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16. chpt15- Harry's breakdown

Finally, I got home after walking the full 45 minutes. As I walked in the stench of alcohol fogged up my senses and I immediately knew someone was drunk because there was cursing and a glass smashed.

" fucking twat! Finally get a girlfriend and then she fucking shows up-" Harry was downing a bottle of fosters and his eyes looked as if he had been none stop crying.

" what the fuck!" I shout as I dumped my bags to the side and help Harry who is on the floor, procrastinating and cursing like there's no Next week.

" Harry, what are you doing!" I heave him up into my arms and practically drag him into the kitchen, laying him down on the table.

" fuckkk me! Youur so s-sexy!" He Slurred as he watched me intensely grabbing a glass of water for him.

" drink this drunk shit," I handed him water and of course, he spills half of it down him.

" ugh! Urm, take this, just swallow don't chew," I hand him an orange pill which will make him fall asleep and recover quickly from his drunken state.

" no," he tries to push me away but I wasn't giving up that easily.

I'll have to trick him.

" baby?" I asked innocently,

"meet me in my bedroom, I wanna do something with you "

Without hesitation he rushed upstairs before I let out a huge sigh and the mess in the living room. Louis will kill me.

I creep up the stairs and into my room where I could see he was in trousers and no top on. "Fuck. "

He had bulging muscles rippling bigger than I had seen before and I realized he had a tattoo on his back. Detailed to the complete extreme, a rose was inked on his left shoulder. Underneath the flower, it read 'HardCore' which made me imagine of the different hard cores it could define. Music, taste, personality and sex.

The last one made the breath in my lungs twitch and the sight of him being half naked, was too much.

Harry rolled onto his front and smiled seductively at me as I stripped out of my leggings, top, shoes and jacket.

" I'm willing to compromise," I whimpered, walking towards Harry shyly.

" m-me too," he rested on his back, bulge in his trousers clearly showing even know I knew it wasn't even straight yet.

I could still smell the alcohol and it was strong, very strong.

" each pill you take, it means one piece of my clothing gets taken off and I get closer? Deal?" I smirk knowing he will be asleep by the time I'm fully naked.

"Fuck! Yes," it took him no time for him to reply and I stood at the end of my bed gazing at my horny, drunk boyfriend.

I placed 4 pills on the side, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow and 1 black, these were going to put him asleep quickly.

" one at a time if you wanna make it worth it," I winked sexily at him, kneeling above his feet.

He slid the orange tablet off the side and carefully popped it into his mouth,

" now swallow full," I instructed before sliding my bra off and leaning my boobs to hang on his crotch earning a moan.

Next, he took the black one, him obviously getting sleepier. I slowly took off my socks so I could entwine our toes together when I sat directly on his crotch.

" theese ppppills are h-horrible," he spat, swallowing another pill, red one.

I took off my pants and started grinding against his bulge setting of a huge boner which pressed directly on my sweet spot.

" uhhh, baby!" I moan, grinding faster against my sweet spot.

" ssshit!" Harry joined in, grunting and using one hand to balance on my hip and the other one placed a yellow pill in his mouth.

Luckily no one was home apart from us so we could as loud as we like.

" H-harryy!" I yell trying to make him exhausted quicker.

" I'm a Virgin, so I will be really tight," I assure him knowing that made him even hornier. I carried on rubbing myself against him, knowing by the time I take off his clothes to have proper sex, he'd be asleep.

Then his eyes got heavier, and heavier and heavier until he was asleep.


By 4.25pm I had cleaned the whole house so it was basically sparkling and at 05:00pm everyone was at our house talking about random things, messing the house up again.

I sat between Jake and Niall and we had a group discussion with Tom, jack and Louis about what we see in a guy or girls. In all fairness, it wasn't my topic starter but I was bored, plus Harry was still asleep upstairs so let the inner slag come out.

Whilst Harry was asleep, and once I cleaned the house, I changed my outfit into a black glittery tight dress that pushed up my boobs and made my bum look amazing. I died my hair a beautiful bleach blonde which really suits me and put dark shadowy eye make up on along with some 3 inch heels.

Ok,ok. So I was getting dressed up for nothing, but normally, I go clubbing on Fridays so I was going to get ready just in case I go. No harm done.

I looked like barbie but a less faker version.

" so I like a pretty girl with a big arse!" Laughed Tom, resting his back on the arm chair, drinking his beer.

That's all these people do. Drink, drink and drink.

" that's too bad. Girls like a guy with muscles," I winked sarcastically at Tom, setting of a few catcalls and 'burrnnns'.

" I think boobs and curves are the most important. " began Jake, obviously looking at my lady lumps.

" a girl without curves is crazy cause where are we suppose to rest our hands?" He licked his lips at me and the room suddenly got very heated.

" on a bible?" Louis send him an wary glance before I looked down at my lap, blushing uncontrollably knowing that Jake is flirting with me.

" what about you, Kelsey? What do you want in a man, or women," Jack's women joke set off laughs in the room but hushed when I raised my eyebrow,

" well a GUY would" I made it clear it was a man, because I'm dating Harry.

" my dream guy would be, tall, muscular but have a great sense of humour, A personality and controlling but not too controlling but, can kiss good!" I chuckled and so did everyone else at my kissing comment but I brushed it away with adding,

" basically Harry,"

There were erupts of 'gagging' and 'awes' but mostly 'PG18'.

" kiss good huh?" Jake started before I turned my attention to him,

" yeah?"

