Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.




I squeezed into blue jeans, black dolly shoes and a maroon flutter top which was gorgeous. I added pearls around my neck, kept the wedding ring on and lightly done my makeup and hair to be casual.

" Kennedy's here!" I shout as I stumble around the bottom floor, prying on my flats. Alessio's arms wound around my body as I peer up to a muscular tux, gorgeous smelling colonel and a heart aching grin on his face.

" Watch your step now," He teases, planting a like kiss on my forehead.

" So if there's any trouble, call me oor if anything happens that you cant explain, o-or" Alessio mumbled quickly as I opened the door, revealing Kennedy looking just as casual as me, luckily.  

" Stop fussing Romeo, she will be safe with me," She scoffs, rolling her eyes. I note she is wearing the 'k' necklace I bought her as I gave her a quick hug.

" But what if someone happens a-and-"  Alessio stutters as I plant a lingering kiss to his stubborn face,

" Then we can kick ass,"

" I'm being serious." Alessio raises his eyebrows and I pout, rubbing my belly in a soothing action before I pout,

" So am I,"

" C'mon, I parked outside!" Kennedy chuckles as she practically drags me out the room before I could say anything else.

" Keep her safe or I will fucking kill you!" Alessio shouts and Kennedy sticks her finger up at him as she climbs in the car with him chuckling nervously and closing the door.

Once I get in she turns up the music which presumes to be 'Respect' P!nk, my favourite.

" I LOVE THIS ONE!" I practically yell as we sing as loud as we can to the song, missing the actual tune.

" I get really sick and tired of boys up in my face," Kennedy sings as she flips her hair over her shoulder, laughing through the song.

" R-right, listen in a bbit okay?" I Chuckle bracing myself for my huge solo,

" Heyy Ladies, YEAH! let them know It ain't easy!"

" R.E.S.P.E.C.T!" We sing at the same time before Kennedy turns the music down, laughing loudly,

" How's the baby then?"

" She is fine! It's a girl!" I squeal and she does too as we pull up outside the mall.

" Okay, spill the details! TELL ME EVERYTHING!"  She smiles widely and so do I over the fact she is genially interested. I tell her about how protective Alessio is over me and the pain of the pregnancy and then something feels like it has hit my stomach.

" ow!" I gasp stopping mid-sentence and grasping my stomach. Another hit.

" You Okay? What's wrong!" Kennedy panicked as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my right side of my swollen stomach.

" OH MY GAWD! THE BABY IS KICKING!" She yells and I plaster an even bigger grin on my face before Kennedy hands me my phone, signalling for me to call Alessio and I do.

" Heyy baby, you okay? W-where are you... You In pain?" He babbles on and I quickly put him on speaker so Kennedy could hear his re-action.

" THE BABIES KICKING!" I almost scream and I could hear the joy in Alessio rushed voice,

" She is? Oh My Gawd! That's brilliant! HAHA!"

Kennedy is grinning like there's no tomorrow but her eyes are soon focused on my arm? Hand? Wrist?

" Your kidding me!" She squeaks brightly, few!

" Got to go Alessio, call you later-" Kennedy quickly said before ending the call and grasping my hand, inspecting something on my finger.


I silently breathed out a silent breath of relief and grinned cheekily.

" Yeah," I sigh lovingly, rubbing my stomach again to ooze the tension from the slight pain our baby was giving me.

" Do you know when your getting married- I am invited, Aren't I?" She asks loads of questions and I scoffed in laughter at her last question,

" Of course you are! Why wouldn't you be!"

" Great, can I come dress shopping with you?" She asks Enthusiastically and I nod slightly before she scrambles out the door, hugging me tightly.

" I'm so happy for both of you!"

" Thank you, Now.. what shop first?"







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