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156. 3 chapters in one!


"This ones my favourite!" Calista squeals as if she has never seen an angel fish before as I just stare at the little fish.

I imagine what it must feel like being in a tank with strangers staring at you, tapping on the glass and speaking a foreign language; all honesty, I would be shitting myself.

Calista gorgeous face crumples up in a frown as her eyes sink longingly into mine, cocking her head to the right slightly and yet again, I drift into deep thought about how lucky I am to have her.

I am awoken by a pressured, tender kiss to my lips as I snap into reality with Calista's lips resting upon mine,

"Back with me?" Her calm voice whispers seductively, her hand creeping up my leg, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing baby," I lie, pressing another kiss to her forehead as she stands up, hands resting on her back as she props herself up with a sharp wince. I almost jolt upwards as my hands replace her hands, one resting on her stomach and one on her back.



Each hand was resting on either side of my body as I took a step out of his grip when a frown appeared on his face at something. I cross my fingers in hope he didn't notice the bump.

Something inside me was reminding me I am to get rid of this child before he finds out I am pregnant which was the very reason I am suddenly walking away,

"Calista!" He calls after me a couple of times before swinging me around quickly by grabbing my arm with his hand,

"Why are you walking away?"

He honestly looks like he has no idea as I take a sigh of relief,

"I- don't know."

"W-well I was thinking of going in the-" He began as Mr.Horan has quickly came up to us,

"Sir, your needed in the other room."

"Huh?...Oh Shit! I forgot about the meeting. Okay, could you assist Calista home a-and" He babbled on kissing my forehead and checking his watch before making his way down the corridor with no other words.

I wince at the fact I am like a rag doll, being passed around. I swear he is so busy with his job lately, he has no time to spend any with me; his Girlfriend. Maybe, he doesn't love me! Or- or he doesn't want to re-marry me and he is trying to use any excuse to not propose? The hormones begin soaring like mad at every little excuse their could be for this small act of carelessness.

"Ur sorry," Niall apologises as my gaze re-connects with his and I send him a false smile,

"What are you doing after you take me home?"

"Nothing why Ma'am?"

My smile fades, "Calista. That is my name..Don't call me any other name, just my real one. You should know that by now Nially,"

"Sure thing ma'am," He mocks me as I slap him playfully on the chest,

"oh, this means war!"


We arrive at my house as before I get out, my happy gaze swoops to Niall as we are both grinning,

"thank you for the ride home,"

It gets awkward as I am quick to make my way into the house, Niall pulling away from the drive as the door opens and the first thing I see is little Victoria running out with a wide grin, she immediately jumps into my arms giggling,

"What's so funny little missy?" I chuckle along as her gorgeous little giggles carry on,

"U-uncle Louis!" She gasps with the cutest little laughing talk.

Immediately I froze. My body kicked into action as I put her down,

"Uncle Louis is here?"

"Yep! He said it was a surprise.. he's downstairs and-" Before she could say anything else we heard foot steps coming up the stairs and a loud giggling scream tore through her as the other five children came trampling up the stairs, screaming as they ran in laughter into the kitchen all together.

Someone behind them was growling and I immediately got ready to put up a fight until I saw who it was.

"LOUIS! OH MY FUCKING GOSH!" I scream as I run into his arms, squeezing him tightly as he bear hugged me. Something creaked behind us but I was too involved with the hug to care,

"Crack the mission baby?" He winked at me as I pulled away,

"Like fuck I did! You were a brilliant brother by the way! Everyone believed it can't even imagine what it would be like without you!"

"And the children? How are my little bundles of joy?" I wondered why he put it like that but I didn't mind, too excited,

"Happy now your here-"

I winked at my little secret as his lips immediately clasped onto mine and they rested there until I pulled out his arms and off his lips,

"Louis- don't!"
Suddenly a almighty growl tore through someone behind me and the dreaded Harry Styles was standing there, fuming like a beast. Crap.

"SHIT!" I scream as suddenly Louis is being pinned up against the wall in a death strangle by Harry who is cursing like a fowl mouther he usually is,

"Harry! STOP!" My cries are echoed through the walls and it dawned on me about the children,


I begin hitting his arm, not doing any damage to him what so ever as I am quick to grab the children cover there eyes and lead them downstairs quickly to the play room with the baby sitters,

"Everyone stays down here until I say so-"

Before they could say anything, I have ran up the stairs, my stomach gurgling with pain and my heart begins fluttering with emotions,

"Harry!" I scream as Louis is suddenly a bright shade of green but he doesn't respond and only listens to Harry's growls,

"you fucking cunt, Kissing my fucking girlfriend? you lying bastard and a sly evil prick-"

"HARRY GET THE FUCK OFF HIM YOU TWAT!" My harsh words follow along with a punch around the face, making him flinch and stumble backwards, a huge bruise already forming as I grip my hand in agony, releasing I have probably just broken my hand,

"Fuuck!" I gasp, holding onto it and silent screaming.

