Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


2. chpt2- school life

Earning a few looks and whimpers from people scurrying past me, I stroll into the school building.

" ah, miss casey. I assume you had a pleasant snooze this morning? Judging by the time. You're late. "

Dissapointingly, there stood the most aggravating teacher in the whole school, Mr.Stutt. He thinks just because he is the school councillor, he gets to get involved in my messed up life.

" ah, mr.stutt. I did thank you very much and the only reason why I'm late is because someone told me to go to hell." I began, giving him a nasty look whilst walking backwards to my class.

" course, I couldn't find it at first. But now I'm here!"

It took him a moment to realise what I was saying and finally when he processed my slur he quickly replied,

" mind saying that to me on Friday, at your detention?"

" nah I'm good. I'll be gettin to class now, or do you want me to be late?"

Horrifically, I gained a look from him which was no 'Mr.stutt' look, it was like speaking to satan himself. I pressed my back against the doors which lead through the hall way, watching his emotion carefully because I knew I was treading on thin ice.

" young lady! You wipe your mouth right now, how dare you talk to me-" he practically screamed at me before being interrupted by Miss.Morris, my favourite teacher.

" what's going on?" She sends me a worried look as I raise my hands in surrender chuckling to myself and Mr.stutts gobsmacked expression.

" Sir was just saying I can't have my freedom of speech," I assured, pouting at the fuming Mr.stutt.

" she was rude and-"

" Nelson mandana came across rude, but he still said it!" I defended myself with full force before letting loose a huge groan.

" my office. Now!" Ordered Miss.morris, me trailing being her still laughing at Mr.stutt.


" what are you playing at?" She spits as I take my usual space in the spinning chair, turning round and round, giggling.

" not even," miss Morris checks her watch.

" twenty minutes in and you have already caused chaos."

I stop spinning and pick up the dolphin on her desk, waving it around as if it's swimming.

" he started it,"

" I don't know what I'm going to do with you Kelsey. The school will kick you out if you don't start behaving." She threatens me as I stop playing around and sit up straight, looking into her eyes.

" what else have I got to loose?"

I stood up and left her office, tears threatening to burn into my eye lids but I couldn't give anyone the satisfaction of me crying. I heard her say one last thing before the door closed,

" a future "







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