Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


3. chpt3- class life

" Kelsey Casey. It's 3rd period and your register indicates you have been bunking all day." I ignored the statement of my science teacher and head to the back of the class room, alone as usual.

Chucking my bag to the side, I let out a huge and wicked groan to let everyone know to stay away further today. I'm not in the mood.

" thank you for that, Kelsey." Mr preen, the teacher, sarcastically grins at me, thinking I would laugh back.

In case your wondering, I didn't.

I drown out all the lecture on atoms and focus on my parent locket which is now in my hands peeing up at me.

In the locket, My mother was beautiful, long, thick brunette with hazel coloured eyes and a perfect figure, thus, my dad gazing into her eyes lovingly holding her hands. Father had short gelled brown hair with really high cheek bones and perky lips which fell perfectly onto mothers.

" would you care to give me an example of an atom, what it does and why it's there please Kelsey?" Interrupts Mr.preen as all eyes face my direction.

Quickly, I close the locket and bite my lip trying to look like a boss arse bitch and hiding the tears.

" your the teacher. Plus, you will copy my Anwser." I reply cleverly which made everyone laugh. I rocked back on my chair, applying my legs onto the desk. Amused and squinting at Mr.preen who is really trying not to get angry, I reviewed his fat belly.

" I wish your brain was as big as your mouth," Mr.preen insults me before I shot up and everyone shuts up their laughter.

" very good. Old man can slur? Well, I wish your hair was as thick as your insults,"

" get out now!" He demands before I grab my bag and rush out the room.

" gladly sir," I keep a plastered grin across my face as I walk passed him purposely chewing loudly because that's one of his pet peeves.

What was wrong with me today? Why was I being so rude? Gawdddd....


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