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167. After rally


"Were dropping like flies!" I gasp as Jenna, Cecelia, Sky and I crash on the girls floor, in Cecelia's room, so the boys cant get in without our permission,

"There's only four of us left!"

"I know. We all need to find a man before we get sold on too," Jenna adds in as all eyes worriedly prance to Cecelia who is sitting there plating her ginger curls humming in the corner of the room,

"Is there any guy, younger than 16 that is high status enough to allow Cecelia to flirt with and date them?"

There's a pause and a sinking feeling in my heart,

"There is one but he- no we can't.."

"Who?" Everyone erupts into a chorus as I sit up from my laying position,


As if on cue, heart throbbing 'ohh' and 'ahh's ripple through the room as Cecelia turns around,

"What does he look like?"

We all knew what he looked like apart from her, apparently so.

"Huge dimples when he grins,"

"Curlyish dark blonde hair"

"Tall muscular frame,"

"Sinister yet sexy eyes with mystery!"

Cecelia's eyes darken significantly,

"Evan Peters?"

We all look around to her with cheesy grins and nods but she looks us dead in the eye,

"He is real?"

"Yeah what else would he be!" Sky scoffs nastily as Cecelia's little face changes colour slightly,

"He is here every night though. He stands over there!"

She points next to the door which is empty,

"No ones there darling," I cut in and she shakes her head as if I do not understand, which I don't,

"No! He watches me sleep and when I confront him, he just gives me a warm smile before someone shouts his full name and he sprints out the door, scared!"

"Yeah, he done that to me on the first night. Dominus beat him when he spoke though," I added on as Cecelia shakes her head,

"Oh no! He loves talking to me. We stay up all night sometimes, just talking"

Sky frowns but Jenna remains silent as she carries on bouncing the tennis ball off of the ceiling and into her hands, creating a beat.

"Aren't you frightened?"

"No! Never. I have had worse with when Daddy was angry as a child!" She nods her head and talks about her past as if it was nothing,

"Who do you live with now?"

I couldn't help myself but ask as her eyes meet mine sadly,

" I live in a foster home"

"I did too, darling"

Her eyes immediately lit up with delight,

"Really? Why!"

"Urm, well I am not really sure. All I know is that I grew up with scientists and the police force" I shrug and her little eyes widen with excitement,

"That must of been so cool!"

I nod despite the bad memories of being beaten, harassed and sometimes even raped if I was naughty.

"I only had a mother. Father passed away with Cancer when I was three," Sky sighed as she, yet again, switched the subject back around to her, but who was I to judge.

"What about you Jenna? What's your background?" Cecelia asked, intrigued and Jenna stopped bouncing the ball and her eyes met Cecelia's ones gently,

"Nothing exciting, really."

"Oh c'mon, there must be something more to it than that!" Sky scoffed and I had to hold back from smacking her. As the second oldest, you would expect more maturity from her.

"No, not really,"

"Jenna! Where all friends here, please tell us one little story!" Cecelia begged, pouting her lips together sweetly as Jenna looks over to me. I shrug along with biting my lip to the breaking point,

"Well, we tell this tale throughout out family about two twins. Raven and.." She pauses for a second hesitating to tell us,


"Ohh! Tell us please!" Cecelia's eyes widen with amusement and Jenna chuckle, her finger fiddling with the tennis ball in her hands.

"Well, okay. Urrm-"

There was a little pause as we were all drawled in to this mysterious story,

"Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Louise and her twin brother, Raven. They were inseparable and a pretty good team, if I may say so. They had a mother and father, however, each of them died due to an explosion in the lab they were working at, leaving the two to fend for themselves in the unstable house,"

She cleared her throat a little,

"They lived in a little cottage, in the south, in a village which over time grew to be a horrible place. Your worst nightmares would break into your house at night, stealing food, clothing, items and sometimes they even kidnapped people for there own sick and twisted pleasures-"

Through out her story, my mind floated back to the shady and depressed tone in her voice which signified a hard, painful lump to lodge this very personal story,

"Raven and Louise had managed for years to fight off these predators, no significant harm done, in fact. Until, one day, a storm came along. This was no ordinary storm, oh no! This was a storm with such force, it blew the two of the children across to separate sides of the country-"

Suddenly, as we were getting into it, there was a knock at the door as in came Zayn,

"It's 9. You need to be in your own dorms, sorry."

