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81. 9 months later// family work time <3

Julia was nine months old and was just beginning to speak little words from sounds and she could sit and crawl now, so she was constantly on the move.

" Are you sure?" Harry checked with me as I done up my pearl necklaces and carried on spraying my perfume.

" Yes Harry, Julia will stay with me all the time when we are at work, I will keep an eye on her,"

He bites his lip in consideration,

" I don't want either of you to get hurt in any way,"

" Well we will be with you anyways, or we can stay at home on our own.." I sigh knowing Harry would never leave us on our own because he is terrified something bad will happen.

" Fine!" he rolls his eyes and I giggle along with Julia. She's at the stage where is you say 'high five' she will give you a high five and everything you say, she attempts to copy what you do and say, its adorable.

" Yess!" I squeal holding my hand up to Julia who slaps it straight away. Harry chuckles as we all get in the limo, putting the bags and carry seat in the booty thing.

When we get out, I decide to leave the carry booster for Julia in the car and carry her by hand. Harry takes Julia's toy, nappy and stuff like that bag as I straddle her in my arms and the three of us match what we are wearing. I wore a long red dress with pearls and gorgeous shoes and makeup, Harry wears a sexy tux and Julia is wearing a red little dress with white, knee high socks, little black shoes and her hair is beginning to become very dark and it's almost caught to the hair development stage. We strut down the hall, looking like we own the place, cause we do, and get a lot of attention which stare at Julia.

Julia is there looking straight ahead too and in the corner on my eye I see people practically drooling over my babygirl.



I'm pretty sure Kelsey recognized this too, but we matched and fitted perfectly as a family and if I do say so myself, my girls both look stunning! I have never seen them two look so perfect in my entire life and we all just strutted through the hall ways with men praying to be with Kelsey, it was obvious, which angered me but they can keep dreaming cause she's all mine now. Fuckahss!



After that dramatic entrance which had people gawping at us, we entered Harry's office and it felt brand new because I hadn't been there for a year I think it is. Julia clung tightly to me as we walked past each section of people's rooms and then Harry, Julia and I all sat down in mine and Harry's compartment; it felt so right.

I shut the door an laid all Julia's toys on my old double bed in the office for when I was heavily pregnant with Julia. She giggled a little as she picked up each toy and played with it.

As I sat back down on the seat I peered round to Julia who sat on my bed with a stuck out bottom lip which was wobbling.

" What's the matter darling?" I ask, wheeling over to her which made her smile again and carry on mumbling to herself and playing.

I rolled back away and logged onto the computer before turning back to Julia to see an even bigger lip wobble and sad face, the tears of the edge of exploding.

" W-what?" I splutter wheeling back to her and yet again, she began smiling again.

I rolled back over next to Harry trying to fight the urge of seeing her tiny little sad face. Trust me, I feel so guilty if she puts on the sad face even if I didn't do it!

" M-Mu-Mumhaaa" Julia began to whimper and I quickly wheeled to her side but this time she crawled onto my lap and sat there waiting for me to move or do something.

" You confuse me," I say to her as we wheel back to the desk, making her giggle.

Out of the corner of my eyes, Harry's eyes were glued to us as I span around making her giggle loudly and clutch onto me tightly. When I came to a stop she was still moving her head around in circles and it made me laugh loudly. Harry's smirk widened until he couldn't hold it in anymore and he burst out laughing too.

Then, I quickly whispered something into her ear and despite she may not understand, she still listened through laughs.

Julia stopped spinning and began giggling because we were laughing making it even funnier. Harry with one movement picked us both up and spun all three of us around on the chair making us all laugh hazily.

" I love you two so much," Harry chuckled, kissing as both on the cheek making Julia scrunch up her nose and me quickly peck his lips.

" High five!" I laugh to Julia as she slaps my hand,


Harry releases a dark, lustful chuckle before lifting Julia into one arm and wrapping me under his other one. I swear this chair should of broke but luckily, It didn't.

I feel is hot, fresh breath lurking below my ear as his teeth gently fumbled around to my sweet spot which he found.. well, he OWNED it. My head slightly tipped forward and I felt Harry's grin on my skin. Julia looked terrified at what effect Daddy had on Mummy which made me laugh.

Yet again, her bottom lip wobbled as her hand stretched up to Harry's nose and pushed him away with all her tiny force. Obviously, Harry could of ignored her hand but because the benefit of her laughter, he pushed his head back and put his arms in the air,

" Fine, fine! She's all yours!"

Julia squealed and clapped her hands with the cheekiest little smirk before she lunched her self back onto me, grinning directly into my eyes. Her hands fumbled around on my bare chest/neck


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