" how do you know if your dream guy can kiss better than someone else? Maybe another guys tastes better?" He was stone serious and I looked around the room at everyone looking a bit lost,

" where is this going?", I giggled uncertainly at him then he rested a hand on my leg which hushed everyone in the room.

" so, who wants another beer?" I announced as I shot up and grabbed Jack and Niall another beer making sure to be slutty but not over the top.

" here you go, sir." I winked at jack and then sashayed over to Niall, taking a sip out of the beer first and plopping down next to him,

" enjoy," I said as I handed the beer over to him, sexily.

" oh I will,"


" your lieing! You never jumped over the 3 lorries on a bike-" I repeated jakes statement as everyone was in denial of if Jake is lying.

" ugh, my head." Harry strolled through the door and froze in his tracks when I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.

" y-your hair? You look well different!" He stepped back, tilting my head side to side in curiousness.

" bad?"

" no! Never! You look so fucking hot with blonde hair, wooh-." His eyes widened and I shut him up with a deep lustful kiss. My hand made their way to his face and his arms snaked round my waist pulling me close.

" what happened this morning? Did we do anything? I woke up naked," he whispered in my ear quietly causing a smile to form on my lips.

" I drugged you after you got wasted, I'll tell you later."

He looked confused for a moment and then pecked my lips a bit more as everyone was watching us, including Louis.

" you were naked with him!" Louis shot up, pointing a warning finger at Harry. I looked for someone to help us,

" we didn't do anything though!" I yell back stepping in front of Harry so Louis couldn't touch him.

" mate, calm down." Niall stood up rubbing Louis' shoulders In a soothing motion.

" yeah, Louis! c'mon all she did was have intercourse with a guy she barely knows," jake said smugly, watching the fight kick off. I swear to god that kid is dead.

"No, no we didn't!" I defend us and Harry's behind me arguing aswell, screaming that we didn't.

" oh sorry, I wasn't suppose to tell him, was i?" Jake laughs taking another sip from his can.

" whooh, jake shut it," Tom threatens,

" just stay out of it."

Then I scream at the top of my voice allowing everyone to look our direction.

" forget it! It's ruining the night,"

Louis gives me a anxious look before sitting down and taking sharp intakes of breath.

" fine," he breaths before Harry and I sit between jake and Niall, me next to Jake...somehow.


We all drink more and more during the night and everyone calms down, getting closer and flirtier.

" so ttruth or d-dare?" Jack stutters as we all create a circle.

" m-me first!" Tom laughs, taking a swig from his carling.

" truthh or dddare?" I manage to spit out before Harry's wondering hand slapped my bum making me chuckle darkly.

" uuer, dare,"

Everyone turns to silence until Louis stammers one,

" I dare you to ddrink another 14 canss of beer byy the e-eend of the night,"

" donee!"

" mme next," I squealed, licking my lips and running my hand through my hair to tease everyone.

"Truth oor dare?" Jack grins uneasily between sucking at his teeth.


" givve me, Harry andd Niall a llap-dance!" Jake darkly bites his lip and I look round to Harry and Niall to see If they were up for it. They both shrugged.

" kayy," I squealed, standing up and ordering all three of the horny boys to sit on the sofa.

Firstly, I started with Niall.

I seductively strutted over to Niall and turned around before doing a few quick squats and then slower one. I started twerking quickly and then I straddled his lap, grinding on him slightly, turning him on.

I done the same to all of them but I applied more pressure on Harry's lap dance. I added kissing and I placed his hands upon my breasts when I was dancing. They all moaned with pleasure and were all really into it but I could tell they were wary of My brother, watching us constantly.

" good eenough for yya," I smiled climbing off of Jakes lap, who was last and he grinned like a little kid.

" Myy go next.. Daree," Harry slurred, pulling me onto his lap and chewing delicately on my ear causing me to moan slightly.

" I dare youu too, kiss Kelsey passionatelyyy for 5 minutes, full non uh," jack sounded like he was a little kid thinking I wouldn't do it. Has he seen me lately? He was wrong.

I saw Louis send me a look and was mentally cursing me but fuck it.

" c'mon babyy" I turned around to face Harry who is looking at me cautiously but he obviously wanted it.

I gently Press my lips to his and brang my arms round his head making sure to toy with his hair in the meanwhile. The sparks set off and all eyes burned at our little makeout act. It felt luxurious.

He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and pressed deeper into the kiss, his tongue asking for permission. As soon as I accepted his tongue, we had a fight for dominance, Him winning as usual.

The kiss didn't feel forced at all, it felt natural and romantic despite it was a kissed that was asked for. His hands swept up pass my waist and occasionally would stop at my bum, breasts or hips.

I moaned into the kiss and so did he, I had no idea how long we were going for, all i knew is that he was the best kisser. And I loved him undeniably.

" get in there my son!" Yelled Tom, elbowing Harry slightly, edging him on.

We kept on a quick, slick kiss for a good 2 minutes, tossing and turning so that I was laying down on the sofa and he is laying on top of me still sucking the life out of each other.

" haha, stopp now!" Louis said before Harry pulled back for, gazing into my eyes as I sent him a sexy look attempting to turn him on.

" wow." I smiled at him before he pecked my lips once more and lifted me up so I was sitting up on him.

I peered round at everyone all smirking apart from Louis and jake who were both furious and actually looked mad at us.

" what?" I grinned cheekily sending jake a little wink, calming him down a bit.

" I'm tired, nightttt" and I walked upstairs before collapsing asleep.

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