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10. chpt9- nightclub

After we devoured the pizza, we all took a taxi to a huge night club called 'wildAnimal'.

Inside, there were people dancing, snogging, singing, there was karaoke and a huge bar which spread around the whole of the back room.

" let's go," I stepped forward and through my arms in the air singing along to 'dominoes' by Jessie J.

Behind me, I felt everyone scatter in groups apart from Harry and Niall who were behind me the whole time, trying to dance with me obviously.

I was grinding on someone but not sure who and I could feel someone's hand on my shorts which made me giggle loud and clear.

" wanna drink?" Asked Niall as I nodded. he shot off to get me a drink which left Harry and i.

" Oi, missy." Harry tapped my shoulder, shouting over the music.

" you look so freaking sexy tonight!"

" Harry your drunk!" I Almost collapsed in laughter at how he was now singing along to "freak"

🎶cause I'm a freeaakkk, the way you pop it and lock it all over meee,🎶

I was singing along as well as Harry and it was so crowded that Harry and I were pressed against each other and we were clearly drunk.

" y-your fit," I stutter to Harry who's dimples are bursting out of his skin, sending my blood boiling.

Did I really just say that allowed??

Niall came back with the drinks and Harry and I practical downed the alcohol In one.

" drinking contest!" I yell grabbing Niall and Harry's hand, leading them to a table wit loads of shots on it.

" who can down the most in 45 seconds?" Nail challenge before Harry and I were agreeing.

" me first!" I laugh hysterically, preparing myself for bitter tastes.

" 3"



" go-" I began downing Each shot, one by one and because I take so many different drugs the taste was like a walk in the park.

" annnnd, STOP!" Niall shouted as I cheered, noting I downed 29 shots in 45seconds.

" Niall your go. Anndd, go!" Off he went, squinting and gagging like mad.

" stop!" Laughed Harry before swapping sides with Niall for his go.

" Niall you have 19." I announce, stumbling a bit from the alcohol,

" Harry, go!" Niall screams as Harry moves quickly but soon tires out and takes in the disgusting, sour taste.

" stop!" I yell at him, still chuckling that we have spilled so much alcohol down us.

" only 23! Haha I win!" I boast at Niall and Harry who are rinsing their tongues out with beer.

" f-fuck!" I curse almost falling over my own feet, I stand in front of both of them and wrap my arms round their necks, taking them by surprise.

" I hate being a goth girl," I whimpered before leaving quick little kisses on each Of their cheeks making them smile.

I departed from them and stood backwards as the song anaconda went off.

" I love this song!" I squeal as I crouch and twerk against Harry. I could feel my bum hitting his legs and man hood but I couldn't care.

"Now I love this song!" Screamed Harry before I stood up, facing Niall,

" that girl over their? Her names Amanda. Go talk to her," I smiled innocently as Niall didn't react to my words. Finally after some thinking time, He strode over to her and the next thing I knew I was straddling in the air in someone's hips.

" forgetting someone?" Harry groans, pushing my back against the wall. He lowers me down and I stand their staring up at him, lovingly.

"What are you doing to my feelings?" He chuckled before planting his lush, perky lips against mine, sparks flying everywhere.

I went to deepen the kiss when he pulled away from me, gazing into my eyes.

" it's only been one day and look at what affect you have had on me," he darkly chuckled before he tilted my head towards a large member sticking out between his legs.

" oh my gawdd," I giggled into his shoulder, feeling safe with him.

" c'mon, let's go guys!" Louis grabbed me by the hand pulling me away.

"W-what! W-why?" I chuckle, falling over merely every little thing. Then I fell over in laughter.

" oh, shit" cursed Louis before another voice interrupted him.

" I'll take her from here," Harry swept me up off my feet and into his arms. The last thing I remember is snuggling deeper into Harry's arms.

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