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185. Day One of Punishment


I got up and quickly got dressed and showered before fixing my look up significantly to look innocent and to feel good about my looks. I stepped out the bathroom with my straightened blonde hair which had been dried to perfection as my eyes caught Harry's passionate ones.

Immediately and with out a word, I was quick to be swallowed in his lustful embrace, feeling extremely weak and pathetic as he whispered encouraging words to me,

"It wont be long, alright? I will get everything organised today and see when the quickest date is for our wedding, uh huh?"

"Hmm," I whispered, too involved in the hug to actually answer,

"But in the meanwhile darling," Harry pulled back swiftly as he gently took my hand in his, twiddling my wedding ring gently,

"You're always with me in this ring, alright? If you ever need me, I will be with you, got it?"

I nod into his fingers which delicately trail on my cheek as he places his lips to mine sadly,

"Just remember that, okay? You'll do great,"

"I love you, Harry, so much,"

"I love you too darling.. and I will get everything sorted out, just give me a few days hopefully maximum?"

His words seduced me entirely as the desirous scheme to have Harry with me, in a ring, was thoughtful and seductive,

"See you on the other side,"


My foot leaves the elevator door on the floor of the basement as reality hits me like a fucking bitch. Before I had time to escape, Dominus greets me with a sinister yet oddly satisfying smirk,

"Ah, there she is!" 

"Hmm" I mumble which slightly passes his ears as he signals for me to enter the metal cage which is right in front of the elevator and stretches around the entire basement.

My surroundings were extremely dangerous and threatening on top of the horrific scent of dried blood and sizzled skin; almost as terrifying as the sounds which were light buzzing of perhaps machinery in the distance and a low groaning sound, maybe a cry or a animal. There were whips, guns, animal heads and machinery objects glued to walls; disgusting dark colours which looked sickening to touch or look at and extremely disgusting piles of bloody substances like period blood or the insides of an animal.

"Right, every day until you and Harry are married, you are to meet me exactly here," He orders as we travel into a huge, leather, black room with a wall which had chains coming down from the celling and rising from the floors which also linked to a table full of torturous devices,

"Right here and no where else, understand?" He growls as I nod quickly,

"Yes Sir,"

A grin of satisfactory crosses his lips as he boldly walks over to the desk, removing this extremely revealing and sexy outfit from the table,

"This is what you will be wearing at some point. I have others which I will give to you too,"

He hands over a pure white push up bra which has a line of white fur at the top which matches the thong and the extremely huge heels I would have to wear,

"Is that it?" I gape at the outfit, if you could even call it that, as Dominus grins at me with a wink,

"Don't worry, this is the most revealing outfit, the others are expectable."

He hands me over another million of outfits, ranging from sexy waitress to sexy emo. All of them were inappropriate and extremely revealing which made my stomach churn at the sight of them,

"Each outfit has a number and you will wear them in order until you are married, alright?"

"uh huh,"

He clasps his hands together with thrill perhaps as he takes the clothes out of my arms and places them in a bag on the desk,

"Alright, your punishment is different to what normally would happen because you are with Harry and as I said before, Harry would fucking kill me if I lay one more finger on you or anyone in your family," 

He pauses as he looks around,

"But you will be working for me and be doing whatever I need, which can be- well you know,"

I feel my self gulp with fright as I twiddle the ring on my finger to stop me from throwing up,

"Firstly, I will tie you up on those chains there and I am not to be questioned, got it?"
"mmh," I mutter quietly, a lump in my throat avoiding my attitude as he does exactly what he says, the chains clasping tightly around my wrists, obviously leaving nasty bruises and scars.

Suddenly, a force came around my chains which was blood red beams of light shooting down from the ceiling which caused extremely hot waves of heat to slightly graze my skin,

"Touch that and it will burn you," Dominus promised as I bit my lip worriedly, trying to figure out everything that was going on as I squinted to see him through the shooting lazar beams,

"I can see you, you cant see me," He clarifies as I struggle in the chains,


I hear his sarcastic and cocky laugh as he walks over to somewhere as he brings out a big, black block of brick with a red, centred button.

Suddenly the chains and beams disappeared as I collapsed on the floor anxiously from weakness in my legs,

"You're going to need strength because your tasks are completing a series of life threatening and mentally demolishing set of your worst fears," He explains, eyeing me as if I am meat as I clamber off the floor,

"Back to the outfits a second, I have this block of- well none of your business,- and it will change your clothes automatically and the tasks reflect your outfit," He explains as he hands me a Black crop top which is extremely revealing on my breasts and a pair of miniature shorts before a pair of trainers.

