Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


8. chpt8- new house mate

I took a long, relaxing shower, removing all makeup and stenches. Louis asked for it. Opposite to me? Let's be a slut.

Once I got out, I wrapped my hair in a small towel and changed into a gown so I could do my makeup and dress myself professionally.

I applied Dark eye shadow with thick black wings and a misty over coat mascara which made the hazel in my eyes shine. Then I added a lush, tanned tone upon my face which also enhance the height of my cheek bones and face figure. Furthermore, I submitted a puff off powder to make my skin look smooth and bright red lipstick in which I drew around my lips with black liner.

I looked totally kissable,.. For once in my life.

Next, I found a matching black lace bra and thong from my collection ( yes goth girls can be sluts some times ) and I added a gorgeous black figure top which clung to my boobs and made them look huge which also screamed "bite me" In red. I wore some specially designed torn highway shorts which also made my bum look good.

Finally, I styled my hair in beautiful curls which bounced above my breasts and looked fabulous along with some pretty black Dolly shoes.

All done. I took a look at myself in the mirror and hardly recognized me. Who was that confident, sexy mess in the mirror? She looked like she had a loving family, good grades and everyone adored her. But it was all fake.


Down stairs, I heard someone enter with a 'bro' hug from Louis along with 4 others. Their voices sounded completely recognizable and I suddenly realized my outfit was too revealing.

But it was too late, Louis called my name and I was doomed.

" heyy," I clattered down the stairs, my shoes clicking against the wood and everyone's jaws dropped.

" k-Kelsey?" Louis was the most shocked and looked as if he was totally furious at me. His number one rule was always cover up in front of others and now I was 4 pieces of clothing away from being naked. Especially in front of 6 boys.

" what's wrong boo? Cat got your tongue?" I chuckled at Louis, winding him up and trying to get even with him.

I peered round at the boys and my heart stopped. All from my school. All the jocks and the new kid I showed around. Could this get any better?

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