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165. Beach Babes


^^ Bikini I was wearing but my tits and arse were practically bursting out :)

It has been almost three weeks since we had been kidnapped and put here and I must say, i am pretty proud i haven't murdered anyone yet!   

"Shit!" Louis spat out his water as I walked into the kitchen in my bikini along with the other girls. Were all really good friends by now and we were all dressed in our sexy bikinis as we walked into the kitchen. I left my blonde hair curl up and applied gorgeous makeup which was waterproof.

All attention was on us and I am not trying to be modest or shit, but I did look the sexiest but we were all looking quite attractive and seductive at this point in time.

"Oh my fucking god!" Niall gasped, and it caused Harry to turn around as all tents rose in the boy's pants at the sight of us in our bikinis.

"Were going swimming, want to come?" I grin at there worthy smirks,

"Cum? Yes!" Liam joked as we all giggled a little as I lifted my finger up, moving it to signal for everyone to follow us, which they did.

We Walked to the elevator as we were all pressed against each other, from the tight space. My arse was sticking into Niall's huge member and my breasts were on Harry's chest with Jenna's hands on my waist, supporting herself up because Louis' body was pressed tightly up against hers.

I winked at Jenna, motioning an applause of her position as well as a sneaky little lesbian joke there in the meanwhile,

"God, it's hot in here!" I flicked my hair over my shoulder, showing more of my breasts to also signal the girls to do the same.

The thing is, us girls are like a pack and I am their leader.. If there's things a girl wants, all she needs is her body and she has that certain thing like a charm..

"Like the view?" I tease Harry as everyone breaks into small talk amongst themselves,

"What are you doing to us Calista?"

I bring my hands up to his bare, ripped chest which makes my breathing become heavy with lust,

"We are just getting started, darling"

"Well played sweet heart! Well played"

Suddenly, the elevator dinged as we al filed out and into the swimming pool, leaving Niall's crotch digging into my back side as I turn around with a dirty, seductive wink,

"You know where to find me,"

The minute Niall has left with a dark chuckle and we have left the elevator, Harry has chucked himself at me, practically throwing me against the pools wall and snogging the living daylights out of me. I quickly catch up to his speed as I wraps my legs around him and he holds me, pressed up against the wall panting like an animal.

"You never fail to surprise me, do you?"

"Nope. Now less talky and more action!"

Before he could process what I was saying, I slammed my lips against his, rubbing my breasts on him and going all French kissing on each other. I couldn't help myself but just wanted him with me, better yet, in me!

"Get a room!" Niall frowned sarcastically as I pulled away, rolling my eyes seductively,

"It would be different if it was you darling!"

I climbed down from harry, leaving a long yet passionate kiss but with no action twist to it, unfortunately as I turned back into the pool,

"Shit it's col-" I began before large arms wrapped around me and their lips were brought to my ear quickly,

"Nah- it's because other's are watching -like youngers- and also you need to flirt with others, not just Harry if you are to make this work sweet heart!"

I knew it was Niall from the way he spoke as he swayed as both side to side and tightened the hug around my stomach and bottom of my breasts. He then he pecked softly at my cheeks before pulling away, leaving me with a huge grin across my face with desire of his words,

"What was that mate?" Harry stepped forward, threatening as I slid between the two boys, bringing my lips up to Harry's ear and whispering softly,

"What did I say this morning? Also, keep up this grumpy act and guess who's not sleeping with me tonight? I will sleep with someone else!"

That put him in the ground as his eyes twitched hastily at Niall as they began a death stare. It was like this tension for a good half a minute before Harry began stepping backwards with his hands up in defence, before pulling me with one arm into a hug and kissing me protectively on the forehead.

Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief before going back to the pool.

There was laughing and real joy for the first time in weeks of this kidnapping process and it was like we were all just friends and no longer under the threat of rape. My eyes peered around the room and I caught Zayn and Sky laying on the sun bed, making out and just enjoying each others company; Jayne was with Louis; Victoria was asleep on the sofa in the corner; Jenna, Niall, Liam, and Cecelia were all having a game with a beach ball.

"Harry?" I peered up at him for the first time in ages as he looks down with a grin,

"Yes darling?"

"Is the pool open at any time?"

He thought for a moment before grinning wider,

"Yes why? Got a plan?"

I shook my head, placing a lengthy kiss to his lips as I lead him into the pool.

We hovered in the pool, laughing together at everyone as Cecelia caught out my eye. Liam was dangerously close to her, touching her too far in on her arm and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable from the way she jumped back behind Jenna and Niall would step in front of them both pretending it was all a joke but nearly everyone knew the pervert he was.

"Calista? You zoned out?"

His eyes followed mine and his mouth shaped into an 'o',

"If he fucking dares lay another finger on that little girl, I am going over there an-"

"Whooh there, He isn't harming her in any way, she's fine!" Harry but in as I send him the dirtiest look ever,

"Are you mad? Look, can you not see how she's jumping behind Jenna when he goes near her with the ball?"

"Yeah but-"

I send him another stink glare, "Yes or no?"

"Yeah, fine! Okay, he Is being a little bit of a pervert, I guess"

I had made up my mind to go over and quickly get a word with Niall before anything could happen.

