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31. 31 wakeConfused

" URGH my head," I groan, propping my head In my hands, finding myself exactly in the middle of the huge bed.

On the shelf, next to the stand, there were 3 pills with a note:

Good morning beautiful,

I know your not allowed to take these, but I trust you ;) pregnancy pills and head ache tablet forgot we didn't use protection ;) ;) xxxx love you baby..

Harry x

I gasped a little at the fact there was pills and scoffed them without a thought. How much I have missed these you wouldn't believe but I can't go into overload again. No I won't go into overload again. Wait, we didn't use protection? HARRY AND I HAD SEX AGAIN AND I DONT REMEMBER IT? Fuck!

I rushed to the elevator and without thinking clicked on number 1. I didn't bother looking down at my outfit or at my hair or makeup but I did bother checking my phone,

Louis: where are you xx

Sent Friday, at 3:06am

Harry: you ok? Xx

Sent friday, at 1:34am

Tom: WTF ARE YOU!!??

Sent Friday, at 2:24am

Jack: we are all worried sick, please tell us where you are!!

I let out a grunt and scratched my head, trying to remember anything. Nothing.

The elevator doors opened and I walked into the kitchen to find Harry. To my surprise, Tom, Louis, Niall and Jack were all sitting at the island, eating cornflakes.

Then there was a wolf whistle.

" w-what?" I spun my head towards Niall who let out the whistle and he pointed for me to look down. Oh shit.

I was wearing a new set of a black lace bra and panties with boots which stretched up to my knees and my choaker still on. My hair down and wavy and i already new my makeup was properly still the same as last night. I looked like a prostitute!

" fuck!" I felt my Cheeks burn a huge shade of pink and all I could do is wish for Harry to come in out of no where.

" I have the book- whooh!, you look. Fuck!" Harry walked in from the door behind me and then sent me a confused look before he realised what happened last night.

He grabbed me quickly before taking me out side the room so the boys wouldn't stare and Harry chuckled darkly.

" look who's up and dressed," he pressed a kiss on my lips and I responded quickly before I pulled away.

" w-what happened last night?" I whimpered afraid of the answer, not because I didn't want it, because I wish I had been more remembering. He had a smirk forming on his lips before his eyes darted down my body lovingly.

" you were begging me for sex, so I gave it to you, why was it wrong?" His eyes looked anxious and then his hands rested on my hips seductiely, turning me on like mad.

" no, it was I just wish I could of remembered it, everything's hazy at the moment." I grinned back at him, pressing my body against his when he pushed my back to the wall, kissing my lips quickly.

" we can do round two if you like?"

His morning voice was so fucking sexy and all I wanted to do is make him make me beg for more but not whilst we had guests.

Before I could answer, his member was as hard as a rock and digging Into my sweetspot making me moan a bit. My words turned to paste and all I could do it moan slightly when he leant forward a bit, making his member enter slightly.

" mmm, so wet." His eyes flickered for my breasts and I let a raspy whimper out, turning him on even more.

" I didn't hear a no?" His eyebrow cocked up at me and I faintly smiled, knees wobbling feeling really weak on my own.

" n-not yett." I breathed out, closing my eyes, trying to focus.

Still with my eyes closed, I let out a small sigh,

" take off your top."

He looked a bit confused and thought I meant it for sex but I actually wanted to cover myself up in front of my brother and all those boys. Any other day, I would gladly walk in there dressed like this, but today I was totally wet and I couldn't risk it.

Harry passed it over to me and I slid it on, he looked very upset when I added another piece of clothing on but soon washed over when I placed a small kiss on his lips.

" it was either this or I give your friends a lap dance wearing this." I teased him sexily before he put his finger to my lips to stop me talking.

In the kitchen, all voices were hushed and I knew they were listening to us.

" haha, nosy." I whispered to Harry who was now pretending to moan.

" Kelsey, oh your so tight!"

I tried to hide back a snigger and pursed my lips before screaming in pleasure,

" ahh, HARRY! Fuck me harder please,"

I put a really sexy moan on and I could hear the boys breathings becoming hitched. I leant my head into Harry's shoulders trying not to laugh when he grunted.

" babyy, not much longer now.. Ahh! FUCCKKK!!" Harry groans and I scream in pleasure,

" h-Harry! Oh! Shit!' BABY YOUR TOO BIG! I'm too tight for you,"

Then we burst through the door making everyone scream and I moan,

" I think we were too loud,"

Theres silence and a few embarrassed glances towards Harry's bare chest and the top that's on me.

" shit! That's a shame we were trying to be as quiet as we can. "

I could see Niall burst out laughing,

" okay. You got us.."

I tut at them and Harry threatened,

" hasn't anyone told you curiously killed the cat."

Louis sat there with a smug expression and then he blurted out,

" hasn't anyone told you, don't fuck your mates sister."

I laugh uneasily thinking that Louis knows we had sex more than once, before pulling out my phone,

" where did I go last night then?"

Everyone looks around confused and then Tom winced,

" you were drunk nothing really mattered,"

I felt sick at the fact he was keeping something from me.

" what did I do?" I growl before I felt Harry tense and walk around to the fridge, pouring out two glasses of orange juice.

" there was a misunderstanding,"

What do they mean, misunderstanding?

" a guy was stripping you and you were too drunk to notice... In the nightclub." Jack explained and I immediately remembered someone grabbing my booty.

" w-what? What else happened?"

My voice was trembling and I felt completely used and vulnerable.

" nothing, he got your dress off and Harry rescued you before he could kiss you." Louis added in with a disgusted look on his face.

Harry turned around and passed me the drink with a slight smile,

" and that's when we went to bed," he winked at me, leaving me with heavy breathing. He was turning me on just by winking.

" yeah well, we cleaned for you this morning," Niall grinned.

" ahh, guys thank you. You wanna stay the night all weekend?" I mocked and they all agreed to my surprise, I cleaned up after breakfast and all the boys were playing on the playstation in the movie room. Still unexplained where I was nearly all night.

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