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Kelsey was still Bedridden with a fat tummy and an awful sickness; it was horrifying. Luckily, she had awoken from her coma but was still terribly sick to the stage where any minute now- she could drop dead.

"And when I have this child," She chuckle childishly, playing with my fingers,

"We will be a three children family an live until our hair is falling out and grey!"

Her words and promises made a huge lump form in my stomach. I had not the heart to tell her that the child she was carrying was killing her inside out nor to the fact that she was diagnosed to never live to that age. It made me sick but all the power in the world couldn't not bring her to terms with reality and more or less to the fact, the only thing keeping up my spirits was hope.

Hope she will live.

"And.." She tilts my head to her, planting a little kiss on my lips,

"We can have some fun."

I half grin, half whimper as my lips crash against hers, "Your the boss baby,"

She warily smiles, the paleness growing to her face again and the cracks on her lips denting into the dark shade of red her lips are coated, in toxic fumes of medicated drugs. The bags under her eyes represent the lack of sleep and the easily craved desire of energy wasted in which her body uses to fight of this loosing battle; she already looks dead. The gorgeous dead,

" I will let you sleep baby," I mumble with a smirk, kissing her forehead delicately.



For the next four months, I stay with her all day until the visiting hour is closed. I always get forced to leave by this moody nurse in who looks like 'a man in drag' as Kelsey likes to put it and every night it is the same.

She asks me to leave.

I take a while to say my goodbyes to Kelsey.

She gets annoyed.

I ask to stay longer.

She gets pissed off.

I laugh as i leave.

She mutters under her breath before storming away.

easy as pie. :)



9 Months into Kelsey pregnancy which means these moments could be the last of her life but I highly doubt it because she has been so strong lately. Although, the doctor always says, the further she climbs up the hill, the further she has to fall which basically it means every time she is in recovery, she will fall into a worse condition. Great.

"CLOSING TIME!" Boomed the familiar voice of drag. I scoff at her and look back around to Kelsey who is grinning lovingly into my eyes,

"See you tomorrow?" She asks with puppy dog eyes,

"Course! I will be here by mid day, you will be waking up by then,"

She coughs slightly, it was a deep cough which sounded throaty but I had gotten used to them by now,

" What shall we call our baby girl?"

"Rhine?" I laugh and she smiles widely.

"Rhine.  I like it."

"C'MON 'URRY NOW!" Drag booms again and I chuckle loudly,

"Yes Sir- I mean Mam!"

"harry!" Squeals Kelsey with laughter as she pulls me to her lips. Our lips touch with fireworks erupting again, and a full heated makeup session is interrupted with Drag yelling for me to leave.

"I'm going! I'm going!" I scoff as I walk out with a shout to Kelsey,


" I love you!" She calls after me with a grin and I went home with the cheesiest grin ever.

I have a good feeling about her surviving this.


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