"Why did you do that?" Harry snaps out of frenzy mode, grasping my hand tightly, eyes burning onto the wound,

"You were- going to kill him! FUck!"

I check his head,

"Harry- your bleeding, shit!"

"Don't worry about me- your hand!"

We bat backwards and forwards until I look over to Louis is lying limp on the ground, all colour drained,

"No No No! You cant!" My words are violently shredded into tears as I have thrown myself next to him, checking his heart rate. Null.

"NO! FUCKING NO! Don't give up on me- p--please!"

My lips crash onto his, giving him CPR as Harry is growling harsh words and I pull up,


I go back down, giving CPR to him as Harry rolls his eyes, pushing me out the way and in one swift movement, pounded his chest, Louis shooting upwards in painful screeches of gasps,


The tears stream down my face,

"W-we need to get you to hospital-"

"N-No, I - will go, let you talk!"

My face falls,

"You fucking idiot, do you think I am stupid? you were dead!"

My head falls to his chest tears from worry flooding through me and all the emotions spilling out,

"Y-you were dead! dead! Louis, I almost lost you- I couldn't loose you!"
Harry's body stiffens as immediately he has stormed out, in a mixture of curses.

"Hospital. now!"


I had dropped Louis off of at the hospital as I am quick to return home to check upon Harry, hand fucking killing me literally.

The minute I walk in, I am rushing upstairs, sickness building up In my stomach and the pressure of it all and emotion is reaching it's limits of the baby.
"CRAP!" I gasp, as I walk straight into something blocking our door. I quickly move it out the way, minding my broken hand, the stench of alcohol whiffing into my nose and everything was broken.

Harry was there in the room, smashing everything apart and yelling to himself, eyes as dark as the night and he looked scarier than I have ever seen him before,

"Harry?" I squeak quietly as his eyes fix onto my body, pacing towards me at a quick pace. He barely recognizes me from all the drinks as his hands form two holes in the wall either side of my head, trapping me.  The tears were already pricking in my eyes from the pain the baby is now causing and now Harry's cursing's,

"Y-you're drunk baby-"

I bring my hands up to his cheek stroking it slightly but it only makes him wince and growl,

"do you fucking love him?"

"Harry- you are drunk. Stop-" Suddenly he grasps my wrists forcing them off his face and holding them down my side, clenching them tightly. The pain zaps through my body,


"AH! Harry, you're hurting me!"

I cry out, his eyes examining my eyes as if I am lying,

"He is the father to the children?"


Suddenly there is a deathly pause and his eyes connect back to mine, tears streaming down both our faces,


His voice is deeper and a lot quieter which makes me force my eyes close, squeezing them shut in despair that he knows the thing I didn't want him to know,

"H-harry-" My voice is struggling and velvety as a tiny chuckle appears in the next sentence,

"No! What do you mean!"

Our eyes re-connect,

"I am pregnant." 

His grip releases as he stands back, falling to his knees, to the height of my stomach. I bite my lip, tears streaming faster down my cheeks as he pulls up my shirt.

The knot in my stomach tightens as he places a soft kiss to it, not saying anything as his hands rest upon the bump and his eyes becoming lighter than usual.
"Harry-" I whisper with the salty tears taking affect on my voice.
Slowly, His eyes meet mine which are flooding tears. How am I suppose to tell him I am not keeping it?

"I-I.. we can't k-keep it."
Suddenly his body has shot up, eyes miraculously zoning into darker shades,
"i am- I am really s-sorry, please just dDon't over react! PLEASE!"
"What is it?" He snarls nastily which takes my breath away,
"Harry- stop. Just list-listen."
"I CANT YOU AREN'T LISTENING!" I scream loudly, voice all cracking from loosing my voice slowly and painfully as I mutter pleads over and over again to myself,
"P-please please please,"

Suddenly, Harry has grabbed me and thrown me on the bed, pinning my hands above my head with one hand effortlessly and his other one has pulled my top up once again,

Suddenly, my lower area got very damp and a zapping pain struck me in the lower stomach as I cried out, over whelming pain constantly re forming.
"CALISTA!" Harry frowned deeply at me panting and squealing, trying to also pry my hands away,
"W-what's wrong?" He tries again, releasing my hands and standing above me so I cant escape but that's the least of my worries right now,
"My w-waters broke!"
"STRESS HARRY! FUCKING STRESS!" I cry out trying to pull my leggings down and he is quick to help me, minding my broken hand,
Then it went black.


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