Suddenly, with a click of a button, I am changed into the out fit but I also had a red, checked crop top to tie at the bottom that was a through over the black top.

"All I am saying, is these tasks are testing your ability to do certain things by basing it upon your worst night mares," Dominus states as he walks to the opposite side room before clicking a button which puts the lazar beams around him, perhaps to stop me attacking him?

Suddenly, I am transported to a street with houses stretching all the way down but extremely rich in money as my eye spots one house which was gorgeous. Something about it drew me towards it, admiring the little girl in the window brushing her dolls hair.

My smile grew at her little songs as suddenly it was aflame with a crowd of people surrounding it. My eyes zoom in on the window, terrified as everything was kicking back into action

"HELLP!" A shriek of pure pain shoots through my ears as I identify the cry of a little girl, age 12 perhaps.

Everything kicks into actions as I am now running further towards the house, seeing the little girl stuck in the aflame house, the window.

"The child!" I scream, sprinting and pointing to the little girl as everyone is faffing around, explaining to a fireman what happened as if no one is in the house

"Sir! A child is still in there!"

"Can you see them?" A fireman turns around on me as I point up to the window where a little girl was bellowing at the top of her voice with horrendous cries,

"There's no one there,"

My eyes look back up to the window as he is completely correct but someone has just walked out the house with a  little girl's gorgeous body limp in his arms. I rush over to her, recognising her as the girl in the window as my tears flow down my cheeks,

"She could of been saved, Sir." The fireman said to the man next to me as he sighed,

"IF only someone knew she was there and acted quicker-"
Suddenly all eyes turned on me as they all began chanting the same thing,

"She died and it's your fault,"

"No! no! I didn't kill her!" My voice breaks as my hands rush up to my face and I am left screaming and crying at the words being repeated over and over again as if they are under a spell,

"Fascinating!" Dominus pulls me out the trance as he is writing quickly on his note board. Sweat drips from my forehead as the tears zap down my cheeks unwillingly,

"Ugh! Fucking hell!" I burst, stamping my foot and clutching my hair in agony,

"Get a grip Calista!"
I shake my head as I take a huge breath in, wiping my eyes emotionally,

"Lily Holland," Dominus states,

"The little girl is called Lily Holland. She died in a fire in 1975 after her parents abandoned her and set fire to the house so they could start their lives again, fresh."

"That's horrible!" I gasp, truly petrified as Dominus just shrugged before clicking another button and I am transformed into a red, glittery dress with my hair piled on top of my head.

My eyes zap and eat up the new background which was in a grand hall with couples on the dance floor, genially having fun and giggling.

Suddenly, Harry was by my side as he took my waist passionately as I slithered my arms around his neck,

"How are you here?"

"I got a limo with you, silly!"

We turned during the dance that we were suddenly doing,

"You look gor-"

Suddenly, a loud 'bang' went off as it was followed by another dozen shots,

"GET DOWN!" Harry yelled as we both dropped to the floor,

"Pretend to be dead, alright?"

I did as he said as a group of men walked in with guns as they ran in and stole off of all the wealthy people in the room. My body was now being felt up which made Harry twitch as I was lifted to my feet,

"This one is with me,"
Suddenly, Harry has sprung into action but not long after he was killed right in my very eyes. I drop to my feet as the tears chuck down my face,

"Harry? No! Please-"

I tried bandaging the wound but I wasn't quick enough before I was pulled from my feet and yanked out of the room, suddenly changing once again.


I was on a stage in front of millions of people, however, I was not alone. Julia, Tommy, Rhine, Adele, Alex and Victoria were all with me but they were a year older than last time I saw them which now made Julia 7, Tommy 4, Rhine and Adele 3, Alex 2 and Victoria 1.

Victoria was crying in my arms as the others clutched onto my body as dirty men perverted over us, shouting things out in a foreign language. I squinted around the room at a bunch of French men and woman shouting numbers out and calling out my children's names.

I then realised what this was all about,

"Shit," I mumble as I clutch my children as tightly as I can, giving evil glares to the crowd as they each screamed and cried in fear of these twisted people,

"I HATE YOU ALL!" I scream but none of them understood, I tried to say 'shut your mouth' in French,

"Feme la boosh!"

A few grins plastered on their lips as the tears chucked down my cheeks.

They were going to part us all.

