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188. 48 hours. No questions.


"It's exciting, isn't it? I mean, When was the last time we had an opportunity like this, to catch up, play, explore and to talk into the early hours of the morning? It will be great fun! I have it all planned," Harry's energy, on the lounge next to me, is almost infectious as I attempt to maintain a nonchalant demeanour with him.

"I'm not sure whether that makes me feel better or worse," Although my comment said lightly, there is a heavy truth underlying my words. He notices my fingers trembling again and my glass balancing precariously in my hand. He takes it from me, presumably as a precautionary measure.

"Honestly, darling, all will be well as we both know that I would never hurt you and that deep down, we have both wanted this to happen for ages. But we just haven't has the opportunity, let's just seize the moment we're in right now, as per Eckhart Tolle," He pauses as his grin steadily pries his lips open,

"Okay, you win!" I concede, an inside joke which I called him dumber than me in a book sense,

"let's have another drink so I can at least take the edge out of my promise. I am shitting myself with you in charge," My lip trembles as Harry's cocky smirk doubles over,

"Your wish is my command,"

"Hmm, not too sure about that," I say, accepting another refill. The champagne was going down far too quickly and easily.

"Come here, let me show you around the rest of the pent house so you feel more comfortable,"

I accept the offer of his hand as he lifts me from the lounge seductively and the impressive penthouse takes a toll on me.

It looks as though it had been recently refurbished in some funky, retro '80's style, nothing like our place but it certainly works in this environment. The master suite is decorated in an ultra urban-modern style and is a masterpiece in it's own right. The king-sized bed is encased with industrialised steel, the bed head is incredibly masculine, but its intricate details gives it the sense of delicate feminine undertones- of the thickened, metallic lace, almost. I can't say whether I am relieved or disappointed at the existence of a similar decorated second bedroom. But I'll worry about that later.

After our tour, we finally relaxed into our friendly banter about old times and shared lots of laughs. This was the catch-up I was hoping for and my mind finally relieves me from worrying about the implications of my decision to stay. With an active listener like Harry, coupled by our emotions towards each other, our dialogue continues for some time as our bodies seek closer and closer with laughter.

I figure I have had more than my fair share of air time talking about my old job so I decide to stop and give him a chance to change topics. I notice yet again the mischievous twinkle in his eyes and his lips trying to hide the smirk.

"What is it? I'm sorry, I've been talking way too much. You should of stopped me!"

"Not at all, I love t see you like this. Hearing you speak so passionately about your work is just wonderful. Not everyone feels that way so it's special when it happens," He grins a bashful wink at me, his voice oozing with sexiness.

This time, I am completely speechless.

I subconsciously pick up my glass and take a gulp that finishes the rest of my drink before Harry tilts his glass towards mine, gesturing a silent cheers. I clink the glass with his as I suddenly feel the full impact of the champagne in my head, which is quite pleasant actually, and more immediately, my bladder- not so pleasant. I excuse myself and escape to the bathroom.

After relieving myself quite urgently, I take the time to notice the bathroom is bigger than our bedroom at home, with grey, white and blue marble in an attractive pattern. It is stocked with all the luxuries you would expect from the penthouse of a five star hotel- mini bottles of body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, as well as soap, grooming kits and shower caps in little pastel boxes that look so gorgeous it would be a shame to open them.

I look longingly at the sparkling clean oval bath when I hear Harry tap on the door which I open after cleaning my hands.

"I know you have had a big surprise today with a wedding and now a honey moon on top of stress from Dominus and caring for the children ever since they were born, therefore I am going to treat you now." Harry's eyes mischievously glaze over as I look at him completely astounded,

"Now it will be my pleasure if you just go with the flow this weekend as I want to squeeze every hour I have with you in the weekend, on you."

"But Harry, it's your honey moon too and-"

His finger was to my lips quickly and softly which hushed me as he began speaking again,

"I don't want any resistance. I will run a hot bath whilst you go get settled in. Okay?"

"thank you," I whispered as he sent me a cheeky wink before slapping my arse seductively when I walked out the door.

I done exactly as he requests,  but whether he enjoys being this directive is another debate as his words say gentleman but his body says sex.

Surprisingly obedient, I unpack my clothes, shoes and take out my toiletries bag which was all packed in one big suit case before I was about to leave the room. Just as my foot touches the floor to take the first step for my room escape, the phone on the bedside table catches my eye.

Given the sound of the bath running, I quickly pace over to the phone and pick up the retriever. It wont hurt to leave a message for my children, would it?

A female voice answers,

"good evening Mr Styles. How may I help you?"

"Oh," I gasp into the phone, taken aback by the voice at the end of the line. I didn't expect the operator and I am obviously not Mr Styles.

Just at that precise moment, Harry sneaks up behind me, slithering an arm around my waist and removing the receiver from my hand,

"Sorry to disturb you, we don't need any assistance at this moment and please do not connect any calls from the penthouse suite unless I speak to you personally,"

I hear the lady begins stuttering in perhaps shock or she may be confused,

"Y-yes of course, Mr Styles. Enjoy your evening,"

"Thank you. I intend to," He gently replaces the phone.

