Message from Author: "Some people now days are more pissed than Hitler stepping into the wrong shower, don't be one of them."


1. chpt1- my life


Black studded boots run up my heel reaching the tight black jeans with purpose holes stretching from the knee to the shin and a black jean jacket covers up my semi top with a silver skull stained into the fabric using chains. That's me, deal with it.

There's different names for goth people, such as 'gothic', ' suicidal', ' attention seeking' and 'mad', however, the people I know, are not stupid. They do not use those prejudice words against me, hence, they know better than to piss me off.

" I'm leaving," I yell through my silky voice, brushing through my straightened black hair which has blue strikes running through like the icy cold water which sparkles in the towns well.

I take a good look at myself in the mirror. Staring back at me is a Pale, smooth face with dark eye makeup which butterflies out into lustful patterns. dark red lipstick that identifies and enhances my high cheek bones along with a chalky, horrific look in my eye which is permeant.

" kill me now," I swing out my rooms door and patter down the stairs before grabbing my jet black handbag which engraved deep within its patterns, a little skull charm.

" have a great day," my brother yells back before carrying on his laptop, writing up an report for a highly paid job.

" doubt it,"

" school doesn't last for ever you know?" He stated the obvious as my eyes rolled sarcastically,

" but this lecture does?"

He let out a small grunt as I kissed my parents locket and placed it delicately in my bag.

I live with my brother. He's all I have left because of a terrible accident which occurred in my old house. Louis, my brother, never told me how, but all I know is they killed my mother, father, younger sister and older brother and I was badly hurt but again, he didn't tell me how.

" oi Kelsey?" He shouted after me before I popped my head round the corner if the door frame.

" social services are coming round again tonight,"

I stopped in my tracks, peering at the ground hesitantly.

"Then tell them to suck my ass,"

" very funny. Were gonna have to tell them at one point or another, they WILL find out grandma isn't living with us no more." He made is clear on the will which made me wince In fury.

" then... they can fight me."









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