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19. breakoutWar

" Very naughty." I teased him gently, staring at my wrists which were seized by Harry's large hands.

he looked at me through thick dark lashes and hooded eyes which turned me on significantly. Very gently and now holding me by the jaw, He slowly eases his lips onto mine passionately. From behind, we earned a snort from Jake who walks out the gym with Niall and Jack close behind and I giggle against Harry's lips.

Slowly, he places his hands onto mine and levers himself up to a stronger standing position. I am suddenly hit with a wave of sheer gratitude towards this amazing man, but still being unable to put into words how I feel about any other person in this world, I instead plunge my mouth onto his and kiss him with all that I have.

he responds immediately, his hands fisting in my hair, holding me to his body as our tongues dance together swiftly.

Our heart beat synced together and we were quick to start grinding against each other hurriedly. My heart was fully involved but my brain was stating otherwise.

The door opens.

" Jake, Niall and Jack just told me something," Louis storms into the room, catching us by surprise.

"Harry you better not being fucking my sister-" I quickly pull away from Harry slightly embarrassed and slightly wanting to carry on devouring him.

" not any more at least," he smugly responded, receiving a dirty look from Louis making me grunt.

" leave him alone, I was the one who started kissing him." I rolled my eyes aloud and I felt Louis stiffen at my outfit,

" what the fuck are you wearing?"

I peered down again.

" I have always had this," I smiled innocently towards Louis who is In disbelief at my style of clothing.

" it's horrible-"

Fuck him.

" well I think it looks sexy," Harry stood up for me, smirking at me helplessly.

" thank you baby," I looked up at him, gently pecking his lips lightly.

" that's only cause you wanna get inside her pants" Louis sniggers as I feel Harry tense up behind me,


" we haven't had sex!"

Harry's eyes were locked on Louis' and the tension was rising. Harry could easily kill Louis with punch which was not good therefore I would have to do something quick.

" what's the matter with you two?" I blurted out as they both spun around to look at me in shock.

" two most important people of my life are arguing over nothing!"

They both bowed their heads in shame as I decided to carry on my lecture,

" if you guys cant work it out together, for me. I don't want to be near either of you and I will live with One of the boys."

My threat made both of them wince and sigh huskily. Before they had time to interupt, I head towards the door, exiting the nasty tension between everyone after adding,

" text me when sorted out"


For the rest of the day, Harry wasn't in any if his classes and apparently, neither was Louis which got me worried. Throughout each class, I grew more suspicious until it was the end of the day and I checked my phone for any texts.

3 new text messages:

O2: your balance is running low, to top-

Nah, not that one.

Harry: come str8 home <3 your bro will explain xx love you loads xxxxx

What could this mean? Ughh, have I done something? Did they makeup?

Louis: Heyy Kelsey. Sorry for over reacting and shit, but I just wanna let you know that Harry and I are going to a bar tonight so we can get together and bond easier. Dinners in the fridge and jake will stay with you tonight... Btw; if Jake gets outta hand, text me! Xx

" Awwh, that so sweet," I muttered allowed before reality hit me, he stole my boyfriend for the night. And I am really horny but my boyfriend is out clubbing with my brother.... Awkward.

" what's sweet?" A familiar voice sent ripples through my veins as I turned around to jake.

" that your stuck baby sitting me tonight," I pouted sarcastically before me grinned from ear to ear,

" It could be worse?"

I chuckled at his comment before adding,

" walk me home?"

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