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68. CHAPTER 70


The doctor announces if we want to know the gender of the baby and Harry and i nod quickly, speechless.

" The baby is," She begins, rubbing a black thing upon my belly as i squeeze Harry's hand nervously.

" Congratulations, you have a baby girl!"

Harry was right? Harry was right! Harry's lips slam onto mine and i feel tears burn into my eyes in happiness. My hands snake around Harry's shoulders and i feel the doctor wiping the cream off from my belly.

" I will give you two a moment whilst i go and grab the scans. I may be twenty minutes at the least." The doctor assured but i was too caught up in the moment with Harry.

Unfotunately he pulled back but i had tears streaming down my face at his next move. He got down on one knee and pulled a box from his pocket. I was shaking in happiness and crying with joy and so was he.

" Kelsey Rose May, You are the apple of my eye. Best to my friend. Love to my life and i love you and our babygirl more than words will ever describe. When i first met you, i must admit, i was terrified of falling for that gothic girl but now, i have gotten to know you and the real you has made me fallen head over heels in love with you. You never fail to amaze me and every single day for the past year of our relationship, i fall in love with you ever day all over again." He croaked, meaning every word as i slammed my hands to my face in happiness. The tears stung my cheeks but all i could focus on is his gorgeous speech.

" There's loads more i have to say but we would never get to the point and by then, the baby would of been born," He chuckles as do i and he opens the little black box revealing a gorgeous, sparling 50 carrot ring which glistened under the hospital lights,

" Will you Kelsey Rose May, do me the huge favour of becoming my gorgeous , wedded wife?"

At this point, i was probably crying like a retard but i couldn't help it. I nodded quickly and whimpered,

" Yes, Y-yes of course i w-wil!!"

Harry slides the ring onto my finger and i run my fingers over each glistening diamond before my eyes flutter back to his and we grin at each other for a moment or two.

Suddenly, He kisses me harshly and i kiss back, French kissing to the extreme. I feel his hands stumble up and down my back and my hands drift to his hair, toying on them again. Gently, i bite his bottom lip and make him moan and his hands massage my bum, making me gasp pleasured full into the kiss.

" Okay i have the results and-" Began the doctor as i pulled away with a huge smile and her eyes meet the ring on my finger but then excuses it,

" On second thought, i will fax the results and pictures to you... you can make your own way out and i will give you some privacy," She said generously and i smirk a thank you and then Harry and i hurriedly escape the hospital, him practically dragging me to the car and then pushing me up against it, snogging me again.

" I love you so much Kelsey," He whimpers against my lip.

" I love you too Baby,"

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