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163. Doll sold


I was changed in my outfit and now I was wearing a lot more decent clothing, still over the top in sexiness and wealth but better than this morning. It was a bum high dress, heels and a open back which flared down to curve my perfect ass. It also pushed my well rounded breasts up and flattered my straightened hair perfectly. My make up was done again, still to the same high standard of gorgeousness and jealousy but a classier style.

My escort arrived as I was now taken into another glossy room with five men sitting in their seats, including Harry styles and Niall Horan, my buyer.

There was a smaller stage this time with no lights but I was lead up onto the flooring along with thirty other girls in a huge semi circle.

"Good afternoon my lovelies," Dominus began as he stepped in the middle of the semi circle, his eyes paying extra attention to me with a perverse grin,

"I'm going to cut to the chase with the stone hard facts first! Only Ten, at the most, of you out of thirty will be staying with these men, the others will be auctioned off again and again until you are a prime choice. Got it?"

We all nodded reluctantly in order to find some sort of empathy to leave as he carried on,

"We will discuss rules with whom of which make it past round 3, thus, we shall also be having dinner after this, you lucky chosen ones"

Before I could even make eye contact With Harry, Dominus has spun around and announced something quieter to them which we all strained to hear.

"Sir Louis, Sir Liam, Sir Niall, Sir Harry and Sir Zayn. It is now up to you, to whom you pick," Dominus announced a bit louder as they talk amongst each other, deciding on the 10 they enjoy, until Harry has whispered into Dominus' ear with a cheeky grin.

Dominus also smirks as he walks up to everyone and announcing the names who are going to stay and where the others must go,
" Mia Catherine, Rose Elizabeth, Victoria Sheehan, Jenna Kay, Lucy McGrath, Sky Kirt, Cecelia waters, Lola Tuyer, Jayne Tugger, and finally, Calista May."
The sick aroused again.. I was chosen.

The other girls were herded out and just the ten of us girls were left standing their self- consciously,

"And I am afraid to say, you have to get rid of four people selected." Dominus interrupted our self pity as the boys easily picked,

"Get rid of Lucy, Lola, Mia and Rose please!"

The lump in my throat pierced again as I look around at the five horny boys drooling over us six girl; especially Harry Styles.

"Brilliant! We now have out six gorgeous women! Victoria, Jenna, Sky, Cecelia, Jayne and Calista! " Dominus exclaimed as we all yet again moved to a huge dinner table and took our seats with our assigned names.



I sat opposite Harry and beside Niall and Dominus. I think I had the most unluckiest position as the rest of the girls were seated next to each other quietly as the other boys tried to make small talk,

"So, Your name is Calista then?" Niall tried to score one over me as I looked up to him with sickening eyes,


I heard a chuckle from Harry's area as I turned my attention back to him with a fluttering and sarcastic grin,

"And what's your name then? Harold?"

Suddenly everything was silence as i felt a praising and amusing smile from Dominus as he patted my back, chuckling lightly,

"That's my girl!"

I send him a warmer grin, acknowledging that my actions could win Dominus over into allowing me a freedom pass into escaping from this hell. They never suspect the loving and but kissing ones!

"So, does anyone know each other here?" Louis butted in my spiteful desires as Harry's eye caught mine childishly,

"I know Calista,"

"you do?" Dominus' eye brow rose significantly as i nodded weakly,

"In fact, we are married!"

There was a chorus of gasps as my head snapped up,

"I would never marry such a sinister beast!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard it all before. 'Jus a job, playin' the part' bullshit. What about our children?"

"Children?" Niall pulls back, looking at my figure,

"I don't believe it for a second!"

My eyes narrow on Harry,

"Yeah six.. almost seven bu-"

"That's enough!" He snapped, eyes suddenly fierce and cold,

"Too afraid of the truth! We were never married and you have no record to see my children!"

The air lingered with a spiteful fog as the girls further down were pissed to their heads, as was i.

I sipped gently at my beverage in hope i would somehow drift away.

It was late when we were allowed back to our floors which i was quick to be going. The other girls were quick to slip into the boys pants but i ,on the other hand, would do anything just to escape. I don't care how many dicks, pussy's, lies and torture i would have to go through to get back to my children. That is a dedicated mother right there!


I was awoken in the night to the door creaking open and the stench of alcohol was easily present as a stumbling figure snuck in. It was a man from how low his voice was and i could hear the throaty tears there were as the man got closer and closer.

"Calista?" It sobbed as i realised it was Harry.

"Harry! Your crying!" I gasp as i manage to grab his body from walking into something and switch the light on. He was wearing his pants and a baggy black top which showed his  bulging muscles, and the tears were petit at all!

I sat him on the bed, forgetting all anger i had once had as i examined his blood shot and swolen eyes, sweat driven hair and puffy, rushed cheeks.

"What happened?" I asked a bit more panicked than i intended to as his eyes meet mine in fear,

"I had a nightmare which felt so real!"

"What was it about?"

His voice was a lot more whispered now,


I felt my blood run cold as i looked around the room for a bathroom,

"Baby, clean yourself up and then we can talk. Okay?" I say as i spot one. Harry nods and makes his way into the bathroom, running a shower.

In the meanwhile, i re- make the bed and busy myself in hope i wont change my mind in talking to him. The thing is, i really love Harry with all my heart and i know he loves me back, it's just he has kidnapped me, raped me and murdered one of my children. The messed up bit is, i loved every one of them... apart from the child one.

Harry is my whole life and without him, i would kill myself; that's how desperate i am. But how can you just accept what he has done? I don't need the press to understand the dark side to Harry. I mean, i would give Harry a second chance- SHOULD give him a second chance.

See? My thoughts become sinister and twisted to the fact we could just stay here with each other where nothing ever goes wrong? Is that bad?



Harry comes out the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, hanging dangerously low and he looks much better as I open my arms out to him. He accepts as I pull him into the bed and pulling the covers up on each of our bodies with all my strength.

"You want to talk to me?" I whisper and his hushed voice began explaining the dream,

"You need to be careful of the men here. The way they look at you, is gut wrenching. I just want to murder them every time they lick their lips!"

"Why did you bring me here then, Harry?"

I feel him shift sadly,

"You tried to walk out and i needed a second chance to restart. I just want everything to go back to when we were happily in love."

My eyes meet his hesitantly. "Harry, we were always happily in love, you just had a few bad days and-"

"I hurt you Calista! Murdered our baby, raped you and then i have now kidnapped you! You deserve so much better than me!"

"But you keep coming back for me for the same reason i keep forgiving you, Harry!"

"I love you," Harry whispers quietly to me, the answer, as he pulls me into his arms which are boiling and just perfect, and before i could think, i said the dreaded four words...

"I love you too,"

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