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162. Doll house


Suddenly, my body jolts upwards as I am breathing frantically, gripping a mattress below me. My eyes scan the room in fear, searching any movements and taking in the rich crimson colours on highly expensive furniture.

"Shit," I gasp as I examine the plush pillows below me which are insanely soft and enchanting. I feel as if I am in a whole new world with gilded goods, stuffed with thousands of pounds as my heart rate accelerates. 

Just at that moment, there is a pitchy girls scream, echoing down the corridor which stiffens me to the bone at the realization the door was now slowly edging open. In stood a Man, perhaps three years older than me, dressed poorly but he was in a room full of wealth.

He was good looking for sure but I wasn't fooling around,

"Where the fuck am I?" I growl hastily before leading up to a following question,

"Who are you?"

My toes grip tightly at the gorgeous rug beneath me, made with soft fur as he doesn't reply. Emotionless. Nothing. Not even a twitch when I lunge a light at him from the bed side cabinet,

"Didn't you hear me?"

Yet again there is no reply which now makes me angry as the door re opens and in comes a middle aged man.

"Good morning darling," His voice is rough and perverse and It was at that moment, I knew I didn't like this man due to the shivers down my spine,

"Trust you have met Evan than honey?"

The words rolled off of his tongue like a serpent as his nicknames showed know use of empathy and only poison. I swear, if I knew my way around this hell whole, I would be running right now!

I stayed quiet afraid of how my anger would be exposed but just stood there cocking my head to the side at Evans sinister grin,

"Ignore Evan," The old man began again, "He's not all there in the head."

I held back a gasp as I felt my eyes shrink into his, both trying to figure each other,

"She's beau-beautiful!"  Evan stuttered and despite my current state, I smiled but that soon faded as the old man whacked Evan around the head spitefully.

Immediately, I gasped and Evans eyes shrunk as his head lowered with depression. My anger grew even more as the old man quickly changed the subject,

"Anyways, You should be getting ready, love!"

His spiteful grin plastered across his cracked lips, displaying gold shinning teeth to flash straight back out at me. It send cold shivers to ripple down my spine and grab every ounce of food I had in me to begin to rise. I swallowed the build up as my voice was croaky,

"Excuse me?"

"Ready for the auction!"

Then that was when I lost it,

"No! AUCTION! Where am I? Who-"

I went into a frenzy mode of questions as the old man leant against the wall, grinning at me seductively and with amusement as if I was his laughing stock. He was chuckling as he shook his head earning a twitch of my eye as the questions died down.

"Where am I?"

"Direction Manor, sweetheart"

He moved out the way of the door to let two well built guards in; Each of which grabbed one of each of my arms as I struggled,

"No! Get- ugh! off!"

"baby, they are only here until you can get dressed on your own!" The old's man voice rippled,
"Oh and what did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't,"

"Ah, I'm pretty sure your attitude wont get you bought honey, and trust me, being bought is in your best interest"

A sharp and unamusable glance in his eye was telling the truth but whether it was a threat, I was not too sure but the fight in me was all drained,

"Calista may-" I paused at my last name because I haven't been 'may' for years. It was always 'Styles'.

"Ah, gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl!"

And with that he began walking about before stopping at the door frame and remembering something,

"You may call me Dominus It's Latin for-"

"Lord." I finished his sentence which gave him a plastered grin which turned into pride and shock,

"Good. very good darling,"



After a lot of struggling, swearing and people entering into the room to add finishing touches to me, I gave up and let them doll me up as if I was their own designer Barbie.

Once I had a look in the mirror, I felt sick to the core at the slag in front of me. She was gorgeous which made me feel even worse than I liked the outfit.

I had my sexy blonde hair piled on her head in a gorgeous sort of styled way; Smokey eye makeup and makeup which was thrillingly seductive, enough to make me turn; stocking which rode up my legs to my knees. Also, my outfit was a tight black, lace bra which basically made my breasts mega huge and my arse was in matching pair of shorts which made my belly button piercing look extra sexy. Moreover, I had block heels, and my whole outfit was topped off with extra revealing, passionate accessories.

I looked so fucking sexy that, even I grew jealous of myself.

"Whalla!" The designer fixed my outfit off with a clip in my hair which put a lace, black veil to bounce over my stylish hair. I stared at myself in the mirror and then looked away, refusing to look back at myself.

"SHE'S READY!" A young girl called out as I was whisked away to a stage. My mind was whirling as I was positioned in a line with twelve more gorgeous woman, ages from the sickening age of twenty to fifty. I was barely even twenty two yet and was most likely one of the youngest.

"Okay, the last group is.." A distant voice echoed off the stage as suddenly, as if we were cows in a heard, we were lead onto the stage and then left stranded staring into a decent sized crowd with lights shinning on us dramatically.

There were 'oohs' and 'ahs' as we were instructed to give them a little spin. My mind was else where in this whole process as I finished the twirl and unsteadily looked into the crowd, gazing upon these sick fucks.

"One by one, they will be auctioned and all you have to do is shout out a bid. Remember, only get two girls each from the category and at the end you choose your final pick out of the selection you have made!" Announced a wealthy, middle aged lady with vibrant red hair.

Suddenly the bidding had began. A few shouts here and there were called out but I was only focusing on the dazzling lights sizzling onto my body until the red haired lady announced my name. As like the others, I had to step forward and almost immediately, bids were shouted out.

"Okay, finally we have Calista May.. £500 starting point," The lady began as the look of dehumanizing struck me in the soul. Tons of people raised there hands,

"Okay let's try £5000?"

WOW. That jump thou-

"£10,000?" She went higher as more and more hands were shooting up.

This went on for minutes and my eyes were now squinting to see the only two bidders left in the bidding process,

"£200,010," A guy with a cheeky wink in the far right corner called out as people began gasping at the asking price. Then, from straight in front of me, I saw the other man.. Harry Styles.

His glare was heavy and practically drooling over my outfit,


At this point, all the moisture was drained from everyone's mouth in the room as this went on for what felt like another half an hour of desperate biddings.

"9000,500" the other guy said and immediately Harry's frown grew wider as he peered over to his competitor with great anger.

"Going once,"

NOO! Harry, you must! My thoughts were whirling like a mad man,

"Going twice!"

The sickness began building up...


I was sold.

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