Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


4. Drinks

I will let you into a little secret… Louis hates me when i dress up sexy to go for a night out. He despises it because he always has to chase away the love sick boys the morning after, threatening them and most of the time, acting upon it. However, i like it. The only attention i get anymore is if i be naughty which is exactly why i am a cheeky little sh*t or if i look good enough to eat!
My plan for the night was to dress up super cute and then go clubbing alone, hopefully meet a few people and chill back at their house. Thankfully, i had no classes tomorrow and only a handful on thursday and friday. My weekend begins on tuesdays! Not bad going.

After showering and curling my long hair, which took hours, i applied a light coat of makeup, stunning myself with how clear my skin looked. I changed into a tight, red dress which generously displayed my cleavage and toned body. After picking out a pair of little black heels, i grabbed my phone and began making my way down the stairs. 
However, i didn’t get far because doubts about embarrassing Louis flooded through me. He hates this dress when i go out, and he has done everything for me in my life. Does he really deserve this?
“Where is Kelsey?” I hear as i started walking down the stairs again.
“In her room sulking i think.” Louis chuckled as i heard a chorus of beer cans being opened. Sulking? Make me out to be a spoilt little toddler, why don’t you! Good bye guilt, hello ego.
One foot in front of the other, i strut down and into the living room where Louis had all of his friends around.
As i walked in, i winked at Jake, a tall jock with an ego bigger than his need for sex- surprising, i know. His jaw dropped as he nudged Jack, another sports man, whose stupidity was almost comical. I smile flirtily and strut over to the fridge fetching myself a stella. 
“Tom?” I address the smartest one here,
“Pass me the bottle opener hun.”
He tripped over his words and i grinned innocently, taking it out of his hands and brushing my thumb against his hands,
“Thank you.” 
My eyes darted around the room for Louis but he didn’t seem to be present.
“Where is Louis?” I spin around to Niall, a blonde haired cutie,
“Out back with a new boy.” He shrugs, sipping his cider whilst his eyes appreciatively roamed over me.
I force myself to smile as i walk out the room, searching for my brother who is suppose to be yelling at me.
I gave it two minutes in the heels before kicking them off underneath the stairs. With the torturous foot weapon gone, i skipped into the kitchen, searching for my little pills.
“Found you!” I grin, talking to myself as i reached up, stretching for my bottle of love. A smile formed on my lips at Louis’ terrible attempt to stop me from taking them.
Struggling, i stood upon my tip toes, silently begging my aching arm to reach high enough. Damn you, top shelves! 
“Need some help?” An unfamiliar voice asked from behind. I jumped, stumbling back as i spun to see this god.
Voice alone, was deep and almost threatening. His black eyes were tinted with stained anger, obviously holding a lot of secrets and lips plump, curving slightly upwards. Toned, and well built, his posture was powerful and broad, clearly highlighting his significance. He was in his early twenties, i would guess, and looked like a fighter. Arms scattered with fascinating tattoos, and the mesmerizingly alluring look in his eye, i was a gonner.
How exactly do you breathe again?

I blinked a couple time to see if i was dreaming- i wasn’t. The man gently brushed past me and effortlessly took the pills from the top shelf, eyeing them suspiciously before handing them over. I blushed crazily as i popped the cap open,
“Thank you.”
The man made no attempt to leave the room and i was transfixed.
“Who are you?” He asked, his voice sending shivers through me. 
“Kelsey, Louis’ sister.” 
He nods approvingly, observing me through his sharp, gorgeous eyes.
“I am Alessio.” 
He stretches his hand out to be and i dumbfoundedly stumbled to meet his strong shake.
“Nice to meet you, Alessio.” I politely nod, his name oozing off my tongue professionally. 
“Hey Kelsey? Jake said you were wear-” I heard Louis voice break into the room. 
His eyes narrowed in on me and i suddenly didn’t want an argument in front of this god.
“What the fuck!” Louis growled, jumping forward and thrusting a finger in front of my face,
“Where do you think you are going dressed like that?” 
I shrugged and smirked teasingly,
“I am going clubbing.”
“Oh, no you are not!” Louis snapped.
“Why not?”
“You are grounded!” 
My jaw dropped and i chuckled in hysteria,
“You can’t ground me, I am eighteen! You may be the house owner, but you are not my dad, Louis!” 
I knew i crossed the mark when i mentioned our parents but i hated this controlling side of him where he embarrassed me like i was some seven year old child.
“Get upstairs and change right now!” He ordered and i crossed my arms with a sulking manner,
“Kelsey, why are you being so difficult? Do as i say right now!” 
My eyes narrowed in on him,
“I want to go out.” 
“You are not going out tonight! You are to change your clothes and study.” He growled and i stepped forward,
“Not everyone wants to waste their life on studying, Louis.” 
Louis shook his head and then his eyes closed in on the pills in my hand.
“How did you reach them?” He spits and then eyes up Alessio evilly. Alessio throws his arms up with a gorgeous smirk,
“I had no idea.” 
Louis sighed when he realised everyone was now gathered in the kitchen, watching the fight kick off.
“I don’t want to change my clothes, i don’t want to study and i want to go out!” I complain, pointedly challenging my brother.
“Christ, Kelsey! Are you really going to throw a tantrum now?”
“Try me.” 
Louis glares at me for a long while and then repulsively looks at the pills.
“Let’s compromise.” He sighs. My heart is quickening with adrenaline.
“You don’t go out, you change your clothes but you don’t have to study. No pills either.” 
I shook my head,
“I will not go out, i won't change my clothes and i am allowed to drink at home. No pills.”
Louis stares me down for a second before sighing loudly,
“Fine. Behave though.”
I smirk, cocking my head to the side and blowing him a kiss,
“Love you big brother.” 

