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112. Afternoon


It was half five in the afternoon and I came home on my own because Harry needed to stay later today because he had to interview a client. Plus- I wanted to see my children.

" I'm Homeee!" I yell, hoping the children will be waiting from me but instead I am greeted by a old maid who has stunning blue orbs,

"Good evening Ma'am, Have a good day?" She politely asked as she took my coat, shoes and bags off me,

"Brilliant thank you, you?"

She began to answer before pursing her lips when her eyes darted to something in the corner of the hallway and she curtsied to me,

" I will take this to your room Madam."

"Oh- you really don't have to-" I say slightly confused as I turn around to Mr.Cowell standing there with a sly grin, a gold tooth shining in the light.

"Hello Darling, I trust you met your first maid then," He says with such a rough voice it frightens me.

I nod, showing no account of fear before he scowls at the lady in front of me and she scatters off with my things. I watch her as she struggles up the stairs because of her bony knees and then I try making conversation politely with my eyes still attached to her,

"Would you like anything to eat or drink?"

I start heading towards the kitchen to escape him and flick the kettle on when he stops me,

"You have maids for that darling,"

"Yeah but it is really no hassle at all because I am here now and-" I smile kindly but he cuts me off,

"Nonsense sweetheart. GRACE!"

In runs a lady who is around her thirty's as she curtsied to me which took me by surprise,

"Make Lady K a cup of tea," He orders as She looks at me for a second and smiled before rushing straight to it as I watched her in disbelief.

"Please," I whisper so it passes her ears and not his which I think she heard by the way a grin flicked on her lips and then she carried on making me a cup of tea.

She hands me the steaming cup of tea and I send a thankful smile, "Thank you,"

Grace smiles at me for a second before I heard Mr.Cowell grunt and she scurries away just like the other lady.

"My dear girl," Smirks Mr.Cowell mischievously as he sits down at the table,

" You have a lot to learn about these maids. I will be talking to your husband when he gets back about the structure of demands as he is head of the house."

I feel a pit of fire at the bottom of my stomach form. And how did he guess that? BECAUSE HE IS EVIL!

" Yes," I swallow the harsh words waiting to bust out my mouth as I stand up slowly,

"Excuse me please,"

I make my way to the stairs and begin making my way to the children's floor ignoring the fact that now Harry and My floor has only our room and all the children's rooms have been changed to create two offices. One either side.

I make the children's room and see four women and a man taking care of the children which was a relief. The children seemed extremely happy and as did the baby sitters which was a huge relief.

"Good afternoon Ma'am," Greeted a thin lady as she put Rhine down from her hip and allowed me to pick Rhine up myself,

"Hello my precious, Have you missed me?" I say in a baby voice as I kiss her forehead. She giggles and starts chatting away to me,

"Adele is getting changed into bed clothes?"

"Ohhh is she!" I say as if I am excited which makes her smile widely,

"And she I-is Melissa!"

Rhine points to the thin lady and I smile warmly to her, holding out my hand for her to shake which she does,

"Hello and thank you for taking care of her."

Melissa looks very happy and relaxed,

"Rhine is a gorgeous girl, Lady K. Her and Adele are the most beautiful twins I have ever taken care of. And I a not just saying that."

I grin not over the fact she was complimenting my children, but it was that she was happy, smiley and relaxed in my home and that's exactly the maid I like.

"Thank you, what should I call you sorry?" I ask because I think it is fair they get a choice,

" I do not mind Lady K,"

I think for a second,

"How about Miss Mel because it is formal and your name. Is that okay?"

She smiles and nods as I carry on speaking,

" And when we are alone, please call me Kelsey, I hate being called something high standard."

Melissa nods gently as she leads me into a room with Adele sitting in a play pen thing, giggling with another lady who was around the same age as Melissa who I soon found out was called Maddie.

" Do you mind if you take care of Rhine whilst I see the other children please Miss Mel?"

" Not at all, come hear hunny, let's play with Adele," Miss Mel takes Rhine from me as they all enter the play pen with massive amounts of laughter which makes me feel really happy.

At least this floor is full of happiness and life whereas the others are being haunted by Mr.Cowell.

I enter the play room and find Julia and Tommy messing around with dressing up outfits along with a man who was just a bit older than Miss Mel and Miss Maddie and a Lady who was younger than Miss Maddie and Miss Mel.

"Good afternoon," I greet them as Tommy and Julia practically bundle me, hugging me non- stop and showering me with chat.

