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181. Calming down


We went directly to our room after getting out the limo, no words needed nor said as I opened the door and Harry suddenly strikes his fist into the wall. I step around the dent as the door closes on itself and I remove all jewellery and shoes before quickly brushing my hair, leaving Harry to take out his anger,

"Darling?" I whisper as Harry is staring harshly at the wall as if it had done something sinister.

I creep up behind him as I slither my body around so the tight gap between Harry and the wall was now replaced by me and my soothing words,

"Are you okay baby?"

Harry's eyes ate up my body, examining each inch of skin with such determination until his eyes landed on my lip which felt huge and bloody,

"Your lip,"
"Your nose," I smile but he isn't kidding as his fingers tilt my head gently,

"I am really sorry, Harry,"

"What? It wasn't your fault!" He snaps back into reality as his arms snake around my body, pulling me dangerously close to him,

"Yes It was, I should of just stayed quiet,"

I felt extremely bare in front of Harry as his lips gently stroked past mine, his hands replacing the ghostly feeling of Christopher's earlier ones on my bum and his kiss diving into my soul with passion,

"I love you so much Calista, which is why we cant be together,"

I pull back suddenly, my ears betraying me and my eyes leaking slightly,


"Every time you are near me, you are hurt. I should of never brought you here, I knew I didn't deserve a second chance!"

"Harry no, please. You can't do this!" I beg but he isn't listening,

"Calista, I love you so much. You deserve someone so much better,"
"I don't want anyone better! You are the only one I want!"

The tears in my eyes are sprawling down my cheeks as my hands clutch onto his shirt with agony,

"Please please please, you cant just walk out on us like this! What about the children?"
"They are safer with you, you have to believe me,"

My heart rate increased dramatically as I shake my head in disbelief,

"What will it take for you to stay? Please Harry! I love you too much to loose you,"

"Darling, Don't make this harder please,"

My body felt ice cold as my quivering hand reaches his, pulling it up to my heart,

"This only beats for you Harry, please,"

"No, because soon it will be the thing stopping because of me. I cant loose you,"

"Then stay," I gasp as his lips press against mine, pushing against all the hatred in this room away.

My body feels like it is about to explode with fear and heart break as Harry's hands luckily keep me standing on two feet, his hands resting seductively on my hips.

Our lips stay clasped together and with no warning of letting go, my hand slowly teases down his body to his member. I un zip the trousers which earns a disapproving grunt from him but he is too involved in the kiss to say anything now.

Slowly, I push him towards the bed, laying him down and carrying on kissing him with all the passion I could muster as I step out of the dress, carful not to do anything that will trigger Harry otherwise.

"Mhhn," I moan sexily as I rub on his semi boner, a grunt from him showing anticipation,
"Calista," He gasps as I pull away from the kiss with a fluttering smile and batting eye lashes,

"We cant,"

"Why not? No one will know,"

I finger his buttons on his shirt as I flip my hair over my shoulder which struck Harry's member up higher,

"Because then I will end up-"

"With me?" I whisper, propping myself up on the bed but climbing off him.

Emotions swarm my stomach significantly as Harry watches me dangerously,

"It's me, isn't it?" I murmur, as Harry processes what I say,

"What? God no!"

"Is there someone else?"

"No!" Harry shakes his head quickly,

"Am I too fat? Ugly?"
"Calista, that's a stupid question, why on earth would I think that?"

"Well I don't know, maybe just to get in my pants? Oh God! How could of been so stupid?"

I climb off the bed but I am immediately caught In Harry's arms which whisk me to his body, eye's glaring into mine harshly,

"Stop that now," He growls,

"You are gorgeous, sexy and the best girl anyone could ever have!"

His finger trails down my jawbone as my breathing gets rigid,

"No one can resit you, not even girls! You saw Esther and Sarah today?!"

"I don't want them, only you!"

My eyes twinkle in his passionately as I fiddle with his other hand seductively,

"I want you too,"
"Then why are you pushing me away?"
"Because I love you," Harry's voice deepens with sadness,

"It doesn't make sense,"

Despite my arguments, Harry's lips crashed onto mine once more as I dodged it, heading out the door , depressed.

My life was now coming to a closed book. An end. No happily ever after. And I was going to make sure, he knew.










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