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72. cafe

After our monster, four hour shopping spree and nearly a dozen bags, we sat down at the café to grab something to eat. I ordered Coca-Cola and a chicken pasta whilst Kennedy had a salad and a lemonade.

" Oh my gosh, nine O'clock," She gawped and I frowned in anxiousness...

" What?" I whisper quietly and she rolls her eyes sarcastically,

" I'm facing you, therefore I am twelve O'clock so move your head where nine O'clock would be,"

I do as she instructs and now become staring at four fit boys, a year or two older than us. They were sexy but no where near Harry's level but Kennedy showed an interest which made me crumple my nose when I turned to face her again.

" Your kidding me, right?" I scoff and Kennedy is left with her mouth agape.

" No way! The one in the hoodie Is mine, DIPS!"

I rolled my eyes before playing along,

" Yeah and the one in the tux is mine!"

" No-ones in the tux though," She furrows her eyebrows together.

" Your right, but your brother is!"

" Ew! That's disgusting, I know you two are engaged and all but he is still my brother!" She gasps and fakes to gag I copy her actions and then there's presence behind me as she stops and so do i,

" Are you okay?" a worried voice panics behind me,

" Yeah I was just saying how I am eng-" I began to finish my sentence but Kennedy had kicked me in the shin making me double over and sending confused daggers to her.

The boy glances anxiously to me before holding out his hand,

" Zayn, Zayn Malik."

He looks into my eyes for an awkward moment before I say my name, hoping he would go away so I can shove this coke can so far down Kennedys throat that she would-

" I'm Kennedy!" Kennedy shouts, sticking her hand out.. I know she will become my sister-in-law and all but DAMN- desperate much?

" Do you want me to bin that for you?" Zayns eyes travel to the empty coke can on my table. UGH! there goes my murderous plan.

" Sure," I smile weakly before he puts it in the bin before coming back over.

" You and your friends can sit here with us if you like?" Kennedy offers and I shake my head slightly because they are strangers- and that's wrong, right?

" Yeah sure, I will be back," He winked at me and I displayed a fake smile before turning round to Kennedy,

" What the fuck!"

" Chillax, it's not like we are going to fuck them or anything.. well your not anyways," She waved me with her hand and I hissed at her,

" If Harry finds out-"

" He wont, now shh they are coming back," she hushes me and I frown slightly before all four of the boys take their seats around me. I pick up my two bags and rest them against my stomach to make way and for them to not see my pregnant bump. Normally, people see a seventeen year old girl pregnant and think she's a bad example. wait, that's exactly what I want!

" Hello sexy ladies," The one next to me says and Kennedy giggles slightly because he is the one she dips ( hoody ). I roll my eyes at the fact she has gone very nice to very slutty and cross my arms, sinking back in the chair.

" been dragged out then?" Zayn says and I nod with a huge sigh.

" Me too," He chuckles before asking me something,

" Can I have your number because the boys want me to get a sexy girls number and you are sexier beyond belief, it will make them totally jealous?"

I cautiously look over to Kennedy who is lost in conversation with the hooded boy and the other two that she doesn't see me getting flirted with, making more progress than her AND I'M PREGNANT AND ENGAGED!

" No funny business though, JUST friends?" I raise my eye brows and he holds out his hand and we shake on it. I give him my number and he smiles cheekily.

Everyone starts laughing about something and I grunt, sinking back into the chair.

" Do you wanna get out of here?" Another guy smirks at me and I tear my head in his direction,

" I have to stay with Kennedy, plus, I don't want to hurt my baby."

I try to hint I'm pregnant but he just ignores my comment and just practically eye rapes me,

" C'mon we will be back in just a second, you will love it."

He tries to grab my hand but I pull back harshly, hurting my stomach from the movement and resulting in that, grunting and wincing.

" Jacob leave her alone, I saw her first," Zayn hisses and I was so close to smacking both of them,

" We're just friends, I am eng-" I begin again before the guy who I think is Jacob spoke again,

" She's outter you league Zayn, c'mon baby." He tries to grab me again and I yelp, pulling back as fast as I could.

Kennedy's eyes fluttered carelessly over to us as some guy bit her neck lovingly and she moaned slightly.

" No! Get off of her!" Kennedy pulls back from the kiss as she slams her fist into the guys jaw. I gasp and so does he as he grabs Kennedy by the throat and I scream before jolting upwards, hurting my back a bit and hitting his back. He doesn't detect any of my punches and threatens Kennedy,

" Pretty little babe, you will be fun tonight unless you shut your bitchy fucking mouth,"

" Get off her!" Zayn attempts to pry Jacob off of Kennedy and I manage to claw Jacobs lips and they bled.

" Bastard," I spat as Jacob chuckled darkly, whizzing round and now releasing Kennedy as she collapses to the floor in despair with the hooded guy quickly rescuing to her side.

" Who can talk fat bitch?" He slurs before pushing me harshly to the wall and I yelp as the vibrations tore through me.

" Get your hands off her!" Zayn screams, swiping a punch around Jacobs face as he lets me go and I waddle over to Kennedy weakly as she wraps her arm around me and we attempt to escape the hell whole,

" Ugh!" I moan as I clutch onto the searing pain in my back,

" I cant carry you with out hurting you even more, you need to rest!" Tears now flew down her cheeks as she led me into the alley way and helped me lean up against a bin, sitting on it, whimpering.

" Did he hurt y-you?" I stutter to Kennedy as she whimpers through tears,

" I-I'm s-so sorry I w-was just having f-fun,"

" Shhh," I pull her closer until we are wrapped in a hug and I quickly pull my phone out my side bag, luckily storing Kennedy's phone, my phone and both our money.

" I N-need to call H-harry," I gasp, dialling Harry with painful tears burning into my cheeks.

" H-Hello?" I say into the receptor as a lady answers,

" Good morning parlia- she begins and I cut her off,

" I n-need to t-talk to Mr.Styles I-It's his wife! I-Important!"

" Madam?" She answers confused before forwarding me to Harry.

I tilt my head back against the wall, whimpering as four figures walk into the alley way and Kennedy helps me hide in the corner.



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