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12. chpt11- school time

The car journey was so awkward, Harry was driving and Niall insisted on sitting in the front so I had to sit next to jake. Harry, being protective, kept the wind mirror facing us at all times.

" so? How did you guys meet cause Harry's new and all," I smiled and tried to break the tension which worked for Niall.

" we all went primary school together."

That was unexpected.

When we pulled up outside school, it took no time at all for Harry to be by my side, opening the car door for me.

" thank you" I giggled as he let out a sigh of relief.


" take a seat please everyone," ordered Miss.Potter, my English teacher. She was alright at times but I am convinced she still lives with her mum, caring for her many,many, many cats.

"Mind If I sit here?" Harry asked uneasily referring to the desk next to me.

" sure," I smiled sweetly towards him and he sat down before chatting along about how he hates English.

"Kelsey? What is the incorrect gramma here?" Miss potter pointed towards the bored.

"John, who saw some deers, was shocked. " she read out.

Oh crap.

" it's a secret." I send an innocent pout over to her and she ignores me soon after, asking someone else the same question.

" good one," Harry whispers to me as I feel a hand land on my knee.

" thanks." I push my chair closer to him, teasing him gently.

" and when malorie Blackman wrote noughts and crosses" blabbed on miss.Potter but all I was focusing on was Harry's sneaky hand trailing up my thigh accordingly.

" your gonna be the death of me some day," i hear him whisper into my ear which turned me on dramatically.

" remember when I said I had to please my guests?" I ran my hand up his leg and rested it casually onto his man hood.

"Gawd," he let out a groan as I whimpered to him,

" I think it's too big for me,"

I chose my words correctly cause it immediately had an affect on the stiffness of his man hood. It twitched for a second and then slowly the tip became stiff.

" not here, fuck." Harry whimpered quietly, covering his face with his hands and then peeing at me, I was facing forward as if nothing was happening.

" Kelsey? Don't be naughty.." He tutted and my heart felt as if it had been stomped on, his hand rested just above my women hood.

I squeezed his crotch a bit and quietly moaned to turn him on even more,

" Harry, fuck baby! please...Deeper." I bit my lip in a smug grin and I felt the intense stare of Harry on my face.

" I warned you," he started tapping the sensitive spot of my women hood and I immediately got wet.

" fuck," I whimpered as He rested his head back in amusement.

" Kelsey? Is there a problem?" Miss Potter interrupted us and I felt so bare. Harry kept going, tap. Tap. Tap. I felt so wet and I wanted him so bad.

" u-uh no miss, " I stutter holding back some moans.

" good. She turned around before the bell went off.

" ughh," I let out a sigh of frustration and pulled my hand away from Harry when he pulled away from me.

" don't. Ever. Tease. Me. Again." I breath uneasily trying to control myself.

" I warned you, besides you think you had a hard time? Five minutes extra and I would of fucked you right there in the class room for everyone to see. " his promises of words almost killed me.

I gathered my stuff and quickly exited the English room, Harry trailing after.

Without allowing him to know, I spun around and kissed him deep. My arms went round his neck and i felt his hands caress my but cheeks.

I couldn't help myself, I deepened the kiss, invading my tongue into his mouth, fighting for dominance. He won.

Unfortunately we were pulled apart by nearly everyone who was at my house last night.

" get a room!" Mocked Niall, pretending to gag himself meanwhile Louis and Stacey stood together, kissing the lights out of eachother.

" gladly," I smirked amused, planting a small peck on Harry's cheek.

" day 2 of getting to know eachother and your already fucking each other!" Laughed Tom, as I felt his gaze directly at my boobs which were pressed tightly against Harry's muscles.

" at least we can find someone," snarled harry, pulling me closer if it was any possible. I was getting so horny just by how protective he was, how am I gonna last?

" what's next lesson?" Jack asked, peering around at the bell signalling for next class.

" I have p.s.h.c.e," Harry announced as I agreed and everyone else was in history. Cause we the smart bitchesss!!!!

After saying our good byes, Harry and I head towards p.s.h.c.e, Hand in hand.


" Harry? Sit next to Kelsey at the back please," instructed Mr.stutt, our teacher.

" your kidding me. " I let out a sigh of frustration because we will end up in each others throats in Five minuets.

"We are totally fucked," Harry agreed before sliding next to me, accidentally touch my shin which send a message through me wanting him to touch me again.

I inhaled deeply and felt Harry shuffle quickly next to me and I realized he was getting another boner.

" what?" I gasp quietly as I see the humiliation in his face but makes me even more hornier.

" fuck it," I squeak before placing my hand upon his crotch and run circles with my hand, slowly driving him crazy.

"W-what? Are you doing," he took a sharp intake of air before I felt a hand start to caress my womenhood again.

" uhh," I moan quietly as he starts tapping again, making me go insane.

" imagine my finger is my big juicy cock which is 11 inches long, teasing your wet cunt," his words made me long for more and I couldn't of felt more horny in my life. Again, he tapped at my clit earning a quiet but meaningful gasp.

I slid my hand inside his trousers and pants only to hold his length and then I stuck two fingers in my mouth and then rubbed them around his cöck so he knew who's in charge,

" if you like that, you should see me in bed. I can't help myself, sometimes, I loose control." I grin quickly and felt him grow harder.

" Harry? What is trafficking?" Mr.stutt declared evily. My turn now.

I started pumping delicately on his length, earning a few stutters from him,

"Umm,uh trafficking is a form of transport?" He said, before bitting his tongue, holding back gasps.

" if you don't know, hold back your tongue!" Mr.stutt argued.

" im sorry sir, sometimes I can't control my tongue and it doesn't stop moving, especially when someone is moaning for me to stop." His eyes creep back to mine and then I realize what he was trying to do.

" very well, " Mt stutt carried on teaching as I sat there, gobsmacked and physically so Horny it ached.

My hands slid down to his bare length again and I got precum on my fingers. I brought them up to my lips, Harry watching cautiously and I slowly licked around them, demonstrating what I would do to his dick. Basically, I gave my hand a blow job.

"Shit." Harry said before the bell went off.

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