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145. Children

I snuck down stairs to the children's area to see my gorgeous children, all fast asleep and tucked in their warm, cosy beds, safe from any harm. I try to imagine a time where things were only as dramatic as when the next cartoon was going to play, but everything is distant from me as I sneak into Julia's room for the last check up of all my children.

Her little snuffled face is being squashed by her arm as she sleeps peacefully, snoring a little like her father, as I chuckle slightly to myself at her father reference. Without hesitation I sneak in bed beside her, wrapping her frail body in mine as I kiss her forehead softly,

"I'm sorry Julia. I wish I could re start with you, darling"

I feel tears heat up in my eyes as I realise what a terrible mother I must of been, to my first child. I stood up for her, and fought for everything she needed but the only thing she actually wants is love and tender care which I barely ever supplied for her. My work was always put first, just like my mother was described out to be like.

"Mummy?" Julia's little voice carried past my ears as her eyes tiredly open,

"Why are you crying?"

I smile at her fathers eyes and jaw lines magically sinking into her just like a ship as I kiss her cheek even softer,

"Mummy just loves you too much. And she knows she hasn't been the best mother so far, baby-"

"No mummy, I love you. D-Daddy just says, w-work can get in the way of our bonds," Her little voice interrupts me as a tear trickles down my cheek,

"Daddy talks to you?"

Her little flushed cheeks move up and down as she nods her head with a cheesy grin,

"He always Is with us. Daddy loves us and he always talks about you, Mummy,"

I feel the anxiousness build up,

"W-what does he say?"

"This afternoon, Daddy says that you are gor.. gorgeoustg, gorgeous! And that h-he regrets not s-showing you the love you deserve,"

A huge grin flashes my lips as she stumbles upon her words,

"He also says that he loves us no matter what and he would do anything for us and you Mummy. Especially you.."

I stay quiet for a second before replying with a huge smirk,

"Darling, we both love you soo much, and your brothers and sisters. You mean the word to daddy and I...My heart couldn't beat faster when I am around him, I love him too much.,"

There Is a little pause as someone chuckles in the doorway,

"Daddy loves you too,"

Harry strides in kissing Julia upon her forehead as she giggles and then he plants a lengthy kiss to my lips, butterflies practically exploding in my stomach and it was as if it was the first kiss all over again.

"C'mon Mummy. Daddy needs you in bed with him," Harry winked at me as I looked over to Julia who was already asleep in my arms. I planted a small kiss on her forehead before taking Harry's hand and being led upstairs by him, smirking like a child.


We enter our room and immediately, the door was shut quickly as Harry had pushed me up against the wall. He wasted no time before our lips her clasped together and he was tugging at my black dress' lace strings at the back of the dress, his other hand travelling at lightening speed up my legs and to my knickers. My hands were quick to unbutton his top, with years of practise, and begin working on his jeans, hands fiddling longer than they should at the buttons.

"ugh," I moan as his hand began rubbing against my sensitive spot  in my knickers, head rolling back along with my eyes, as I stayed up against the wall. His lips suddenly sprung to my neck, sucking and biting with low growls at each of my moans and whimpers.

Before I knew it he had pulled away completely, letting my whimpers fade into gasps from the lack of touch,

"Are they mine?"

My eyes re focus upon his soft and hopeful ones as I bite my lips,


Suddenly, his hand has been pushed straight my arse, slapping it so hard I couldn't help but cry out with lust.

"The children," He growled, his lips to my ears and other hand re-joining to my soaking cunt and pressing hard, on and off making my breathing become irregular and pleasured,

"No!" I gasp, keeping to my lie as his member becomes rock hard and his eyes darken to the shade of jets,

"Don't fucking lie to me Calista-"

He presses harder and longer this time, keeping it on the spot of bliss as I close my eyes, trying to keep in control with a smug grin plastered across my face,

"Or what?"

Suddenly he has pulled away and shoved his monster cock straight into me, making me clear cry out in pleasure,


His snarl could of been heard from miles away as his hand connects with my throat, strangling me gently for starters,

"I'm not even half way in darling, you know your not able to take all of it baby, unless it's force?"

"Pl-please, just pound me like a fucking bitch!" I moan, as my body tries to move him into me further but he hold me down at the breasts, fondling them as if they are some sort of new toy but hard.


"Not until you tell me, are they mine?" His growl was even deeper than it ever has been as he threw me on the bed, removing himself from me in the process which made me gasp from the cold air, gushing straight in when it left my tight hole.

On the bed, I laid there biting my lips with a dangerous smirk,

"I love it when you play rough and hard to get baby,"

His eyes darkened, the flicker of a grin fading in his lips as he grasped my neck, strangling me a lot harder this time,

"Rough enough... baby?" He grinned his teeth, connecting to my breasts, sucking harder than ever as I cried out with pleasure,


His hand suddenly spanked me so hard I could feel a bruise forming already as his monster cock struck straight inside of me once more, not all the way but good enough which made my moans into pleasured screams,

"Are they mine??" He growled, his voice scaring me slightly as I laid there in silence grinning at him in pleasure. My weak smirk set him into frenzy mode as I planned as he shoved further inside of me, not much further but enough to be the biggest cock ever inside of me, despite the fact he had a considerably large amount left to put inside,

"YES! OH PLEASE JUST FUCK ME HARRY!! THE CHILDREN ARE YOURSS!!" He broke me as he began thrusting faster and harder into me than ever before, his grunts being barely blocked out by my pleasured screams as I floated through a land of bliss.

He smashed into my g-spot so hard I thought he would of broken it as we both exploded into each other, yelling each others names in one of the best sex we have ever had.

It went on for longer than it normally does which was even better because the pleasure was so over whelming it felt like a dream but it was soon over as Harry pulled out, his lips automatically connecting to mine with the biggest grin ever,

"I fucking love you and my children so much, don't you ever forget that!!"

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