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164. Doll Day


I woke up in the morning next to Harry who was sleeping soundly which made me smile. Gently and tenderly, I placed a kiss to his lips in order for him to free me from his grip but all he done was pull me closer, leaving me to my hushed giggles.

"Harry, I am awake so show me some love!" I whispered, pecking his lips again which then his eyes slowly opened, followed by a stifled yawn from his behalf.

"Good morning gorgeous," He grinned down at me as I placed another kiss to his lips, this time it felt so passionate and alive. He pulled himself on top of me, grinning as he carried on clasping to my lips, both of us sinking into blissful desires as we began to have a heated make out session. Suddenly there was a knock at the door followed by it opening automatically with a servant standing there with breakfast on a plate,
"Dominus said you two missed breakfast so I brought some up to you too and nothing is going on today so you can just relax"

Harry peered over at the servant with a curious grin,

"Dude, can't you see were kind of busy!"

I chuckled, pushing his body off of me with a warm, thankful grin towards the servant who winked at me before scurrying out. I tried to pretend i never saw the wink but Harry had and i could feel his muscles tensing up as he worked himself up over nothing,

"Relax!" I whisper, rolling onto my side to peck his cheeks as I allowed my fingers to dance upon his chest gently, "Harry? Did you just hear me? Relax.."

His eyes hesitantly flashed back to mine and immediately, he was back to normal,

"Sorry. It's just that you are mine an-"
"I'm not yours!" I pull back a bit shocked that now he is de-humanizing me like the rest were,

"I'm not anybody's Harry! It's disgusting how you put tags on us!"

He sat up slightly abs leaping out in the meanwhile,

"I didn't mean it like that- just that now we are going out again-"
"Whooh, Okay, Right you need a better shovel cause you aint digging yourself out of this mess very well!" I scoffed with a sarcastic scowl, sitting up right and swinging my legs over the side of the bed,

"So you aren't giving me a second chance?" His voice becomes very sad and quiet and I stand up, making my way towards the wardrobe,

"Of course i am stupid! I just like to see you suffer first as a punishment.."

"Ohh, you are some sly woman, you know that darling? Had me worried there for a second!"

I spin around quickly at Harry's amused expression and body spread out across my bed,

"You don't think i can punish you? Because may i remind you, your mates are at my feet and that i am head of the FBI"

"Whoop-ti-doo! You want war? I will give you war, sweat heart!"

"Bring it on. I am a woman of strong sexual desires and tempted wants and needs."

"And i am a man that can supply you all of that, with extras! but obviously, this package needs to go to another woman!"

I burst out laughing at the word package and it immediately results in Harry charging at me, wrapping me in a death hug as his lips pressed firmly against mine,

"Yes package, darling!"

He spins me around and locks my hands over my chest before using one hand to completely restrain my arm strength as the other one slaps my arse seductively, making me moan in delight,

"I think that's 1 Nill to me sweetheart, Don't you think?"

"Never! It's my revenge, not yours!"

"I'm sorry," Harry sarcastically grins against my ear as he traces little kisses up and down my neck,

"But i can't promise something bad wont happen to whoever wants to touch you-"

I lean my head back onto his shoulders,

"Hurt anyone, and the punishment will be worse.. for you!"

He pouts as i lean back and peck his perky lips.

"Right get dressed and lets get to know the others," Harry clasps his hands together as i walk to my wardrobe. Let's just say the clothes there were either my college tuitions payments or were practically invisible from the lack  of ACTUAL clothing.

"Ah, the possibilities," Harry grins as he slides over my shoulder,

"hand picked.. your welcome!"

I grin widely,

"Whilst picking, did you ever stop to think that other men and women will see me in these clothes?"

He pauses and then frowns along with a wide range of curses,

"But, who am i to complain? you just made my revenge easier baby!"



I settled upon a black, leather skirt which overlapped a tucked in, tight black'n'white stripped long sleeved top, which was open breasted for my huge tits to bounce out of with a little bow in front of my breast crack which was black too. Then, the makeup stylist came in and applied some gorgeous makeup to my face which truly was breath taking and i left my hair straight along with adding block ankle high shoes to top of the sexy look. I did look good!
"Wow!" Harry breathed as i stepped out the bathroom with a grin at his gorgeous black tux which gets me every time,

"Too much?"

"If you mean, too much clothing, then yes! Wayyyy too much!" Harry grinned and I giggled at the fact i literally only wore three items of clothing which hid my bra and matching lace knickers.

He opened the door for me and I took a step out, carefully taking in the long corridor which led both directions, either side a elevator finished the rich over look as. There was a huge gold, sparkly sign saying, 'GIRLS FLOOR' which i was a bit taken aback by,

"Liam's idea," Harry pecked in, seeing my amazement as we went to the lift. I noted the key card he had which opened the doors and i could see he saw me staring,

"To stop you girls from escaping-"

I swallowed hard as we came to the living room in which a 3 girls were there.

We walked in, Harry and I a good distance apart but not that far as many heads raised up to us.

There was a little red head who was such a perky character and obviously under twenty, around 13 which made me feel sick to the core. Her little eyes lit up when i walked in, as if she had known me from somewhere but i didn't recall as her little grin made me smile back. I remembered her name though... Cecelia.

"go ahead, take a seat darling" Harry offered me a seat as i took it with a glance at his charming and flashy grin and forgetting the little girl.

Opposite me, a dark head woman, around her mid twenties was glued to the book 'Twilight' and only peered up from her book was to move her feet of the sofa so I could sit down. Ever since day 1, she was a bit mysterious and didn't really talk which I suppose because kidnapping isn't the number one best thing I would of chosen either but we are all stuck in the same situation as her. I also recognized her name from the auction; Jenna.

