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91. approaching ( journey )

After we said good bye to Julia and Tommy, which was incredibly hard because all i wanted to do is smuggle their tiny bodies in with us but i couldn't , we drove to the ferry in a campervan which was Tom's. In all fairness, we could walk around in it and it was basically a mini home or a tour bus. It was really spacious and had everything, INCLUDING A KITCHEN and everyone was all buzzed up about all the activities we would be doing. 

I was having a great time but i missed Tommy and Julia but they were staying with Louis who i felt bad for because he couldn't go because he had four exams he had to sit in the next two weeks. Unlucky!

" Want one, love?" Harry offered me a slice of cake,

" Nah, on a diet."

His mouth dropped as did nearly everyone else's, eyebrows furrowed tightly,

" W-wait, Wait, wait, On a diet? Are you kidding me! You are the fittest girl I have ever seen!" I blushed majorly as everybody else commented to, all gobsmacked but when I said diet but I didn't want people saying I wasn't fat, I just wanted to loose a couple of pounds, to feel fit and plus, that dream that I was pregnant could mean people think I am fat. damn.   

" Thank you, but I want to loose weight," I smile innocently before Harry threw himself on me and attempted to shove cake down my throat,


" Oh, C'mon, it's cake! EAATT ITT!" He teased as the icing went all round my face and everybody was laughing at me being straddled by my husband and force fed,

" Get off me!!" I screamed as he sighed and climbed off, walking away as I smoothened out my clothes. Suddenly he leapt on me again and got the slightest bit of cake in my mouth before I forced it shut.

" Ohhh C'mon!" Harry pouted as I shook my head violently and attempted to push him off, failing dramatically,

" At least kiss me then, I will put the cake down."

I thought a second, removing the cake from his hands and placing it on the side before pulling him close to me, kissing him gently. However, was he going to get away with this so easily? Fuck no!

Suddenly, whilst he was in the tension of the kiss, I rolled him over and straddled him, wiping the icing from my mouth onto his face and then burst out laughing with everyone else.

" Haha! THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE MOTHERFUCKAHHSS!" I yell, chucking my arms In the air and then looking over to Rose who got the whole thing on record,

" Yeah! Beaten by a girl!" Michael joined in with a cheesy grin towards me. I smirked back before looking at Harry who laid there in defeat, grinning mischievously at me,

" I won," i chuckled before he frowned,

" But it's hard to think you won when-" He quickly spun us around so he was on the top, " I'm on top,"

I gasped, feeling his rising erection through his pants against my lady area.

" I got it!" Rose shouted, thankfully pausing the film,

" Awh, you're soo cute!"

I blushed whereas Harry smirked seductively at me, pecking my cheek lightly and then rolling off me,

" How long until we are there?" I call out to Tom, who is driving.

" Three hours until the ferry and in total we will be in Florida PGL, yeah I know it's the longer way but I wanna take the campervan!"

Michael laughed heading to the kitchen and grabbing a can of coke, " Sorry 'ard,"

" Okay, let's play a game!" Kennedy said as she returned into the main section from wherever she was.

We all agreed and before we knew it, all of us apart from Tom sat around the round table in the dinning area section bit, playing snap.

" SNAP!" Rose and Michael yelled at the same time as there hands slapped the table before any of us could,

" That was Rose who won," Kennedy smirked and Michael threw his hands in the air, " SEXISM!"

It went like this for what felt hours until it was only me, Harry and Rose playing because everyone was out, I laid down a blue four, Harry a yellow seven and then Rose laid down a yel-

" SNAP!" I screamed swiping the cards from the table, grinning wisely and adding it to the massive pile in my hands.

Green three, blue six, green four, red fou-

" SNAP!" Rose and I yelled at the same time and she got the pack but I could tell she was running low on cards, around three left now,

Red seven, green six, blue five, yellow three, green two, red one, yellow nine, green eight,

Rose was out of cards, " I'm out," She said, throwing her arms in the air and joining everyone who was out, crowding around us.

" Hang on," I say to Harry, our eyes meeting,

" Let's make this interesting,"

He immediately grinned and nodded whilst I fluttered my eye lashes, "If I win, You jump in the lake, naked."

Everyone broke into , "ohhs," and "ahhs", Covering there mouth in pity for my dare, "and if I win?" Harry grinned,

" Which you wont," 

He rolled his eyes and carried on talking, " You will wear this for every time we go to the beach," He pulled out the tiniest thing I have ever seen, " And this for the fancy dress party which is happening on Friday," He flashed a sexy maids outfit, complete with a hat, stockings, thongs and a push up bra and knee high, flattering boots. The other thing I was having to wear for a day, was a bikini but it was build extra small so I could tell my breasts will be bouncing out by the way it attaches around my neck easily and the lower half was incredibly small, both tied up with a flimsy bit material.

I heard Jake cat call and so did Niall. I thought for a second, I didn't even have to loose to wear that getup,

" Deal," I stuck my hand out and we shook on it, Harry grinning uncontrollably.

We carried on playing,

red four

blue three

red seven

green six

yellow one

at this point, it got very intense, swiping quickly between each other,

Green two

yellow three

yellow seven

" SNAP!"

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