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152. Bad memory!


I left Calista in bed that morning as I snuck downstairs after visiting the children and was about to start ringing up a good, old mate. Steven.

Steven was one of my best mates and the only one that I hadn't recently had a punch fight over and he runs a business which I think that adds up neatly to my bothering in Latin last night to Calista. Sex tape. I began dialling his number in when another flashback hit me of the last time my ex- girlfriend and I tried doing sex tapes from the argument we had when I got her pregnant..


ASHLEYPOV: (Harry's ex girlfriends point of view)
"YOU CHEATED ON ME!" I scream, chucking a vase over the broken rubble beneath my bear feet as the glass vase soars across the air, immediately dodging Harry Styles- my cheating boyfriend- and smashing into the wall which breaks the wall slightly; I only groan louder,

"Oh c'mon babe, we can get through this. I told you, I am sorry, how was I suppose to know that sex tapes are so good at getting you pregnant?-"

I roll my eyes so hard I though they may forever shrink into the darkness behind the socket and the sarcastic scoff indicates my fury,

"I was pregnant with YOUR child whilst you were smashing the cash with some other bitch! YOU FORCED ME TO DO SEX TAPES HARRY! "

"DON'T CALL KELSEY A BITCH! And I'm sorry! I thought you wouldn't want me once we had the child!" Harry darted back as I picked up the glass next to me, sending that one soaring just like the vase, barely hitting him.


I threw something else as he held his hands up to his head and his anger suddenly rose louder,

"BITCH! SHE DIDN'T KNOW I WAS CHEATING ON HER! Ashley c'mon please, give me another chance- Pl-please."

He was stepping forward to me, the tears streaming down my face as he placed a hand to my bare stomach and I knew I was testing and pushing his limits,

"Give us another chance, please?"

There's a sinister silence as my whisper became hoarse at the truth and the fact that I knew he didn't want me, just wanted sex and for me not to tell anyone about the 'accident'. The tears flew faster at the fact he didn't want me to say a word about what happened just so his record wouldn't be damaged for rape, but I was allowed to suffer, keeping a forced child.

"it's dead,"


His voice rose as he took a step back, his fist colliding with the wall as I bit my lip, terrified and whimpering. I hated it when he was in a bad mood, I get scared and he does things he doesn't mean.

"Harry-" My squeak didn't carry pass his ears as I forced my eyes shut, the tears chucking faster and faster to the sound of my racing heart beat,


Everything went black as he raised his fists at my body over and over again.



I shiver, the tears trickling down my cheeks at my haunting past which was full of rape, murder and pain towards others. If Calista knew I did all that whilst with her, I wouldn't be able to handle it without hurting her; and the thought of hurting her brings me to wobbly knees and tears every time,

"Harry!" She gasps as she runs through the door, practically throwing herself in my arms. I nuzzle my head between her shoulder trying to calm down my tears as she hit me with hundreds of questions and trying to be bigger than she  really is.

I love it how I could easily just beat her in any comp but she acts tough and it makes my smile at her enthusiasm and brilliant seductive skills which always have me tumbling to her every need.

"Just that I love you so so so much, don't ever leave me baby-" I whisper into her shoulder as she pulls back, staring into my eyes and scanning for the truth, not satisfied, she cocks her head to the side and I try my best lying face,

"ookayyy?" She says, creeped out a little and knowing my little fib, which makes me laugh.

"And now your laughinggg.. Are you going through some hormone thingy ma jiggy?" She scoffs swaying away before suddenly clutching her back with a gasp. I am quick to her side, holding her frail body up as her head shoots back, eyes burning into mine in searing pain,

"CRAP!" She gasps, tears buzzing slightly as I scoop her up in my arms, "Fuck! SHit-" She curses again,
"Fuck, you okay?" I join in the swearing spree as her smaller hands grasp the hem of my shirt pulling me close, her pale and petrified face close to mine,

"I-I-im scared!"

I panic grabbing her face between my hands and pulling her eye lids down to see if she is still staying conscious. suddenly a wash of relief strikes past her face as she hops out my arms and walks away with no other word, leaving me to my panicked questions which trail after her.

I get no reply which makes me give up, she probably wants to be alone. that was freaky as fuck....




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