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182. Bathroom


I head down the corridor, in nothing but my matching push up bra and panties as I took a right turn into the toilet with my head held high and arms by my side.

I shut the door behind me, making sure to lock it as I opened the bathroom cupboards doors, an evil smirk or a terrified and depressed gurgle forms on my lips at the things I have missed.



I watched her walk out and stayed significantly quiet to see where she was heading and it was then I heard the bathroom door lock.

I followed her out, making sure she didn't spot me as I heard the bathroom cupboards open with a rusty 'pop' and her scoff at something she had found. But what?

I was about to knock when I heard the familiar sound of something falling out the cupboard and landing noisily on the floor, rolling around and the contents spilling out,

"Shit," She gasps, her no longer graceful exit fulfilling which brings a devilish smirk to my face,

"Need some help in there?"

There is a pause as I hold my breath, waiting for a response,

"Why are you there? I though it was over?"

"I never said we couldn't be friends,"

Suddenly, the door opens and Calista looks up at me with a emotionless expression but a ghostly colour draining in her face,

"It's too late now, anyways,"

She walks away, swaying her hips as she disappears into our bedroom. Cautiously, I peer around the bathroom, eyes burning up at the cupboard which is barely shut.

I make my way towards the cupboard as I open the door until I can see a clear view of what it was beholding. With no sight of anything out of place, I step back and examine the room.

However, a little white and red pill on the floor catches my glance as I pick it up to inspect further.

I roll it around between my index finger and thumb as I raise it to all the pill bottles in the cupboard. I move my hand to the back as I shuffle around, soon spotting the matching pot as I read the label out loud,

"Benzodiazepines. Reduce anxiety and depression, warning: may immediately cause memory loss and paleness,"

I frown as I read further into it,

"Can be used as sleeping pills, but also they relax muscles and give many people a "buzz." It can be abused - not only causing sedation, disinhibition and confusion, but in high dose results in death. Keep away from children under the age of 16. Only use if recommended by local GP."

I put it away on the shelf as I shake off a thought and enter our room,

"You okay?" I mutter as I see her packing up her things with a now extremely and mentally wiped out expression,

"Excuse me?"

She rubs her eyes as she gives me a wired look as if I am a stranger before cautiously passing me with a small, leant over expression as I watch her yet again, walk out the room.

"Calista?" I call out after her but she doesn't spare me a second wink as I collapse on my bed in tears. What have I done?



I carry my heavy bones to the bed, immediately regretting my decision of making a stand as I barely hold myself before throwing up over the floor. My gasps and painful sobs are no way to be described as flattering nor minuet as my fingers curl around my bed sheets as if I had vicious claws of a tiger.

"Sh-shiittt!" I moan through tender sounds through my raw and inflamed throat. My sobs were pathetically weak as I struggled to get a grip on my body as I stood up shakily and climbed into bed.

The worst possible scenario has happened; Harry has left me and now the only light I could see, is the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this light is incredibly strong and has the power to suck me in like an aflame moth, but this light is the light we see in movies.

The light which means, a blaze of sun is the last thing we are going to see. In other words, my life was coming to an end and there's nothing left to do apart from enjoy it with my head held high and a fake smile.

Just at that moment, Harry entered the room with a sad expression,

"Calista I am so sorry-"
Suddenly he stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell upon my body harshly and then to the sick next to me. A ringing started exploding in my ears as he carried on talking to me but my vision was blurring up,


I was suddenly in his arms as his tears came smashing onto my face as I lay limp in his arms. My eyes were attached to his worrying ones as it felt as if I had leapt out my body.

My eye view sight was now looking in at Harry carrying an unconscious girl in his arms. He was screaming and crying demands which were foreign paste to my ears as I vicariously took small steps towards him and the girl. Niall and Dominus rushed in one after another as they saw the girl, who's face was hidden by Harry's back and was already panicking and calling out for more people I assume by there actions and facial expressions.

Suddenly Jenna has arrived at the door and her tears came quickly as her rippled scream echoed through my ears. She began pushing past Liam and Niall who was in front of her but they had grasped at her hips and body as she clawed and fought to get to the girl.

My heart pounded dramatically as my blood pumped through my veins twice the speed as I unwillingly got closer to this girl, screeches and tears all around me as she was being laid on the bed and given CPR by Harry and Dominus was hooking her up to a monitor which was silent for the first few seconds.

Another step forward, my eyes were watering at what I might see. I could no longer wait as I took a massive jump forward as my heart wrenched out my chest and my stomach dropped like a heavy weight.

She was me. I was dead.

Just at that moment, a loud 'beeping' noise rippled through the atmosphere over and over again as my body began pounding significantly hard. It felt as If the walls in my body was collapsing as in a instant second.....

*Read on next chapter to find out*


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