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20. deep,darkSECRET

" what do you want to do?" I turn my head to jake who is plopping himself on my sofa, smugly staring at me.

"I don't mind,"

I smile awkwardly at Jake before blurting out,

" we need to be less awkward round each other."

He chuckles lightly before patting the seat next to me as I oblies. I felt a rush come over my body when he planted a light kiss on my cheek gently.

" be my best friend then?"

It felt as if time had slowed down and the electricity from his words had my skin mega sensitive.

" ok?"

" good, now get some popcorn. I will find a film." He instructed as I climb up off the sofa and escaped into the kitchen, trying to understand what just happened.

My brothers best friend and my boyfriends best friend wants to be my bestfriend? How many best friends can someone have?

I poured the already made popcorn into a bowl and grabbed two cans of coke from the fridge before re-entering the Living room quietly.

" what we watching?" I handed him his coke before flopping down onto the sofa, a good one person away from him.

" The call,"

I placed the popcorn on the table below me as my eyes followed jake who had now gotten up to turn off the light. He strolled back casually and now invaded the space between us, sitting as close as he could to me In the dark.

" Kay?"

It felt so wrong but that's what Best friends do, right?

He lunched towards the popcorn, as did I, our hands meeting half way and staying together for what felt forever. Carefully, his eyes twitched up to mine as I pulled away quickly with a slight cough.

" turn it on then," I grinned at him hesitantly. This night couldn't get more awkward...

" ekkkkkk," screeched the tv as a girl plummeted to the ground in pain from horror, I just stared at it as if It was not scary, which it wasn't.

Beside me jake chuckled earning a anxious look before tensing up to his deep, throaty laugh.

" you don't get scared, do you?" He laughed, allowing his head to full back carelessly at his inside joke.

" you're really saying that to a goth girl?" I said as I rolled my eyes sarcastically, taking another swipe from the popcorn.

" no, I am saying it to a sexy girl,"

Well that was smooth as fuck.

" Jake-" I began before He cut me off,

" relax... I know your gonna tell me that were just friends but that's what friends do,"

I was unsure by his facts but yet again, what do I know? I practically grew up on my own with only my Brother as my friend but even then, I never thought of Him as a 'friend'.

" I knew that." I lied, gritting my teeth hoping he doesn't see me as a looser with no friends.

" then you would also know that best friends share secrets."

I stopped and switched the tv off before leaning over to turn on the lamp.

" what kind of secrets?" I ask, genially intrested.

" urm, everything."

I cocked my head and bit my lip,

" what's your biggest secret?"

Suddenly, his facial features hardened and he thought about it swiftly. For around a minute or two, he stated into completely blankness, lost in his own world and unresponsive.

" my biggest?" He gulped, still lost in his own world as I hummed in agreement.

" I take drugs,"

I stare blankly at him, as if he is mocking me.

" so?" I say as if it is the most stupidest thing in the world, I immediately regret it when Jake has tears brimming in his eyes.

" so! Kelsey?.. I will tell you why. Because I am depressed! I.. Am.. Depressed, Kelsey." He spat At me, head in hands slightly snuffling.

" Jake? Please don't cry. Calm down... I take drugs too, I am suffering the same as you." I admit, but as soon as the words leave my I mentally curse myself.

" w-what?" His head shoots up in my direction, blood shot eyes.

" I take all sorts of drugs, you name it, I have taken it," I smiled weakly trying to enlighten the mood.

" I won't tell anyone, if you don't." He glared darkly Into my eyes, looking like a lost little boy who has been hurt.

" deal," He holds out his hand with a slight slandered smile spread across his face and i shook it gladly.

" deal." I repeat without hesitation.

" it's good to finally admit it," he breaths relaxing backwards, hands above his head looking amused that he got a secret out of me.

" yeah,"

A moment of silence,

" wanna play truths?" Jake stabs the beautiful silence between us and tries makes conversation with me,

" sure?"

" ok? have you ever kissed a boy before Harry?" His eyes locked into mine and I tenderly grinned at his awkward question.

" no. Have you kissed a girl properly?" I slowly watch the colour in his face make an effort to regain it's shade.

" yes." He cheekily grimaced,

" are you a virgin?"

I could easily tell this game was getting a bit seductive but I was going to mess around with him, never pass up the opportunity. However, I was going to keep in mind that I had a boyfriend and although I may act and dress like a slut, I wouldn't become one.

" yes," I innocently bite my lip, cocking my head to the side in amusement,

" are you?"

His face said he was but it was obvious he wasn't, instead of going with my assumption, I listened extra clearly for his anwser.

" no, you have an extra go." He urges on, before I thought quickly.

" do you have a crush?"

