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180. Dolls After partyy


That's the dress I wore with the exactly the same hair style and makeup as before but my makeup and hair actually matched my dress with such sexiness that I didn't recognize that beauty in the mirror, if I do say so myself.

I made my way out the toilets and immediately I had walked straight into Harry who was now gawping over my dress,

"Shit," He growled as I batted my eyelids,

"Now who's foul mouthed darling?"

"I can't wait until we get home, oh my fucking God!"

I pouted but then took his hand seductively, pulling him close,

"The quicker we make friends, the quicker we get out of here,"
"Let's do this baby girl!"

Suddenly I am whisked away into the bar as Harry quickly smashes the cash on drinks for us and two girls who we met on the way.

They were both around my age, wearing matching dresses which were crisp gold over the pure white length of the dress along with their makeup plastered faces indicating wealth,

"What's your names?" Harry warmly smiles at them as they held each others hands fondly,

"My name is Esther and my girlfriend is called Sarah," The slightly taller one answered as it was then I realised they were lesbians.

"Very gorgeous names for gorgeous woman," Harry displays his winning smile but their gazes were fixed to me and my body perversely,

"You are incredibly hot!" Sarah grinned at me and Esther nodded quickly,

"Extremely! Are you all natural?"

I was taken back loads as my eyes flicker over Harry who was smirking applying a devilish ring to the atmosphere which made me tug along with the idea,

"Yeah, thank you,"
"Well, anyways, you have a perfect body to do a sex tape!" Esther flattered me as I blushed and I could see a tent rising in Harry's pants at the thought of me in a sex movie. I peered down anxiously at my body,

"I am flattered, honestly-"

"You don't see it!" Sarah gasps as Esther spins around to Harry,

"She doesn't see it?"
"I keep telling her and she doesn't believe me," Harry agreed feeding hungirly on my figure as I am left in a stuttering mess,

"I- she, do-don't ssee what?"

"You're perfect! We would be ever so lucky to have you in a sex tape with us!"

My smirk widens and as does Harry's as I realise how easy it could be to get these girls on our side,

"I am a bit sex taped out at the moment, I mean- with Harry and everything,"

I held my hands in the air and all three of them frowned at me sarcastically,

"Well, I mean-"
Their faces got more and more thrilled as I soon gave up with each argument,

"Whatever, I'll do it!"

Suddenly it erupted into squeal as I was compacted in a tight and revealing hug by Esther as Sarah flapped her hands in her face as if she was about to pass out repeating prays under her breath. I awkwardly patted Esther's back before she pulls away and both of them scurry away in delight as I give Harry a stink eye,

"You couldn't of just lied for me?"

"Oh c'mon darling, the thought of you with two decent looking girls in a sex tape is actually enough to make me explode right now,"

I rolled my eyes as he pulls me close to him, hands moving my hips around on his semi boner making me smirk in pleasure,

"As long as it is never repeated to our children or anyone I actually know,"

"On God's oath," Harry promises as he places a horny smooch to my lips for a moment before pulling away with a mischievous grin,

"The boys from Directoners Manor should be here soon as they are bored,"

"And the girls?"

He nods which brings a bigger smirk to my lips,

"Who's next then?" I quickly tease, pulling out of the hug and Harry spins me around, his lips tickling my ear,

"A man called Christopher and Thomas, and I must warn you, they are dangerous so stay near me baby girl,"

He pecks my lips before he leads me over to two men who is around Harry's age, one which is massively built up and the other which is just below muscular but gorgeously blonde,

"Afternoon Gentlemen," Harry smirks as the minute they clock it's him, they grin widely both of them before they all break into a bro hug central with loads of roaring and loud noises which wasn't actually needed nor grammatically correct,

"Ayyy, it's been ages," Harry smirks as the muscular one spots me with a glimpse of desire before stepping forward,

"You brought dinner?"

Suddenly Harry has pushed me behind him and a snarl like growl escapes his lips in a scary tone,

"Fucking dare ya!"

My hands dig into Harry's back scared as he rests one hand on my hip and the other pressed firmly against the other man's chest which frightens me even more and the fact it went from friendly to death within seconds.

