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117. Baby's born ;) 3 months after


3 Months ago, I gave birth to a handsome young boy called Alex who now has his own baby sitter too, who is a man. I have lost all the baby fat which is good but I am struggling to find a will to eat when Mr Cowell is in the room, silently judging me.

He was still here. Even after I told Harry he must go before the baby was born.

"So, Lady K." Mr Cowell began with a grin splattered across his face as Harry and I sat opposite him in Harry's office.

"When will we be seeing another child then?"

Harry almost choked when those words came out his mouth and I tried to detect if he was calling me fat or just curious but I had to act like the perfect wife to earn his respect to tell him to fuck off.

"Oh, well." I smile innocently, running my fingers over Harry's hand lovingly,

"We are trying for another,"

I lied. I am not giving birth to another child as long as Mr Cowell is here and I think Harry knows that to.

Harry looked shocked and grinned at Mr Cowell who looked very impressed with him, Harry's dimples easily showing.

"Well I must say- That was not the answer I expected." Mr Cowell says and I had to hold back from bashing his head against the table millions of times.

"Thank you," Harry smirked even more, his eyes burning onto my face lovingly.

"So will it be coming soon then?" Mr Cowell asked and I flicked my hair over my shoulder at a secret only I knew,

"Very soon."

My revenge is plotting



"She can't always be pregnant though! It killed her when she had the twins!" I yell at Mr Cowell, slamming my fist onto the table,

"Then make her do right! PUT HER STRAIGHT!"

I go all silent for a moment, thinking of what's right and wrong.

"When will you go?" I mutter just loud enough for him to hear which he does,

"When you make another lady pregnant."

"NEVER!" I yell, throwing myself up, the chair flying back, "I would never cheat. I am not some sick, twisted bastard like you are!"

"You mean your mother" He laughs as my eyes tear anywhere apart from his, tears fogging in my eyes,

"BE A MAN HARRY. Master that and I will leave you alone!"

"I will do anything.. j-just I will not c-cheat!" I gasp, clenching my jaws together at the disgusted look on his face,

"Anything?" He repeats and I nod through anger, "Anything"

"Done. So here's what you will do...."



I paced around in the day care unit, waiting for my results to whether I am carrying a girl or boy but I am stopped when Harry has confronted me with sad eyes,

"Come with me."

I do as he says, following him up the stairs to his office and taking a seat quickly,

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

"You really want Mr Cowell to go?" He asks and I nod quickly,

"Yes! Of course!"

"And your prepared to do anything to get rid of him?" he says again,


He fiddles with the paper on his desk, shuffling them together and then reading it whilst talking to me at the same time,

" In order to get rid of him, we have five options to choose from, that he has giving me,"

I hum in agreement as he begins reading them out,

"One. If we have a child which is a girl- we have to give her to him once she hits twelve."

I shake my head with fury, "God No!"

"Two. We have to swap three maids for younger maids but that cost twenty pounds more for each but the old maids do not ever get another job again,"

I shake my head at that one, judging it slowly,

"Three. I will be staying with the children.,"

He clears his throat,

"And finally number four. The next child will be called Victoria if she is a girl, and she will be forced into marriage when she is older."

He puts down the piece of paper and grinds his teeth together in anger,

"you said there was five?" I raise my eyebrow as I take the sheet from his hands and he looks down in embarrassment and anxiousness.

"Five- The master will have sexual intercourse with the woman against her will or I will." I read out and my jaw drops,

"That is the most vilest thing I have ever heard! HE IS A FUCKING CREEP!" I scream scurrying away into the chair,

" You people are sick!"

I burrow my head down in my knees,

"We have to choose one Kelsey." Harry says loudly and forcefully as if it doesn't affect him at all.

"I don't want to! They are all horrible!"

"We have to!"
Harry's loud voice honestly scares me which makes me yell, "I c-cant! I wwill not hurt a-anyone!"

"I thought you said you were never scared when we first met!" Harry growls,


Suddenly, Harry has grasped each of my hands and held them above my head.

"You said you would do anything- to get rid of him. THIS IS ANYTHING KESLEY! THIS IS ANYTHING!"

He pushes back from me and I sit there crying,

"We can fake," I whimper climbing out my chair,

"He isn't stupid Kelsey,"

Slowly and with shaky hands, I walk up to him and place each hand on his shoulders with a fragile look,

"We can try, please."

He looks away as I rest my head on his shoulder, repeating 'we can' over and over again in cries which Harry responds to by kissing and stroking my hair.

"How good are you at being raped?" His eyes send waves of anger through as I look up at him with puppy dog eyes, silently begging 'no'. His voice is harsh as he growls his next sentence,

"Buckle up for number five."

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