His eyes lit up and then a cheeky smile formed on his lips, dancing around.

" yes. Do you?"

I had to hold back a laugh as I reminded him I had a boyfriend but he was objecting and telling me other than Harry, in which I said no.

" what's her name? Presuming it is a her." I cheekily grin towards Jake who is nodding his head in laughter,

" yeah, yeah it is a girl. And I'm not telling you her name."

I stiffened a bit at why he wouldn't want me knowing, all this talking and friend business is new to me and Jake is just confusing everything.

" but I thought best friends told each other their secrets?" I cheekily grin at him, knowing my sarcastic tone could be heard from miles away.

" you didn't let me finish, I happen to say, I'm not telling you her name YET,"

He empathises the 'yet' part and it makes me wonder when we would tell me,

" ok? If you like her why don't you ask her out?"

My thoughts were spinning at the moment out of curiosity. What does someone do if they want to ask someone out? With Harry, he came to me which was lucky because without him asking me, I would of never realised how much I liked him.

" cause I'm worried she won't like me back," he sighed as I knotted my eyebrows together in a tight fusion frown,

" you will never know till you try-"

I was cut off by the Living room door opening and someone turns on the light and hisses,

" shit. Keep the lights on-" Harry stumbles in, still sober but stops in his tracks when he sees me and Jake.

Didn't he know jake was staying here tonight?

" heyy babe," I get up from the sofa And make my way over to Harry who, by the way, looks like a god in his shirt which was a few buttons undone, revealing a huge amount of flaming muscle. Fuck, I'm horny again.

" what's he doing here? In the fucking dark with my girlfriend?" He raises an evil eyebrow at me as I step back a bit in confusion.

" L-Louis sent me a text s-saying jake was going to baby sit me tonight cccause he didn't want me alone, I- I thought you knew." I stuttered my words, sensing the rage in Harry's body build up and refusing to see him through a fit over this.

" no, I didn't know this." His hands point at me and then to Jake in a fast movement.

" I'm sorry, it's just you were out-" I began as he cut me off mid sentence,

" with your brother, trying to improve our relationship.. FOR YOU, and when I come home, I find my girlfriend and best friend in a dark room together."

" chill dude," Jake stands up striding towards us,

" Jake stop!" I throw my hands towards Jake in an attempt to stop him coming closer to Harry who was fuming like a steam train.

" I'm sorry. But we it's not what it looks like," I had tears running down my cheeks like there was no Tomorrow.

" Harry! Fuck you made her cry," Jake tilts my head in his direction, making Harry growl nastily and me trying to pull away from Jake.

" get off me," I smack Jakes hands down as he stares at me for a second in complete shock and Harry looks half amused.

" now, what the fuck were you doing with my girlfriend, asshole." Harry stepped un soothingly close to Jake who was smirking like a twelve year old boy who had just figured out a porn channel.

" why? Want me to go into detail?" Jake snaps his head in Harry's threatening finger, aiming at his neck.

" what the fuck man!" Harry throws his hands into his hair quickly, looking as pale as anything,

" you had sex with my girlfriend!" He yells as my face drops and Louis comes running in quickly figuring out everything.

" no! What the fuck?!. I wouldn't do that Harry!" I screech, cautiously staring into his eyes, out raged he thought i would cheat on him.

" w-what? Jake! What were you doing to my fucking sister, you prick!" Louis steps foward, pushing jake onto the sofa, hard.

" Louis! We didn't do anything," I tug at Louis' arm who is repeatedly smacking Jake loud and hard.

" fuck, you don't know him Kelsey. He is a guy who will fuck you anytime, anyday and anyway." Louis turns his back on Jake and points a hazy finger my direction, with a cold, hard stare.

I peer over to jake who had his head buried into his chest, ashamed to look at me. Was he lying tonight about the drugs? Maybe he was tricking me into trusting him. That prick!

" you fucking twat!" I scream, looking at Jake with hateful eyes.

" he did something to you, didn't he?" Harry clenched his jaw tightly heading our direction.

" w-what did he do to you?"

My heart was pumping fast and deep inside, I knew Jake was laughing so hard at my limp body. He knew that I couldn't tell them I had a drug addiction, especially because I didn't want Harry finding out. He was a using jerk. And I hated him.

" I trusted you. I-I fucking trusted youu." I whimpered at Jake who had a cold hard glare, staring straight at me madly.

" go on, tell them what I did," Jake snarled, sending me daggers.

" tell us, kelsey, tell us what he did." Louis cried, keeping me up by clutching my shoulders.

That bastard. I wanted him dead. I wanted me dead. I couldn't do this anymore, I hated the lies and I hated myself.