"My fiancée, not yours. Got it?" Harry grunts darkly as there is a stare off for a second and then the other man pulls back reluctantly. Harry relaxes slightly as he wraps one arm protectively around my waist and allows them to see me which spreads an evil look on the attacking ones lips,

"Couldn't tell the difference between a hooker and your wife! From what she's wearing,"

My eyes burn into his as if they were flames, anger eating me up fiercely,

"Your mother has nothing to do with the way I dress thank you very much,"

The blonde haired man immediately grinned as I felt Harry chuckle too, wrapping me tighter in a hug,

"Bitch!" The man cursed stepping forward and Harry has also gone into attack mode,

"Christopher, if I was you, I would remember who you are talking to," Harry barks as he pushes me behind his back again as if I am in danger of something and I acknowledge that the blonde one is Thomas and the angry on is Christopher,

"Christopher just leave it, the poor girl,"
From behind, someone is tapping my shoulder and which I turn around to a tall man who suddenly grabs me and chucks me to the wall, his presence in front of me and grasping at my neck,

"Sexy slut!" He growls as his lips come into contact with mine as he lifts one leg up and I am left thrusting my arms around and attempting to escape as his grip around my neck tightens.

The mans steamy breath enters my mouth which makes me gag as my hands fumble around to allow some air to my throat which doesn't succeed very well as I hear shouting and screaming burst through the audience of Louis and Niall.

Suddenly, this man is being pried away from me as I collapse in a heap, choking and scrabbling for air as Jenna is by my side and so is Cecelia as they help me off the floor,

"Shit! Calista!" Cecelia gasps as I quickly find my feet, telling Cecelia the good news,

"We bough your sister! She's going to live with u- " Suddenly someone has swung on Cecelia as I push her to the ground and grab this incoming fist, snapping it back with as much force as I could.

Another one flies my way as I block that one off too, sending my own one that way which makes a satisfying crunch to the mans jaw. I pull back, pulling my hair from my face and raising my fists just in case he strikes again which he does but my foot in his gut soon sends him straight down quickly.

I use my hand to pull Cecelia up off the floor as I see Louis in a head lock of Thomas which I go from behind Thomas and pat him lightly on the shoulder. Curiously, he looks at me as I send a ginormous wallop to his face which makes him spit blood.

My body immediately leaps onto his, legs stopping his arms from thrusting as my hands are quick to press down in his neck before quickly jumping off his back and on the way, stabbing him in the back with my knee which triggers a dangerous spine pressure point. He collapses in a heap on the floor with a genuine flop; a smile plasters my lips.

Out of nowhere, a punch soars my way, sending me to the floor easily as my vision blurs. I look around at a huge crowd of people around me and then I spot Louis, Zayn and Niall are prying Cecelia and Jenna back who are screaming for me and trying to reach out. Again, I turn my head searching for Harry.

Just then something has picked me up from the hair, one hand on my breast and the other on my throat, pulling me close to it as we turn and now I am in front of Harry. He has a look of determination splattered across his face along with a bloody nose as he raises his fists, angrily,

"Put her down Christopher!"

Christopher's grip on my breast goes lower and lower slowly as my breathing is rigid and my body is usually thrusting against his strength,

"Why? She is fucking sexy, I mean she has a decent amount of tits, what about arse?"
Suddenly his hand has moved from my stomach to my bum which makes me gasp and Harry growl even lower as he takes a step,

"Move another step and your fiancée will get it, trust me."

"You sick pervert," I mutter through gritted teeth,

"What was that darling? Fuck me?"

"TWAT!" Harry howls as I can see him pulsing rapidly through his tux, heart pounding wildly.

My eyes meet his worriedly and just by the look, I knew he had a plan somewhere in his angry mind. My hands fidget by my side as I lean back, my lips coming to Christopher's ears,

"What will it take for you just to let us go?"

His ears prick up at the sentence he never thought I would say, a grin also plastering across his face,

"You and me,"

"How is that suppose to happen if you can't touch me because both your hands are struggling with keeping me still?" I pout, my eyes sinking into his dark one as I use my magic with a  sparkle,

"I am not stupid doll, you will just do a runner,"
"Then at least let me put my shoe back on, it's not right."

He pauses for a second, looking around at the eager eyes as I bend down slowly, my eyes shakily focused on slipping my foot out.

Suddenly and quickly, I spun around, scratching my heels in Thomas' eyeballs causing him to release me as I gave him another shot to the head .

I kicked him down as I struggled to put my shoe back on as I grabbed Harry's hand,

"Come on, now's our time!"
I tried to pull him away but he was more focused on beating the shit out of Thomas as his foot went into contact with Thomas' ribs with an audible crack,

"Okay, now let's go!"
After a moment of staring at Thomas' limp body, Harry hesitantly stepped over him, 'accidently' digging his foot in his neck in the meanwhile as we make our way back home. 



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