Cecelia grumbles as Jenna looks relieved as she pecks Cecelia's forehead,

"I will tell you some more tomorrow,"

and walks out before sky does the same. As I take my turn, she grasps my wrist gently,

"thank you Calista"

Suddenly, she swoops in and gives me a huge hug as I wrap her fragile little body in my arms, grinning,

"Heyyy, I am going to see you in the morning, aren't I?"

She nods into the hug as she slowly pulls away, tears in her eyes for some strange reasons as I use my thumb to wipe them away holding onto her face and brining my lips to her ears,

"Get close with mr.handsome and mysterious!"

She chuckles as I kiss her forehead,

"I'll see you in the morning, yeah?"

"Uh huh,"


I tiptoed into Calista's room, but she was not sleeping nor in the room.

Curious, I twisted the door knob on the bathroom's door as it opened and I stepped into the bathroom, peering around. Something twitched in the corner of my eye as I saw Calista in a rich, scented bath, eyes closed and finally relaxing after five months of being here.

She looked like a goddess as the bubbles surrounded her and her face wasn't covered in the usual piles of makeup; not saying she doesn't look good with makeup. It brings a grin to my lips,

"You okay gorgeous?"

Quickly, her eyes flutter open as she gasps at me watching her,

"How long have you been there for?"

She pulls the bubbles in the water onto her lady parts as I smirk, clearly amused at her self conscious efforts,

"Not long-"

"Then why do you have a boner?" She tests me as I peer down at a full erection with a grin,

"Cause I was looking at you,"

She blushes as she reaches up for a kiss on my lips which I give her before sinking quickly back into the bubbles,

"Where were all day?" I ask her out of curiosity as I sit on the toilet seat, making it obvious I was bored and waiting for her,

"Cecelia's room,"

"with all the girls? For 12 hours? Not ripping each others throats out?"

She rolls her eyes and sulks back into the bath water which sends off a bit of an attitude of anger towards me,

"What's wrong?"

Her eyes meet mine and flicker back to her water before after a lengthy silence, she replies,

"Can't I just be alone for a second without someone having to be with me?"

I raise my hands, deciding that it perhaps wasn't smart if I pissed her off anymore,

"Can I at least wait in your room?"

"Not today, please Harry,"

I made my way towards the door as she called out to me,

"Oh, and Harry?"

I turned around to her with a raised eyebrow,

"I love you!"

"I love you too"

I smirk at her affection as I escape her room and travel down the corridor to find an open door. I peer in,

"Hello? Anyone in here?"

"I am!" Sky squeaks as she exits steps out from behind the door,

"Oh, sorry I was just checking-"

"No, no. It's fine, honestly!" She grins as she then points behind her,

"Do you want to come in?"

I think for a moment,

"Suppose it cant do no harm,"

She smirks as she rests upon her bed and I take a look around at a room, designed for the queen with all the rich and bold colours.

"Nice room,"

My eye then catches her bed,

"No way!" I gasp and she nods with a huge plastered grin,

"Yes way!"


I look back to her, smirking as she signals for me to try it out, which I do.

We both jump on it, laughing as we bounce up and down for a few minutes before we collapse in exhaustion and laughter. Her hand lands upon my chest in the meanwhile as I look down on her, grinning at her smirk,

"this has been the most fun since I was taken from my sisters,"

I frown,

"Taken? Who by?"

"I don't know-" She shrugs before  her expression becomes saddened,

"They killed one of my sisters,"

My heart rate started pounding harder,

"How old?"


I felt sick. Victoria's age and dead.

"Sky, I am so sorry!"

I leant in for a hug as she hugged me back. It was a warm hug, for a long while until I heard a gasp at the door, followed by a few camera clicks as I spun around to see no-one there,

"Did you hear that?" I questioned and she nods quickly,

"Who was it? Did you see?"


I look back at her and she frowns,

"Well whoever it was, they are gone now-"



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