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171. After Party


I awoke in my room on my bed, Harry next to me, twirling a length of my hair gently and his eyes attached to my face with a wide grin,

"How was your little 5 minute sleep then?" He beamed at me as I checked the time,

"It's only11;30pm, you kidding me?"

I  fell back onto the bed, gasping as Harry chuckled darkly,

"You just need to do something that will leave you tire-"

Before he could finished I have rolled on top of him and pressed my lips firmly against his, unbuttoning his trousers at a quick pace and both of our breaths becoming heavy. His hands quickly pulled my dress up, breaking the kiss only for a second before he has tossed me on my back, laying in my push up bra and panties and watching his bare skin, no clothes apart from pants and staring into my eyes mischievously,

"So fucking sexy, you know that baby?" Harry growled, lust building up in my eyes as I brought my hands to my breasts and played with them gently, teasing him slowly and innocently. I moaned as Harry got extremely hard, eyes eating up every movement.

Suddenly, the door opened and Dominus walks in and freezes in his position as he see's Harry on top of me.

I stop playing with myself as Harry's eyes zap over to Dominus' which are extremely attached to my breasts.

Instead of being embarrassed, I take this as an opportunity to tease Harry and the drunkenness still in effect,

"Afternoon Dominus," I grin as Harry quickly rolls off of me, but neither of us take the opportunity to cover up our states,

"Good afternoon, I guess?"

Dominus didn't even twitch at my mostly naked state which made Harry wince,

"Could we talk more tomorrow?"

"You got a sexy one over there," Dominus changed the subject as Harry got up and walked towards the door as I could even hear the growl from where I was laying. I sent him a wink as Harry chucked a blanket my direction which, with a roll of my eyes, I covered myself up.

"That's my cue to leave," Dominus sighed, leaving the room which made me scoff as Harry shut the door on him, sending me a confused look,

"He is mental, I swear!"

"I don't care," I grin seductively,

"Come here!"

Within seconds, Harry has almost jumped onto me, his lips attacking mine as he chucked the blanket away from my body with a grunt as we were back in the mood. I felt my head roll back as Harry's lips clasp onto my neck blissfully. He sucks upon my sweet spot which sends ripples of passion through my drunken state as my finger fumble with his hair, which he loves.

Yet again, the door opens as I hear Niall speaking,

"Hey guys, Jenna, Zayn,-"

He stops as he spots Harry and I having it off. Harry un clasps my skin as he sits up, turning around to Zayn, Liam, Niall and Jenna standing at the door with wide smirks on their faces,

"Oh for fucksake, doesn't anyone knock now days?" Harry grunts, rolling off me as I climb up from my laying position. "Sorry mate, just there is left over beer and wine in the fridge that goes off tomorrow, didn't wanna waste it. Want to join us?"

I emerge from behind Harry as I hear deep breaths being taken as I see Jenna send me a dirty wink and I grin widely at the boys,

"What? It's not like you haven't seen me like this alread-,"

"-ns....yeah, but n-n not like-" Liam stutters as I fold my arms, enjoying his lack of words. I look around to Harry who is handing me a blanket and I hear Zayn laugh,
"No! Your ending the show! Not fair!"

I roll my eyes as they all come in, sort of uninvited but I didn't really care. I mean, they brought booze! I am not going to argue. Harry quickly puts on some trousers, leaving his top half bare as we all sit on the floor, me in Harry's lap, snuggling up to his bare chest, Jenna leaning her head on Niall's lap and laying side ways, facing up to him and then Liam and Zayn are opposite each other ,in the circle of our drunk bodies, competing in a drink off.

I look up to Harry who looks just as pissed as everyone who then gives me a huge slobbery kiss, tasting of beer. We erupt into a chaos amount of laughter, taking swigs at the drink every now and then before we were in a deep snog, blanket over my shoulders,

"g-get a rorroom!"Zayn slurs, obviously drunk as Harry drags the blankets from my shoulders and puts it over our head so we were in a cave like den!

"IT'S DARK!" I squeal as Harry chuckles, pulling my legs around his body and snogging me mischievously,


He looks down on me with a huge grin,

"I'm t-tired,"


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