" l-let me goo," I begged sourly, clearly aggravated and in pain. Harry's eyes began to look even More worried and his expression was stone hard.

" Your fucking dead meat!" Harry stormed towards Jake, punching him hard across the face. I winced a bit and turned my head away from the shrieking whimpers from Jake.

" p-please. I don't wanna be here." Louis immediately froze at the river of tears streaming down my face.

" it's bad memories, p-pleasee" I referred to our parents death where all I could remember was Mother and Fathers pleading whimpers from being tortured by something unknown.

Louis let go of the tight grip from my shoulders as I ran at the door, taking one last look at Jake who was no punching Harry too. Bad mistake.

" get the fuck off of him!" I charged at Jake, knocking him off his feet.

" Kelsey! Get out of here!" I heard Harry demand from behind me as Jake let loose a dark chuckle at me, blood dribbling out his lip.

" kelsey! Kelsey!" He mocked with me straddling his lap, keeping his hands above his head, twisting then to make him uncomfortable.

" when will you stop being a sket?"

I winced at his foul use of language and gulped hesitantly, behind me, Louis and Harry began to move quickly towards us before I demanded,

" STOP!"

Then there's silence.

" no one likes you for you, only for your body babe." He grins knowing the fact he had my full attention.

" don't listen to him, please just get away from him," Harry's whimpers, holding his hands up at Jake, signalling to go easy on me. Little did he know, his princess was the one person everyone feared before I turned soft.

" oh trust me, I knew." I lied, feeling really alone, like I couldn't trust anybody.

" And do you want me to tell them what we were doing? " he slowly mocked me and I felt Harry and Louis stiffen from behind me.

" why are you doing this?" The tears sizzled my eye sight, making it hard to see and my bottom lil trembled.

" cause I love you." He grimaces seductively as I grew suspicious.

" no!" Louis yelled before pinning An angry Harry down on the floor. I peered over my shoulder, tears brimming down my face and I couldn't bare to stand the sight of what I have caused.

" you know it. I was in every one of your classes. The homework you didn't do? I done it, pretending I was you." Jake chuckled at me.

" but then you still ignored me and I got bored of waiting. So I moved on, until one day Mr.Jock over there," he hisses at Harry which makes my blood boil hastily.

" takes you away. I then see your dateable and he changed you to become a slut. So why not take my advantages at ruining you two?"

My heart missed a beat. He was trying to split me and Harry up? It all made sense now!

" you son of a bitch!" I slapped him hard across his face, releasing all my anger out on him.

" first of all, I am not a slut. I am a fucking virgin! Second of all, call my boyfriend a jock one more time and I will shove my foot so far up your ass you won't know what hit you. Thirdly, I love Harry. He was the only one there for me when I needed someone. I changed for myself but all I needed was a little bit of help and he gave me it. Without him, there is no me."

I peered over my shoulder at Harry who was in tears and Louis who looked amused,confused and annoyed.

" so go fuck that you bastard!" I slap jake again before climbing off him and turning around to Harry who has already pulled me into a deep, loving kiss which was with incredible force.

Louis grab Jake by the shirt and drags him out the room to kick ass but I couldn't be bothered by anything apart from Harry.

" I meant every single word." I pull away from the kiss and take his hand to lead him up stairs to his room. In his room, he has a huge bed, the usual bed room stuff, and bathroom which was good cause he was busted up, pretty bad and I wanted to make it all go away.

" sit there," I instructed Harry, as he plops himself on the toilet seat hesitantly,

" I am really sorry about tonight, it was suppose to be a night for you to remember hanging out with Louis." I appolijized, squeezing some water out a flannel I just ran under the tap.

" don't worry, I defiantly will remember it at least," he makes me giggle and then he winces in pain as I un button his whole top, showing deep wounds and bruises.

" fuck," I try to Half pity him but half seduce him as I stare at his bare, sexy chest.

" they might scar." I trace my finger around them, not touching any wounds but still making Harry inhale deeply with pain.

" my poor baby," I kiss him lips gently, tasting the blood from his split lip and gaze into his eyes apologetically.

" this isn't your fault," he reads my mind as he tilts my head up to his face, planting his lips against mine.

" yes it is."

I hear him sigh before I brake away the kiss and crouch on the floor, for a better look of his wounds.

I gently lead him into the bed room, changing my mind in the settings before making him lie on his back.

" take off everything apart from your pants and lay down on the bed" I boss him around laughing At his confused expression,

" I thought you were going to strip me," he pouted as I sashayed into the bathroom, chuckling in disagreement.

I rinse around 20 wet flannels and squeeze all the water mostly out of them before heading back to bed, loosing my thought when I see Harry. He had listened to my instructions and was almost fully naked.

