sitting in my lovers stomach. I know it's stupid to say- but it was beautiful.

" Would you like to know if it is a girl or boy?" The doctor grins and I nod my head quickly, swiping the tear out of my eye.

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