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148. Dirty little lover


I snuck into class with a huge grin at Aaron, winking at him as I returned to my space and class drifted by slowly but surely,

"And I wont give you homework tonight as long as you don't tell any other teachers," Harry grinned as every body cheered for him and then the bell went,

"Miss May, stay behind now and after school please to do some catching up with todays work. Thank you"

I acted hard done by as I slouched further into my chair but Aaron was already next to me, his hands holding my arms and trying to gain eye contact from me.

"You done good Kmay, see you lates..."

"Hmmn sure," I muttered as he left the class with me leading him out until I shut the door behind him and immediately, big arms wrapped around my body, squeezing me until I was tossed around and pressed against horny lips. His hands struck straight to my breasts, pulling my dress up higher so my breasts are move covered. Little did he know, the higher the dress is, the more it looks sexy at the top and the higher it is at my arse.

"Keep it as high as you can, don't give them any advantages to take you-" Harry growled during the kiss and I pulled away slightly, looking hurt,

"It's the only option, in the first half an hour I got the dealer! That normally takes years! and soon I'm finding out the creator. I think we are winning this case right now?"

His eyes swarmed into mine like honey bees, detecting a predator in the midst of mating season as his lips came to mine again, me kissing reluctantly,

"They wouldn't take me, though. Would they?" I ask, it still stuck in my mind and biting my lip so harry couldn't kiss me,

"You worried? The great Calista fucker is scared of sex??" Harry's eyes widened with mockery and a shocked smug expression as I playfully hit him,

"Nope! I will prove you wrong, if you like," I grin popping 'nope' as his facial expressions harden and his eyes screamed jet black. Through pure anger,  he holds me against the wall harshly yet it brings a grin to my face,

"You listen here. You will not have sex with them or him, no matter how much they beg or if you can get any information. YOU DO NOT!"

"B-" I try to cut in,

"You're mine! I am not fucking loosing you again Calista!"

Tears were forming in his eyes as he pulled my body into a warm hug, as he sobbed silently on my shoulder,

"P-Pplease don't, please don't! They are bigger than you and will take any c-chance to hurt y-yyou,"

He was acting as if I was a child; I am the fucking head of FBI! But, if it helped him sleep at night, it wouldn't harm anyone to agree,

"Okay, fine just. Oh urm,"

I stuttered as I struggled to stop his crying, leading him in the hug over to his desk, sitting him down and crouching to his height,

"Heeeyy, look. I'm still here, with you... nothing bad is going to happen baby,"

I pulled his lips to mine, feeling the salty tears from his eyes land onto my face and with a chuckle I wiped them away, his arms forming around my body and pulling me onto his lap gently.

I tilted his chin towards my face, his eyes gazing into mine pathetically weak,

"Do you realise how fucking sexy you looked today in class Mr Styles?" I smugly smirk, hands trailing up his legs and onto his large member, resting there as a tease,

"Calista, I had to hold back from fucking you right there and then in the middle of class," He agreed, my hand rising with the erection as I leant in,

"You raped me already, mate- I don't think you need more,"

And with that, I pulled away, glad that I have made my start of a long grudge. I mean, he raped me over and over in the lab and all he done after was make love passionately to some other girl. I cant forgive him for that, even if it was just a nightmare which we both had.

Psychologically, it must of been there in his head, I mean, Afterwards I found out they were our worst fears. He didn't want to rape me and I didn't want him with another person... so technically this dream he had was his fault yet not? UGH WHY IS THIS SO CONFUSING?


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