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30. 30 !!

By eight o'clock, everyone was in the nightclub part of our house, grinding against eachother. There must of been around one hundred and something people in the room and more and more people were coming in which set the scene perfectly.

" heyy babygirl, enjoying the n-night?" Harry came up from behind, chewing on my ear lobe slightly making me grin widely.

" yeah, loving it. Loads of people have congratulated me on moving in, what bout you?"

He said yes before I turned my head in his direction, kissing him delicately on the lips. He turned me round to deepen the kiss but I didn't want to get too into it at our party.

" could we stay the night?" Niall stumbled up to us, reeking of alcohol with Louis and Jake close behind. I pulled away from Harry's snog, and laughed slightly at harry behind me with his hands on my hips and resting his chin on my head.

" course ya can, Tom might have to too though," I laughed as we all turned heads to tom who is barely chatting up a girl, too drunk to speak.

" rescue that poor girl, please." I turned to Louis who is already speed- walking towards the pair with jack close behind.

" Enjoying your self then?" I asked Niall who is downing a can of Stella, looking very wasted.

Before he could answer my glance traveled to two people walking in through the door. Oh no. It couldn't be.

" what's wrong baby," Harry's face leant round to see my icy cold expression completely pale.

" Jake and Kenedy.." I whimpered and I felt Harry go even colder, a shiver creeping through my spine.

" what shall we do?" I spun around to Harry who is completely fuming, not happy at all.

" they have to leave."


Harry and I made our way over to Kennedy and Jake who were looking around, bitching to each other.

Kennedy wore a two piece outfit, a black boob tube and a long luminous yellow skirt which clung to her hips. She looked so pretty it was indescribable.

" I am sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Harry's voice was strong but inside he was maybe throwing up and I didn't like the way people had this affect on him. I linked my hand into his to calm him down, but he wasn't having none of it.

" why? The party's just started," Kennedy grinned, jake smugly smacking her booty and then looking deep into my eyes.

" hello again, Kelsey. Nice to see you after your... Stunt," jakes words painfully tore through my soul and it was as if all the music drowned out and it was just the four of us, sending daggers to each other.

" hello jake. Nice to see your fucking other women,"

I regretted saying it about Kennedy because it was Harry's sister but it brought a evil smirk to his face. Beside me, I could feel Harry gripping his hands in tight fists and I all I could do is stare at jake.

" ouch. Is that all I am to you?" Kennedy put her hand to her heart and laughed coldly, making Harry tense even more.

" w-well I don't know you-" I stuttered and thankfully Harry came to my rescue.

" yes. Yes your are for the both of us."

The tension was killing everyone and I felt so small and innocent compared to the others but if someone brought up my family, those two "lovers" were going down. If you could even call them that.

" long time no see, brother." Kennedy slid out from beside Jake and walked around Harry, observing him carefully.

My eyes would flicker back and forth to Jake and Kennedy trying to figure out who's the one I should be watching for wicked actions.

" don't call me that. I'm not your brother!" Harry's voice was a growl which even scared me a little but apparently had no affect on Kennedy.

She carried on walking round him, Harry's head staring straight on, emotionless but angry. I felt Harry's grip tighten on my hand and he pulled me closer as Kennedy tried to tilt my head.

" relax i just wanna look at her," Kennedy grinned but Harry was just getting tighter. She grabbed my face and roughly examined me side to side but I gave her a wicked, bitchy look and spat on her face.

Harry let out a chuckle before pulling me back in his arms, kissing my forehead in approval. Kennedy wiped her cheek accordingly and looked disgusted.

" what were you raised by wolves!"

Time started to slow, My heart beat quickened and I felt my eyes get darker in a sort of whimper. She noticed my change and scoffed slightly,

" you were raised by?" She played with the words with sick and twisted expression splattered across her face.

Jake looked a little more stressed now, his eyes searching for hers but she wasn't paying attention.

" kenedy!" Louis called out. Ugh! Fuck, nice going Louis.

Her eyes lit up in amusement,

" louis," she snarled and I almost jumped on her.

" take that back," I growled and Harry's grip on me tightened holding me back almost and I struggled to escape.

" nope." She pursed her lips together before walking out to the elevator altogether, leaving the house soon after with Jake trailing behind.

" your sisters such a bitch," I sobbed into Harry who wrapped me round him, staring straight at the elevators wickedly.

" I know,"

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