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174. Dominus meeting

I knocked nervously onto the door of Dominus' office as his croaky and twisted voice had a feathering edge to it,

"Come in,"

The door moved easily to my push as I stepped into the room, an overwhelming scent of cigarettes covered up by a sickening smell of coffee smacking me full force in the nose, making me wince.

"Ah, the soon to be wedded, Miss May," His words flipped my stomach as if it was a burning pancake, sizzling into my gut painfully,

"Sir Dominus," I curtsied as he points his wrinkly, old finger to the chair in front of his desk which I take hesitantly, attempting to hide my disgust.

"How is your fine self?"

"good thank you and you?" I anxiously shuffled in my seat as his eyes sinisterly undressed me vividly,

"Ah good," He leans back in his chair, fiddling with his ring on his left hand and eyeing me suspiciously,

"Do you know why you're here, sweet heart?"

I shake my head slowly and gently, pursing my lips,

"Not a clue"

His chest rumbles as he chuckles deeply,

"You do make me laugh darling,"

I force out a blush to make me seem innocent but we both know I am far from it. Awkwardly, There is a sickly silence until he shuffles in his chair,
"There are a few reasons why you are here. Well, actually a bit more than a few, which means you will be with me all day,"

I nod despite the sickness rising in my throat, threatening to explode but it dies down when it is replaced with a gulp of water from the cup he has just displayed in front of me,

He clasps his hands together in a huge fist before clicking his neck,

"So first things first," He begins as my ears prick up to the sound of his deep, throaty cough.



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Okay, perhaps I  lied when I said you need to read this but otherwise you wouldn't read it!! :)



"Since you will be marrying my work partner, you will become Calista Styles? Am I right?"
I gulp quietly before clearing my throat,
"Yes Sir,"
"Therefore, if you go out to any event and you have to give your full name... people will know you two are married and try to buy you purposely away from Harry,"
His eyes burn into mine and I feel a sense of kindness about to blossom in him but his sarcastic grin ruins the sensation which puts me back into line,
"I wouldn't mind you going because of your attitude and chaos caused to this place, however, If you move, I will have to face your Fiancé which will not be pretty,"

He leans back in his chair, the sarcasm not actually there but pretending to be which makes me display a fake smile to show I am interested despite the lack of motivation to listen.
"So, with that in mind, I am raising your status which means you will become the lady of this manor because Harry is already the Lord."

It felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. Was this a good thing or a bad? My mind was whirling with questions that needed answering as I took another sip at the drink,

"As a lady, you will have to attend meeting, outings and parties as well as being expected to lead a good example. Therefore the other two girls you are friends with, will be under your control. You are their boss now and you have the responsibilities of which the other boys do, if not higher."

My eyes flutter to his as if he is mistaken me as his beady ones curiously devour my curiousness,
"Now, saying that, there will still be rules for you as well sweet heart."

He gets up from his chair, limping around the desk and then brushing his body up against my shoulder as he moved past to get to a stand with A3 paper on it. Quickly, he placed the stand in front of my eyesight as he pulled the first piece of paper off, displaying a presentation of which a projector behind me was shining onto the paper.
"Just look for now and questions after," He announces as he clicks a button on this remote control thing.

The first slide looked like a food chain but instead, it had our faces on each row,

"So, this house has various of different people in charge and as you can see, this man at the very top is my boss, which you will never meet so it doesn't matter about him at the moment. Therefore, moving on, the next one is Me along with another man which you may not see-"

I take no notice to the men as he turns to me with a sinister grin as he licks his lips devilishly,

"Then it is you and Harry, then the other boys you were with, and then Evan Peters which you met on your first day. After that, its Cecelia and Jenna and then the lowest of the lows, Servants"

He clicks the next slide before I could even process half of the information and suddenly It is a picture of me on the screen, and if I say so my self, it was a reasonable photo thankfully.