I knew there was a connection between Jenna and Niall the minute I saw them giggling together in the Library and now I thought it was adorable how they are sticking up for someone the same age as a child they could of had is.

I swam over, quick for Niall's whispered command to reach my ear,

"Get him away from her and make him your first target!"

As I was told, I flipped my hair over my shoulder as I bit my lip seductively,

"Hey Liam," I chuckled sexily as I leant against the wall, making sure my breasts are what he is looking at; which he was.

"Your really fit!"

He was confused for a minute before I batted my eye lashes and played with my hair, pretending to be a dumb, slutty blonde,

"And I really want to know how you please a woman!"

Yet again, I bit my lip gently, slowly turning him on and as planned before I took both of his hands in mine and gazed into his eyes seductively,

"W-wwell, I j-just do a-a. I go wWith the flo'" He stuttered, his words failing by the charm of feminism,

"Would you ever show me?"

"Yes!" He was instantly responding now and I could feel his full attention on me instead of Cecelia which I was happy about,

"What about now? Could you show me how to please a woman?"

"Why did you want me?" He licked his lips, changing the subject, as I stepped closer a bit, bringing my lips close to his ears and telling the boy exactly what he wants to hear,

"I've heard the rumours of how good it is and wanted to test it for myself!"

I could feel Harry's eyes burning onto me and I could practically feel the force of jealousy like a fog from 25 meters away as I brushed my fingers gently down Liam's bare chest.

"Hmmm. Well I might have to re schedule that little desire baby because Cecelia wants a bit first,"

I began making up the words as I went along,

"Well, I can give you so much more than she can! Sky told me how hard she screamed when you were with her! Will you give me the honour of testing it out before Cecelia?"

I pouted as I pushed my breasts up in my bikini, feeling his dirty, perverse eyes eating every inch of me as I began to feel like a dirty skank.

"Of course! Any time. Now still a good time?"

"Well, I don't want a quick fuck babe. We need to go full out on this when everybody is gone so we can be as loud as we like!"

I could feel Harry approaching us fast so with that I sent him a dirty wink and swam away, leaving him with a sinister grin plastered across his face.

Harry began walking towards Louis until I called out his name from the steps. Seductively biting my lip innocently, Harry started making his way towards me as If he was under some sort of spell without stopping once. The look on his face was hard and terrifying but the tent in his pants suggested otherwise.

"What the fuck are you doing!" He growled once he got close to me as I pulled him to lay next to me on the step with a giggly chuckle,

"I am so horny right now, please just satisfy me!"

"What so you can have it off with Niall and Liam?"

I pout softly, wriggling so I lay completely on top of him but floating because of the water as I peck his nose,

"Don't get jealous, your my only darling!"

I feel his eyes burn mine with such spiteful force, I'm surprised they didn't role back,

"You think I am a slag?" I gasped using the whole woman hormone route as begging and flirting has proved me wrong,

"No, I am just saying-"
"Aren't I good enough for you? Am I fat? Shit! I am fat aren't I?"

I put a display of fake tears on as Harry struggles to win the battle and in the end, he ends up apologising because I was flirting with two men and he made me cry.

Sounds bitchy I know, but It was worth it.. and I won.

"I'm sorry darling. Please stop crying, I really am sorry!" He begs as I wipe the tears under my eyes pathetically before giving my best weak, innocent, smile,

"....I-it's okay, I just wanted -you!!"

I bring my lips up to his and I feel his arms pulls me from floating downwards and gently moves me across his erection which makes me gasp out in pleasure. Luckily, no one heard or saw us!

"Ugh," I moan into his ear quietly as he pulls me down a bit more onto his member which makes my mouth open for a stifled moan as Harry begins teasing me on my pleasured spot, making my breathing become animalistic.

"Harry!" I half moan, half squeal into his ear as he thrusts his hips forwards a bit, digging his member further into me which knocks  my head forward onto his shoulder as I grab his dick to tease him. I thrust my hand around it as he allows low grunts to escape him as I quickly stand up, Harry behind me as we make our way into the lift.

The second the door closed, Harry has thrown me to the elevator wall and is dramatically kissing me whilst his hand rubs through the material of my bikini which makes me cry out in pleasure. I feel his hand press harder into the fabric again the minute the doors open.

He lifts me onto him so his erection is pressing directly into my sweet spot which also makes the pleasure build higher and higher and making my moans squeeze out of me. One hand fumbles around with the key to get into my room as he finally unlocks it but chooses to press me up against the door instead of opening it and begins heavily snogging me in which we are both moaning and grunting.

Bad mistake.

Suddenly there is an awkward cough beside us as Harry pulls back quickly and as do I. The voice in my throat becomes hitched a we see Dominus staring at us with a wide grin,

"Lovely to see you to getting along finally then!"

"U-ur,.." Harry goes to say something as he puts me down quickly, flicking my pleasure spot in the process, making me gasp out loud,

"I love your bikini sugar," Dominus flatters me as I peer down at the most revealing outfit I could be wearing in front of him, and I blush dramatically,

"Anyways, you should get back to business, I can tell your not good at waiting!" Dominus flashes us a toothy grin as Harry and I both make our way into my room, blushing and sniggering,

"You have to make up extra for that darling!" I pout as we immediately get on with it.



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