Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


5. chpt5- Monday

By Monday morning, I dressed up in the same ankle high stud boots, leather black jacket but I wore these new jeans which reflected my curves perfectly and a tank top which screamed " blood" across the middle. My makeup and hair was the same old same old but today I felt prettier and more flattering which was most likely all the sleep I got in the last week and drugs.

" Monday morning part two," I chuckle to Louis who is still writing that stupid report as I race down the stairs.

I clutched onto my bag, keys and phone before gulping down a pill which was suppose to improve awareness.

" URGH, these stupid pills," complains Louis as I send him a sympathetic look and I notice he's paler than normal.

" you ok?" I ask, holding my hand to his face making sure he's not over heating or something.

" I'm fine," he reassures me but I know there's something wrong.

"my friend is coming over tonight so, yeah. He's staying here for the next few weeks cause he's moved school. I dunno what one tho" he explains to me as I half heartily listen.

" ok? I gotta go now. Love ya," he places a small kiss on my forehead before I leave the house and head for.... School..


" look who's backkkk" I drag on the 'back' as I pass Miss.Morris who is grinning uncontrollably, she stops me in my tracks.

" you missed me?" I chuckled as she throws her head back and snorts,

" not one bit!"

Miss Morris is basically a mum to me because our parents were best friends and ever since my parents death, Miss Morris practically raised me. Although, I picture her more of a best friend cause she's only 23. That's only 6 years older than me.

" so your going to have a good day today?" She pats me on the head like I'm a dog.

" maybe," I wink at her before chuckling and walking away to maths.

" can't promise anything!"


" so if pie squared times by the total of a right angle triangle is-" miss Penny began before she was interrupted by Miss Morris signalling for me to leave the room.

" thank you for that, I had no idea what Pie even is!" I began as I walked out the class room towards Miss.Morris and a new boy.

The new kid looked older than me and was defiantly taller than I was. He had toned cheek bones which sat above Piercing dimples, that also neatly curved in with his Gorgeous face shape. Bulging muscles threatened out of his red shirt which clung to him tightly and Loose grey jeans flopped down his legs easily. Sexy.

" Kelsey, meet Harry." Miss.morris introduced us and I couldn't help but blush at his winning smile. What the heck is happening to me?

" hi," his eyes lit up like lights over the nights sky and my heart felt like It was going to sink.

" hey,"

" Kelsey? Harry needs some showing around and since you are such a.. People's person... I decided you would do it!" She explained but I wasn't listening, too busy sucked into his eyes and lost beneath the midst of his blue orbs.

" okay," I breathed out, snapping out of my trance and telling myself to be strong when all I wanted to do was throw myself on him.

" what? Now?" I glanced over to Miss Morris who was already walking away from us and Harry chuckled a dark, silky chuckle which had vibrations through my bones.

"Yes!" She yelled back as I fumbled with my thumbs, looking down.

" so where shall we start?"

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