It turned me on like mad and I wished he was in a fit frame of mind to fuck me like an animal cause that's what I desperately wanted.

" geeze. You look-" I began muttering before mentally drooling over him.

" nevermind,"

I shook my head quickly before he let out a sexy laugh.

" don't do that," I hiss, laying one cooling flannel to his right shoulder. Then his left, then color bone and worked my way down. I left his pants with out a flannel on just so I could make him have a reaction.

" don't do what?" He asked seductively grinning and then letting out the same winning laugh.

" ugh, please, don't."

His face lit up at my weakness and he carried on trying his luck on turning me on.

" I wonder how big he is?" His hand immediately went down to his shaft, stroking the bulge in his pants. It wasn't even the slightest bit erect but it was the biggest I have even heard about.

Not that I have heard about it.. Pffffttt..

My eyes eagerly followed his movements, being turned on achingly slow.

" I wonder how long it will take me to pound into you before you start screaming my name in pleasure?" He now licked his lips at me and winked cheekily.

" Harry," I moaned annoyed but it came out extremely sexual.

" you will be doing that all night long baby," he giggled slightly, wriggling under his coat of flannels.

" stay with me the night?" He smiled sweetly before I climbed into his bed quietly.

" what did you and Louis talk about tonight then?" I turned my head towards Harry who was smiling widely and was watching me take off my checkered top so I was in my Bra.

I laid down with him licking his lips, hungrily eye feasting on my breasts.

" ...you" he said hesitantly.

" what about me?"

I was really self conscious right now and dug into the covers staring at Harry who was on top of the covers, in a sheet made out of flannels.

" can I get out of these flannels now please?" He gave me puppy eyes before I gave in, sighing in agreement.

" why were you talking about me?" I chuckled, interested as Harry slid in beside me, pulling my hips closer to him.

" no," he innocently grins before I look down im the covers,

" tell me if I hurt you baby."

I say and trace my fingers down his chest, earning a few grunts and winces.

" do you want me to stop?" I ask and he shakes his head violently trying to get me to carry on.

He had not a single scratch from the start of his boxers downwards so I straddled him lightly.

" what about now?" I bite my lip, teasingly and lean over to the bed side draw to grab some cut healing cream.

He shakes his head as I lean down for a quick kiss.

" this May sting a little but, it will make you numb for the night." I chuckle as he gasps at the cream,

" isn't this cream used for anal!" He blurted out as I dramatically laugh, amused by his false sense of knowledge.

" I knew you would say that!" I laugh has he goes pale.

" no. It's not anal cream... Can be yes for anal but it's not baby" I smile soothingly and squirt a bit onto my hand.

" once we do this, if your good, we can a game of bump bump" i seductively grin, kissing his lips once more.

I began massaging the cream delicately into his wounds, making him gasp from time to time.

" ahhhUghh," he complains, squeezing into the bed sheets and tightly closing his eyes. I could he was in a lot of pain by the way his heart was beating ten times as fast. If i carried on, he would have a heart attack.

" Harry? Baby?" I sooth, taking his hands in mine and running circles on them.

" open your eyes, please."

He accepts and open his gorgeous eyes, gazing painfully into mine.

" shh, you need to calm down." I lean forward, still feeling his heart throbbing madly.

" and breath," I soothe, kissing his lips gently and wiping the cream into a used flannel which just fell off Harry's body. Harry's naked body. OMG.

Fuck. Maybe I need to calm down.

" it's all over now, no more pain hopefully." I said, pecking his lips sweetly, the metallic taste sending vibrations through my taste buds.

He still shook slightly but was calming down quicker than I expected which made me smile slightly.

" I love you, baby girl." Harry whimpered, wrapping his arms Around my neck, pulling me closer to his lips.

He rolled over so he was on top and I couldn't help but smile. I feel my lips being pressed against his plump and perky ones which made my heart rate sore and I felt his tongue slide into my mouth.

It felt natural and it was as if his tongue fits perfectly into my mouth. Every inch was explored and my tongue helplessly mixed our juices up in our mouthes.

I was lightly groaning, as was he and I could feel him biting my lower lip gently. Our hands carefully directed to our normal position, mine on his hair and his on my hips. Perfectly moulded to be perfect.

" Kelsey?" Harry laid tiny little kisses on my lips, never letting of me to speak, so I instead mumbled a 'yeah'.

" w-what *kiss* were *kiss* you *kiss* and *kiss* Jake *kiss* talking *kiss* about? *kiss*"

I stopped kissing as quickly and just felt Harry racing all the kisses, each time sucking on my lips for a moment or two.

" bye Harry." I pulled away from the kisses, facing the opposite way to him and ignoring his pleads.

" night," I mumbled before drifting into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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