"Mummy!" Julia shrieked as a lady pried her from my body. I tried to act by grabbing her but Tommy was also being dragged in the opposite direction as one by one, my children were taken away from me,

"NO"!" I cried, screeching and yelping, punching every Lady or man that came near my only child left, Victoria. My head swiped left and right as I watched my struggling children, crying their eyes out.

"You are amazing!" Dominus, yet again, pulled me out the day dream as the anger built up in my stomach,

"Your children and fiancé comes before your safety?"

"I need them, Please let me see my children! Oh please, I would do anything to have them near me!" I cry, furiously wiping away the tears on my face as my knees became extremely weak. The sickness rises up as the tears come faster and my anger comes out in shoots of pain,


I grip my heart in desperation,

"You can not keep  a mother away from her children! Have mercy! Please!"

"You need rest, Go now before I change my mind-" Dominus orders as I am quick to race out the room to the elevator, still extremely angry and depressed.



I manage to make it to my room before I let out the loudest and painful cry I could muster through anger. Suddenly, the door has flung open from the bathroom and Harry paces out, clearly concerned and anxious to my reaction.

My hands grip tightly around my hair as I ignore his trapping embrace as I carry on pacing around the room,

"Baby what happened?" He panics as I claw violently at my hair,

"He used the children against me! He fucking did it!"

Harry's eyes narrowed and then widened angrily as his muscles began clenching together,

"He took them away from me," I whimpered as he pulls me in a hug which thankfully allows me to cry into his t-shirt. My sobs are trapped in his chest as Harry pets my head soothingly,

"It's okay, shhh darling. It's going to be fine,"



She clutches my t-shirt in agony as the vision of the children drives her mad thoroughly. Her voice is muffled by my chest as I slowly lower her onto the bed, wrapping her up quickly in covers to keep her warm,

"You want to talk to me about it?" I whisper as she hesitates before explaining everything that happened which by the end I am fuming,

"Fuc-" I began but her finger clasped onto my lips,

"getting angry won't fix anything darling,"

"I know but it's a damn good result," I grunt as she stifles a yawn before rubbing her eyes tiredly,

"get some sleep, I will right here,"

She weakly smiles before her eye lids are fluttering to stay awake and before I know it, she is fast asleep.

I take my chance to slither her out of my arms as I quickly escape the room to find Dominus in his office,

"I knew I would see you, but not this soon!" He scoffs as I grunt at the door way entrance,

"I think you know why,"

"Dur, I even planned this moment out a million of times," He grinned as he grabbed two glasses of coffee before offering me a seat. By his dull actions, he was trying to express words not actions as he lured me into trust and other bullshit,

"How's the wedding plans going then?"

I roll my eyes sarcastically,

"Need any help?"

I almost spit out my coffee in disgust as a smug grin plasters Dominus' face,

"And why would you help me? Are you honestly already fed up with abusing my fiancée?"

"I would never get bored of your treasure! She is honestly so luring and fascinating the way she protects everyone but herself,"

My frown becomes a lot more stuck as his quirky comment was directed at her suicide attempt,

"Fuck you-" I began but Dominus dismissed my come back quickly,

"I mean the results are extremely promising. She may be the one we have been looking for,"

"Well I am sorry but she aint gonna be your guinea pig for long," I scoff as I take a sip of my coffee,

"Are you sure? Because I can make a huge trade right now,"

My frown deepens as I lean forward, curious but un interested in trading my fiancée,

"Name what would be in our favour,"

Dominus' grin doubles over his face as he leans back in his chair with a extremely pleased expression plastered to his looks,

"She could see the others again-"

"Is that it!" I scoff loudly as I shake my head,

"Let me finish,"

I hold my hands up sarcastically with a amused smirk as Dominus' eyes eat mine up confidently,

"The marriage would be held here and would be arranged for Saturday; She would only work an hour a day for a month; and the children could live with us, no harm done to them or you will run the business if a strand on there head is plucked purposely."

Immediately, I am thrilled with a excitement of pure joy that I felt sick to the core that I could get the children with us,

"And what's in your favour?"

"I get to use your fiancée everyday for a month, only for an hour." Dominus pushes a piece of paper over to me along with a pen as I quickly scan through the two paged contract,

"Will she be hurt?"

"If she is bad but not purposely," He clarifies which makes me wince but the thought of the children being with us is too tempting.

My hand wobbles quickly as the pen touches the paper. I cant believe I am doing this,






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