He didn't delay on this photo as he clicked the next slide and it flashed into a sentence which I presumed was rules,

"Rules. Number one, No answering back,"
"Two, do as your Fiancé says and as I say"
"Do your job, which I will be getting onto in a minute,"
"No negatives,"
"Your opinion does matter! Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise but if told you are wrong, you must listen,"
"And as we go on, there will be more rules every week."
My head was spinning as the whole day went incredibly slow. He ran through responsibilities, people, status' until it was Five O'clock in the afternoon and I felt shattered,

"Now, for the a few details of important messages," He takes a seat as he straightens his back thoroughly, his words not making any sense.

"Zayn is leaving and is being replaced by Evan Peters. It is your duty to make sure Evan Peters is in full roll. As a Lady of this house hold, I expect full commitment or else there are extreme consequence's which I do wish I do not have to force upon you,"

"Yes Sir,"

"Gooood," He stretches it out in a tone which makes me feel as if I am a dog and he is rewarding me which makes me feel sick to the core,

"There are a few.. hmm what is the word I am looking for?" He pauses, my blood rising as to if this was going to be even worse than Becoming a practical bitch to my friends,

"Subsequent deals you have to give up in order to be the Lady though," 

Yep, here it is going to be!

"When out, you are to flirt with the men and some women to get your way and charm everyone you can, in order to succeed. That may mean sleeping with a few people but that is all part of your job. Also, as you are the lady, you are also second married to the boys-"
"Sir, if I may-" I but in with a scowl,

"When you say second married? What does that mean?"

"It means if you are to attend anything and your fiancé isn't there, you may be told to be fake married to another man,"
My mind explodes with rage at the thought that getting married was the whole point not to be with anyone else,

"But you said I have to sleep with people and I do not want to cheat-"

"Dear girl, do not worry! Harry knows where you stand and your position of authority! It could never class as cheating if he knew about it and accepted it!"

I looked at my hands which were fumbling around,

"And besides, a body like yours and your gorgeousness, I might have to use you for myself. As you are now the sex object of the house. Your charm is undeniable!"

The sickness in my stomach built up higher and higher at each word as everything around me shattered. Bad enough I was now in control of ruining young girls lives, the fault of kidnappings, a bitch and the person that can convict people to their death and now I am a sexual object, they are just the beginning.

I began doubting this role,

"Now, I know all of this is a huge shock to your system and you are doubting me and your position, but-" He began, each word following exactly to my thought,

"That is why I have a few things to give you before I clarify everything.. this first thing is a key to every level as you will be now sleeping on the boys floor, in your own room of course unless you suggest otherwise?"

"No, no It's fine. I will stay wherever you like," I panic, baffled to my answer before he grins at me, handing me the key which was Gold and Red, ( my colours ),

"Now, be warned. You can go any floor but the 13th, okay?"

"Yes Sir,"

He glares into my eyes for a cold minute, the sinister vibes leaping onto my body and strangling my personal bubble,

"I mean it Girl. You. Do. Not. Go. There. Your safety not mine, unless you are accompanied by one of the boys or me, Got it?"

I nod quickly as he harshly pulls back, his dagger like nails sinking into my wrist suddenly,

"Do not fail me darling! Or punishments," He snarls mischievously as my gaze is on his scarily harsh ones, ignoring the stinging sensation in my arm,

"Now bite down on this," He hands me a piece of grubby cloth as I hesitate,

"Or don't, more pain. Don't struggle though, it will be worse,"

Suddenly, a whip lashes down onto my wrists ten times on each of my arms as I stifle a scream of pain, feeling very dozy.

"Good, The marks will vanish in a few weeks which will be why I give you a little tattoo on your hand which will show your with us right now,"

He gets to work with the tattoo which finishes quickly, pain scratching everything as it was poisonously capering at my thin veins,

"Perfect!" He exclaims as I check the bottom of my hand. The tattoo was three, bold dots stretching across my entire wrist with underneath the Letters HSD,

"What does it mean?" I croak out, my voice splitting from pain,

"Harry Styles Direction. It means you are with Harry and you are apart of Directoner's Manor,"

I make an 'O' with my mouth as Dominus stands up and grabs my non tattooed hand, shaking it vigorously,

"welcome aboard sweetheart!"



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