With a massive plastered grin stretching from ear to ear, i grab my already opened beer can from the side and began sipping at it. My eyes skimmed over Alessio who was observing me with amusement. 
“Dude, you just got played by your sister.” Jake yelled, earning a grunt from Louis who walks out of the room with irritation.
Jokes on Louis, i will just sneak out later.

A few beers later, everyone sat on the sofa’s, talking about random things. I was seated in between Alessio and Jake, giggling away at the jokes around the room.
“And this one time,” Alessio smirked, eyes twinkling with mischief,
“Louis and i had to jump a fence and run from the police all because of a fight!” 
I stared at him in disbelief and then glanced over to my brother who was a lot more relaxed after a few pints. Louis shook his head, a clear drunk twinkle in his eyes as he let out a big belly laugh. 
“I wasn’t the one who knocked those four guys out!” He defended himself quickly, eyes popping out of his head with laughter. Scanning Alessio and the dangerous aura around him, i easily understood the facts which would support his violent past.
“I never knew you and Louis went back?” I say, never breaking my eye contact with Alessio.
His smirk warmed me up,
“I have met you a couple of time before. You were little then. Grown up a lot, haven't you?” 
“It happens.” I chuckle, sipping at my cold beer to soothe the burning in my throat. Louis, from across the room, narrows his eyes in on me a little bit and then shakes his head. Annoying him even more, i snuggle closer into Alessio who just grins and welcomes me with a big arm.
The night was fun, a lot of laughing, flirting and then Jake gave tom a lap dance which was always fun to watch. 
As much as i hate to say it, maybe staying home was the better option?

My long weekend consisted of working at the bar around the corner, working like a slave in its shifts.  It was busy, as usual, but i got a decent amount of money from it. 

On sunday evening, i came home to find the boys all drinking in my living room, and of course i joined in. Alessio was there too, grinning at me when i walked in wearing my small, black skirt and red, fluttery blouse. 
“So, Jack!” Niall cheered towards his mate as i sat next to Alessio cheekily. 
“Who is the bird?” 
Jack’s cheeks became very hot as he looked everywhere but at the boys. My ears pricked and i leant back into the sofa, giggling. This was Jack’s first girlfriend because he had always turned girls down as if they were contagious.
“She is amazing, guys. Her name is Stella and she has gorgeous, ginger hair.”
“Like you!” Tom shouted and everyone burst into laughter about the new ginger couple. A few jokes flew across the room about do they have ginger pubes too which obviously resulted in more laughter. 
Come ten o’clock, everyone sat in a circle, shots in the middle. 
“3.” Announced Jake, instructing everyone to pick up a shot.
We all held it to our lips.
The stinging sensation washed down our throats, a mixture of disgusting toothpaste and strong liquor staining our breath. My face was pulled up tight with repulsion and i coughed a little, not liking this flavour.
I looked over to Alessio who was laughing with Louis, play fighting. My heart warmed at this unusual sight of Louis actually laughing and not working. Maybe Alessio being back home will brighten Louis’ mood? 
“When we were serving,” Louis began a story, referring back to his army experience,
“Alessio and i were back in our billets, okay?”
Louis struggled to keep his eyes open as he slurred his words. All i could do is watch Alessio who was grinning but a strange flicker of upset crossed his eyes. Alessio and Louis both served together in the army?
“And our colour was a dick head. He was horrible to us, we hated him didn’t we Alessio?” Louis asked for referral again and Alessio just grinned widely, as if he knew where this story was going.
“He gave us both a bollock in because we got tattoos, mine is on my arm and Alessio’s is behind his ear, so Alessio and i snuck into his room. We got his locker, messed it up and put a spider in there…” Louis trailed off, thinking about the night silently,
“Our colour hated spiders, and he screamed like a little girl when our Sir came for room inspections. The spider crawled up Colour’s leg as he was suppose to be addressing sir and he smacked the head man with his beret whilst trying to get the spider off.” Louis erupted into laughter with Alessio, both of them hanging onto each other as they drunkenly hugged. Everyone was grinning. These men had been through a whole lot and it warmed my heart to see them so happy and carefree.

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