Behind her, I could see the oldest woman that was selected and she was called Victoria. Victoria, who was 40, had a brilliant body for someone her age. She had all the curves and was entirely made from fake operations which was a bit off putting but it still suited her.

"Anyone want a drink?" Harry offered and no one said anything, including me as i had been to observed in my own profile of all three girls in the room. It wasn't until he went around separately that everyone apart from me said yes,

"Here, I'll help," I stood up and followed Harry out leaving the three girls alone, thankfully.

We arrived into the kitchen and immediately Heads turned our direction. I gave my best warm grin which seemed to work but the foul sensation of kidnapping lurked in the room.

However, in the corner of my eye, Zayn was sitting with a girl beside him, both snogging the lights out of each other which I chose to over look as I shyly followed Harry to the sink for the drinks.

Burning into me, the eyes of Niall and Louis were judging me at every step I took and I could feel Harry knew too.. unfortunately,

"So what's your name gorgeous?" Louis asked as I turned around to give him a seductive smirk, but Harry had already answered the question for me as he handed me three glasses,

"Her names Calista."

I winked at the boys before filling the glasses up with water, making sure to look sexy whilst doing it.

I hear Niall take a sharp intake of air whilst I bend down to re-tie my laces which 'accidently' came un done before Harry has immediately slapped my arse, sending me to stand straight up and into an awaiting kiss his has forced on me. His hands automatically wrap around my waist pulling me closer as he purposely makes out with me in front of his mates.

I raise my hands up to his face, gently cupping it as I pull away, whispering an undeniable threat,

"Nice try.. not good enough though!"
"Me next!" Niall laughs as I mouth 'see' to Harry, turning around to Niall with a sexy grin and a wink,

"Maybe later if your good!"

I take the glasses from the side and walk back into the other room, leaving Harry to be shitting himself at my almighty power.

I hand out the waters and get muttered a few thanks before Cecelia is behind me, following me with a beam of happiness,

"Hello Calista!" She beams as I turn around in the hall way to face her,

"I love your dress!" I gasp and she holds it out with pride as I begin asking loads of questions about it which I know makes her feel all grown up. The way she grins, chuckles and acts reminds me of my stunning little Victoria. Only the darkest things can put either one of them down and wrenches my heart out to think that at such a young age, Cecelia is having to be forced into a relationship,

"I love you hair too!" I chuckle, admiring the two Dutch plaits which are covered in her gorgeous little ginger curls. It makes her look younger which also makes me want to throw up at how one of those sick bastards purposely chose her because of her innocence.

"I tell you what," I clasp my hands together,

"If you go and find out where you got your dress from, I will go to the pool with you later!"

I did feel like I was babying her right now but she was thirteen with no mother, father or any person with her at the moment to keep her innocence and as a dedicated mother, I know the sick feeling of caring for younger children especially after the abusing child hood I had. Perhaps, when we get out, I could adopt her? wait, that would involve her parents giving her up-

CRAP! Imagine how these people's families must feel! All the negative energy stoops into me as I come to terms with the actual hell of this place,

"Of course!" She squeals as she quickly skips off to complete her mission as I stand there smiling as she goes from her brightness defeats the sorrow and depression of this place.

Just then a presence lurks behind me, mirroring my exact thought, 

"She's too young to be here-"

I spin around to see Niall shaking his head with anger,

"Too fucking young!"

I am a bit taken aback by this sudden rage but I don't do anything to stop it,

"Calista, I need you to promise me one thing please!"

He makes his way closer to me before looking around,

"Not here. Can we go back to your room?"

I raise an eyebrow, suddenly conscious but it couldn't get much worse at this moment, so I said yes.



We walked up the hall way but we were stopped when he head some moaning coming from one of the girls room.

"I-is that L-Liam!" Whispered Niall with a snigger in his tone and then I heard a girl scream, the same one as the first minute I awoke here,

"With Sky?"

"Shit!" I gasp as I burst out laughing and run to my room, Niall beside me in the same amount of laughter as I was,

"Ew. That has officially scared me for life!"

I shuddered at the truth before shaking off the un ease and focusing back on the promise,

"What did you need?"
His eyes glued to mine as if he should tell me and searching for any evidence as if not to, before he finally broke,

"Okay. I know you need to get home to your children and there not enough time to explain how I know all this but I need you to understand me first, okay?"

My heart starting racing at the name of my children but I sniffled back the tears,

"You can not run away-"

"But my children and-"
"No! Dominus will have you tortured and never let out of sight again, I know you don't believe me and I know you think you can handle all of this because you are a cop, but you can't."

He pauses for breath as I swallow hard,

"Why are you telling me all of this?"
"Because there is a way of getting out and helping Cecelia in the process. Actually, all the wives as a matter of fact! It is so much simpler and easier!"

I thought for a second, holding back the tears as the glistened in my eye and the thoughts in my head screamed random words of help,

"Be a good girl. Butkiss everyone, become allies with every one and make sure the boys have what they need. You will be trusted and be the girl who gets freedom with a elevator card and be taken out of the mansion and into the real world. You will be loved, cherished and will be let free and this will just be a hobby or a job!"

My mouth is dry,

"It is only the second day of me being here though? I don't understand why me?"

"Dominus has taken a strong liking to you already, as has nearly everyone. Especially Harry and Cecelia! Once your the favourite or Lordess as they call it, you will be in control of this shit hole! You can allow everyone out!"

"How do I know this isn't a joke for all the boys just to get their way with me?"

His head drops into his hands as if I am such hard work,

"Haven't you ever heard the quote, 'Don't judge a man by his questions, only his answers'? Well my answer is either something you can judge me by until the day you die, or you can do as I say and get back to your children with no one harmed! Your choice"
The sickness builds up inside again as I take yet another huge risk of trust for my children,

"Okay fine. I'll start tomorrow"


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