Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


7. chpt7- sibling loveee

" just drop me off here at the end of the road, thanks,"

" you sure? I can drop you further if you like?" He sounded uncertain but I waved it off with a fake reply,

" nah you will stalk me or some shit,"

I gained sudden courage from somewhere but the real reason was If Louis saw I was in a car with some boy, he would freak!

I un-buckle my seatbelt and turn to face him swiftly careful not to do anything wrong.

" thank you for the lift home," I half smile, half bite my lip trying to hold back the urge to kiss him.

" anytime, thanks for the tour"

" anytime " I mimicked as I climbed out the car and watched as he drove down my street.

My heart fluttered quickly as I sighed,

" I'm in deep shit now."

before walking to my house.


" I'm home!" I yelp as someone grabs me from behind, hand covering my mouth and whispers something in my ear,

" I can see."

The force lets go and I turn around to whack a stupid fool to do something like that.

" you should of seen your face!" Louis cried in laughter, clutching his belly in amusement and pain where I smacked him.

" you son of a bitch! Don't do that, gawd" I pant as I place my hand on my head and follow Louis into the kitchen.

" anyways, where's your little friend?" I grab an apple out the fridge and sit down at the dinning table, curious.

" coming around 4. That gives you an hour. So go clean up cause you gotta look less scary," he insults me and I place a hand to my heart and fake sob,

" the love, it's un real!"

" haha, no seriously that stuff freaks me out. Change." This time he had a bit more power in his tone and I had a good idea to wind him up.

" ok. But, I ain't promising your gonna like this next outfit anyway." And with that I rushed up stairs to the shower.

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