"Awh- Aren't they to die for!" Squealed the girl as she and the boy introduced them selves to me,

"Hello Lady K, I am Miss Liv and I take care of Julia," Greeted The lady as I shook her hand with a genuine smile,

"And Madam, I am Mr Cody, I care for Tommy,"

They both seemed like really friendly, down to earth people which made me smile so much it felt as if I had known them my whole lives.

Once I had left them, I made my way into the kitchen where the last baby sitter greeted me,

"Hello Lady K, Your looking fine today, would you like something to eat?"

I shook my head and had a huge conversation on how well the children are developing and things. On the way I found out she was head of all the baby sitters and she was called Miss Jayne.

She was quite a big girl but that didn't take away from her amazing attitude,

"And may I say- you guys are the most loveliest people I had ever met! I am so glad you all aren't afraid to speak," I compliment her which makes her grin widely,

"Why thank you madam, but if Sir Cowell comes up here, everyone changes. We have to do educational things and it's not like we do not teach your children, it's just, he tries to ruin their child hood too quickly and I know I am not instructed to talk about my boss, it's just I am so glad to be working for you now instead!"

We both laugh and after a good hour on the children's floor, I made my way down the stairs to search for more maids to talk to. I am just very friendly ;)


I found out that eight maids are split between the four floors, not including the children's floor or their floor and the other two just have to serve Harry or I and any time given which was al right I guess.

Mr.Cowell made it very clear to me, I was only allowed to call each maid by their number and I was free to do what ever I wanted with the gardeners and baby sitters.

1st floor- no maids because it was the children's floor.

2nd floor- 2a (the old lady from before) and 2b (a younger girl around her thirties)

3rd floor- 3a ( a fourteen year old girl) and 3b ( a middle aged women)

4th floor- 4a ( A man the same age as me*early 20's*)  and 4b ( Old lady )

5th floor- 5a ( Twenty nine year old woman )  and 5b ( a mother of two who was forty )

6th floor- no one because it was the housing rooms


I hated these directions but I suppose I couldn't argue back with Mr. Cowell because he was leaving soon and all these people seemed frightened of him.

Suddenly, a cold wrinkly hand tapped on my shoulder as I almost screamed. I tossed my head to see who it was before I kick the shit out of someone I didn't mean to hurt and it turns out to be Mr. Cowell. He sits next to me with a cruel, harsh smirk which sends a river of hatred through my veins,

" Lady K, everyone is fulfilling their duties as expected"

I smile fakely, trying to be friendly but it is really hard because of the disgusting smell of plastic bounces of him and all the surgery he has had to make him look younger was easily showing.

I hear Harry enter through the living room door and I go to greet him to escape from Mr. Cowell but Mr. Cowell has grasped my wrist tightly, placing his papery lips to my hand. The shock of sickness radiates through my body which makes me feel weak in the knees, or is that just the fact I am stressed out from all this?

" I will meet you in your office," He says to Harry as he slowly hobbles out the door and I have the biggest shake of my life, Feeling as if every single creepy crawly has jumped onto my body,

"Ueuukkkk!" I almost yelp as I brush my arms for mind ease that nothing is there,

"You okay babygirl?"  Harry frowns, pulling me into a warm hug.

"Something about him makes me feel sick and urr.. I don't know! ugh, "

Harry's lips quickly jump to mine, shutting me up. I feel his hands creep lower to my bum as they rest on each but cheek with a smile of satisfaction from him and I push further into the kiss. My hands rest around his neck, almost helping me stand on my tip toes to reach his lips. Suddenly, Harry's lips depart from mine and his eyes are burning into mine,

"Did he do anything?"

I peer at my hand which still has a papery kiss burnt into it and shake my head, "No, but I don't want him near our children without the baby sitters with them. They are a lovely bunch!"

Harry looks frustrated and a stern look is burnt into his facial expression,

"I know, I talked to all of them this morning."

"Yes, the children's level is my favourite part of the house I think, they are all full of life and the children love all the sitters!" I babble on and Harry's eyes are fixed into mine,

"So now you agree with the maids?"  He smirks,

"I always agreed I just wanted them to be as happy and as relaxed as the baby sitters. When that dreadful Mr.Cowell gets out this house, everyone will meet those targets. I bet on it!"

Harry's expression immediately hardens,

"Do not talk about him like that."

"Oh, baby, im sorry it's just-" I laugh to ease the tension but Harry isn't having any of it.

"Just stop. I have to meet him now in my office."

Harry walks away from me and all I can do is stare at him in disbelief.

Is he for real?

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