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24. bedRidden

I opened my eyes confused as hell, in my room, tucked into my bed. In the room, Harry's eyes were blood shot and looks as if hadn't stopped crying. He was siting on the floor, propped up against the wall with four cans of Stella lining up beside him.

" Harry?" My voice was croaky and I am sure as hell I looked like shit. His eyes darted towards me and he gasped, chucking his head back and thanking someone who was not visible.

" y-your awake?" He stumbled towards me, crouching next to my bed.

"what day is it?" I gulped afraid of the anwser.

"...3rd of june."

Fuck! Social services came round when I'm passed out on my bed from overdosing in order for suicide.

" social services?" I squeaked and a midst fog swept over his blue orbs, him tilting his head back slightly.

" Louis will tell you about that." He chuckled a bit and I was completely lost at why that was funny.

" where is Louis?" I nervously ask, petrified that I'm gonna have to face him after he told me to stop the drugs.

" he's asleep."

Why is he asleep isn't it morning?

" what's the time? And how long have I been out for?" I was now beginning to worry. Why was Harry still with me? He should be worried about himself.

He gulped and whimpered,

"3:45am... Around one month."

ONE MONTH! It only felt like an hour.

" harry?" My voice croaked,

" sleep with me?"

He looked incredibly tired and ill although, it was exceedingly obvious he had been working out.

" Kay." His eyes looked down as he slid under my covers and pulled me close to him.

" I though you were dead," he whimpered, sucking me into a gentle, lustful kiss.

" you ain't getting rid of me that easy," I felt him smirk against my lips and I was need happier to feel him with me.

I was snuggled into his chest and we just laid in silence, enjoying each others company until I heard light snoring and soon after, I was asleep too.

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