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11. chpt10- school still!

" Kelsey? Baby?"

I awake, hearing my name being called by Harry who is laying directly next to me.

" what? What time is it?" I groan sitting up on my bed checking the time.


" we have school today. Remember? It's Tuesday!" Harry chuckled before climbing out of my bed.

" your kidding me!" I slowly climb out of bed and feel as if my heart stopped beating. Harry was naked apart from pants.

Rippling muscles tore through his tanned body and a huge packaging of manhood stuck out of his pants, not even fully lengthened. His bed head hair looks so freaking sexy and my breath hitched in my throat as his arms stretched, applying more muscle to the situation.

" fuck," I breathed as a sly smirk played on his lips.

" like what you see?" His eyes were now burning into mine and all I wanted is to curl up with him and never let go.

" love it." I lick my lips, half dizzily when I see how close he suddenly was to me.

I peered down at my clothes and found myself wearing the black lace bra and laced thong.

" w-what! Harry? Did we do anything last night?!" I could hear the laughter in his tone when he was inches away from my body.

" you wanted to, but I wouldn't allow myself too,"

I froze. I wanted to? Why don't I remember this?!

" did anything else happen then?" I ran my fingers through my hair and bit my lip.

" yeah," he shyly grinned, using his finger to tilt my head up towards his lips.

" Niall hooked up with that Amanda chick, Louis found a girl called Stacey and-"

" no. Between us?" I was curious but felt sick thinking we could of done anything.

" we kissed? You were doing lap dances for everyone and-"

I did WHAT!

" hmm?" I urged on, not wanting to ruin anything by swearing.

" you walked around dressed like that, until Jake tried to touch you. Then you ran upstairs and fell asleep." He explained.

Jake did what? I did what? We did what?

" w-where? What did jake do?" I growled, a lump forming in my throat.

" h-he," Harry's voice croaked as if it was painful to say.

" nevermind, I don't need to know! Baby," I re assured Harry, delicately placing kisses down his neck and back up to his lips where he immediately responded the kiss.

" I love you," Harry's voice echoed through my mind.

" I love you too! and it's only day two!" I chuckle gently and leave myself in his warm embrace before takin one last look at him then getting dressed.


Today I wore a black leather mini skirt with my ankle stud boots, a red top which had "love drunk" written on it along with my black leather jacket. Gothic and slutty!

My makeup was a light coat, mascara, bit of lipstick and some foundation but it still looked like a huge coating of makeup which it wasn't.


In the kitchen, I searched through all the cupboards looking for head ache tablets or concentration vitiams. When I finally found them, I gulped them down before someone walked through the kitchen door,

" haha, been waiting for you." Louis laughed before warily taking a look of my outfit,

" better?" I tease planting the drug bottles back in the cupboards.

" please stop using them. Please,"

I was startled to hear him begging like this and he looked as if he was going to cry.

" why? They are not all bad, it's for my hangover!" I lied. Last night we were all allowed to drink because we have Tom, he's 21 but he was held back a few years to give extra tutoring to younger people. So it was a good enough excuse.

" how's Stacey? Your new girlfriend?" I nudged him and he let out a croaky laugh,

" she's, yeah good? hmm. Everyone's in the living room, c'mon" he explained as I followed him into the living room as instructed.

Everyone was sitting on the sofa, jake, at the furthest , was easily staring at me maybe detecting if I remember what happened.

" hi," I smiled as Harry gave me a sort of look to tell me to look at my phone.

Harry: jakes staring at you btw -_- x

Me: calm down x he won't do anything more xx

Harry: hope your right x

Me: always am ;) xx

" ok so let's take two cars to school," Tom announced as we were grouped together.

In Harry's car, there was Harry, Me, Jake and Niall.

In Toms car, there was Tom, Louis and jack along with Louis' new girlfriend stacey.

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