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190. Back to earth -_-



It was April 26th and lately, my stomach had been churning and practically falling out of my body each time I moved. A dwelling sickness rippled through me constantly as my bones were achy and stiff.

"Calista?" Harry's frantic voice searched for me as I clutched onto the toilet seat with painful groans, sick splattered in the bowl of the toilet.

"Calista! You alright?"

"Not rea-" I was stopped suddenly as my mind whirled and I threw up once more into the toilet, with another round of spluttering moans. Harry was quick to hold back my hair thankfully as my whimpers were held over the toilet,

"I will call the doctor, don't move okay darling?" He announced before pacing out quickly. For what felt like half a minute, I was left alone, sick pouring out of me as if I was a leaky tap.
A Man and woman ran in behind Harry frantically as they were quick to remove me from my position. They were quickly and nervously shouting at one another, things that my mind was spinning to fast to understand.

Things stuck into me, fingers prodded me and frantic curses were ripped loose around the room as the next thing I knew, I was laying onto the bed, hands clutching onto the mattress in agony.



Struggling and squirming around, my gorgeous wife suffered mysteriously as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

"I'm afraid you need to get out, both of you" The female doctor intrusted on the male doctor and me as I hesitated,
"The longer you wait, the more pain she'll suffer"
I was quick to escape the room, panicking about her as the soothing of the female doctor cooed her.

It was a few minutes before the whimpering stopped and we were allowed back in to a grinning nurse.

"Mr Styles we have some news for you," She grinned at me as my heart fell out my chest literally,

" Your wife is pregnant"



"Your wife is pregnant,"
Despite my paleness from pain, I observed Harry's expression thoughtfully,

"How many months?" His whisper was obvious,


"There's no bump?"

The lady sighed with a widening grin,
"It should just plump in a few days. She will go from extremely thin to a balloon with in the week sir,"

My eyes widened as Harry's gaze searched me emotionlessly,

"D-don't yyou want it?" I squeak, tears on the verge as my throat became clogged with dread

"No no, it's not that it's just-"

His eyes quickly examined the ghastly doctors which all looked gob smacked and disapproving before speaking again,

"Can we have some privacy please?"
"Yes Sir, right away!" one of them announced as they scurried away like fleeing rats. My eyes pounced onto Harry who was now by my side, holding my hand lovingly,

"It could be a new start after what happened to the last one, right?"

There was a silence as my eyes watered in fear,

"Harry, I'm scared. This is practically my eighth and I don't think we-"

Before I could finish, Harry has pressed his lips firmly against mine which sent powerful fireworks to blow up inside of me, other than the sickness. His arms gently placed onto my stomach, a soothing reassurance resting on me as his eyes confidently and passionately gazed into mine,

"You are going to be fine darling and so will the child. This time, I promise with all my heart that nothing will hurt you or the child or any of our children for that matter. We are one huge family and it's going to stay like that, no matter what,"

I weakly smile through the tears of fear as he scooped me into his arms, pressing me close to him as he carried us into our room with a warm, protective bubble glistening around us.

He pressed me gently onto my feet which were connected to extremely weak knees as I struggled to gain strength. His arms immediately swooped by my side, keeping me steady as I fumbled with my shirt buttons.

"Calista?" Harry's soft voice whispered into my ear as I put all thought into such a basic task of removing my top. Drearily, a tear trickled down my cheek as I peered into the mirror as my swollen stomach, a small enough bump to be only two months pregnant when I'm actually four months, stuck out depressingly.

All sounds around me drained as if it was a dull wet colour, drizzling away like the sins of a naughty child, caught stealing someone else's food as I stared at the reflection in the mirror as if it was a ghost. She was not me.

She was ill, shy and extremely weak compared to her usual confident and slutty style. It broke her. It broke me.

"Love?" Harry's voice brought me back to the presence as the mirror represented one of Harry's arms supporting me effortlessly and the other soothingly stroking my bulging stomach. His concerned expression was wholly focused upon me as the tensed and curious emotions clearly shone through him,

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing," I half whimpered half sighed,

"Just it's been a while an-"

I suddenly stopped, fear striking me everywhere as if it was a hundred stabbing knives as i felt the colour drain from my face and the horrendous sickness built back up,

"Shit Calista!" Harry panicked as he whisked me to the bed as my eyes stared into his in fear,

"D-D-Dom-" I stuttered,

Harry's eyes suddenly searched the room as I shook my head as vigorous as I could,

"No! I have to work with him next week!"
"Fuck! You're not going,"

The anger in his voice was certain as his hands rested gently on my stomach, the shooting pain stopped as did all the weakness as confidence built up in me slowly,
"What about the children? And the promises, he will surely be mad,"

"Well, I guess we will just have to face him, okay?"


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