I feel like an errant child who has been caught in the closet by a grown up eating somebody else's candy as immediately I turn a dark shade of red. Just by his sarcastic scowl, I couldn't believe I am feeling so culpable about trying to make a phone call but I don't utter a word.

So I couldn't escape, he wraps each of his large arms around my waist as he snuggled his face into the side of my neck and inhales deeply before saying in a low, teasing voice,

"Try a stunt like that again and that sexy arse of yours will be the same colour as your face is right now."

My heart beats faster at his turning on words and the blood pumps through my body, to my surprise and horror, even my nipples couldn't ignore the intent of his words through my blouse. How does he do this to me?

He lightly nibbles on my neck seductively and then leads me silently out the bedroom.

Sexily,  He hands me a lush, thick strawberry covered in a dark layer of rich chocolate as I bring the dangerously intriguing berry to my lips. I close my eyes, enjoying the sensation.

Harry places a serviette to the corner of my lips, gently dabbing at some strawberry juice which had escaped.

This simple movement feels so seductive that my legs quiver as my own juices begin to form between my thighs, even though I vehemently deny there existence due to the fact Harry was obviously teasing me. He smirks deliciously at me while offering a plate of the gorgeous berries as if he is fully aware of the intentions in my body.

I thank him after denying the strawberries which makes Harry grin cheekily,

"Now, how about that bath then darling?"



Rich scents devoured my sense of smell as if it was their duty to God as the luxuriously thick and delicate water type jelly popped against my skin appealingly; the bath was exquisite.

My eyes roll into the back of my head as Harry's masculine hands fondle my shoulders devotedly,

"You like this don't you," Harry's Naughty grunts roll to the sound of my moaning in appreciation as I sat in a heavenly bath and Harry's hands worked their magic flirtatiously,


I could sense a widening smirk crossing Harry's lips mischievously as his hands came massaging down my arms. My head leant back into his muscular chest as my eyes fluttered open at his eager and seductive ones,

"You are really testing me now darling, I'm trying to be good but you are really not helping yourself with this one,"

"Oh, am I not?"

I lick my lips as I rest my head against the side of the bath which does mean from the position, my breasts stick out the water, earning a sharp grunt from Harry,

"Your so fucking sexy!"

His hands work down my arms to now the top of my chest which he lightly rubs with two fingers in tight yet passionately blissful movements. Releasing a gasp pleasure as my lips part naturally, I gently wrap my arms around Harry's head which I then use to pull towards me seductively. His lips find mine as my grin widens to the fact his hands still work despite a distraction. Who said men couldn't multi-task?

Suddenly, throughout the kiss, his hands swarm over my breasts in such  a swift moment as he roles my nipples around with his thumb and index finger. My hands clasped and unclasped in soft and hard movements as the pure pleasure rattled through me,

"Mhhhm!" I gasp in paradise as Harry's lips pressed harder and more sincerely onto mine making my legs squirm in anticipation. He pulls back reluctantly,

"No, this is your weekend Calista-"


He shakes his head sternly before bringing four sets of hand cuffs from behind him,

"I guess we will need to take this out and to the next level then?"

I remain quiet as he leads me into the master bedroom before cuffing me naked the bed at each of the four corners.

"Fuck, you are so hot In this position," Harry growls, pecking my lower region which makes me whimper for more,

"Harry! Please!"

He pulls back from my body but his prescience is still subconsciously fucking me with his lips as he disapprovingly shakes his head,

"Well when you say it like that," he begins as I look up to him innocently,


I groan from his sarcasm as a wide grin plasters across his face,

"You know when I said I could make you cum from your breasts alone?"

"You wouldn't-" My eyes narrow onto him evilly at the fact he is purposely teasing me.

His hands immediately swoop to my breasts as his tongue attacks my left nipple making me curse out in bliss. Okay, so he would?

He carries on titty fucking me which leaves me in a round of gasps and moans as I squirm in the hand cuffs as my hands search for something to grip onto. Rolling my nipple around with his desirable touch, Harry drives me to new passionate feelings,

"Harry, I am close!"

My eyes close as he pushes my boundaries further and further in such passion and thrill. Suddenly, my voice gasps out as his enormously long and hard erection pounds into me scarily fast. He slams into me harder and deeper as his lips work their magic on my breasts still, making me scream out in pleasure.

"Harry!" I whimper as we both reach our highs together leaving me in a horny, whimpering mess and him in a smirked evil state of satisfaction,

"You were right, I wouldn't. It's too boring"

I roll my eyes as my breathing slowly becomes even despite the pounded sensation in my lower area and thumping heart.

"Can you un cuff me now so I can thwack you?"

"Questions," He growls as he lifts my body up and slaps my arse painfully but also pleasurably,

"Why can't I ask questions?"

Another smack,

"I am warning you Calista, I am keeping a count on the questions and so far, you are not doing too well,"

"But what if-" I stop myself quickly, earning a rewarding smirk from a extremely smug Harry,

"Fuck me," I roll my eyes sarcastically as Harry was quick to but in,

"I just did and will continue to do so,"

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