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189. 12hours left. No questions.


Thrill arouses me skilfully as I awake next to a naked Harry as I look around at a trashed room. My memory replays only sex after sex last night, each building on extra pleasure.

My head falls back into the pillow mischievously with the smuggest grin i was able to exceed as Harry had tosses over before my eyes droop and i fall back into a deep sleep.

Despite my closed eyes and sleep, something below me was sliding into my sensitive region which makes my body react automatically. I try to open my eyes, better yet, seek what this strange yet compelling thing is but my eyes wouldn't open and my body was paralysed neck down.

"Shh baby," Harry's sexy voice whispers out of no where as if he sensed my fear,
"It's just me, relax-"
I wanted to whimper out but my confined and helpless body was pinning me down firmly as my subconscious mind practically blew up. The sensation was desperately pleasurable as it vibrated blissfully but it clasped around my vagina, squeezing it to make the sensation extra satisfying.

"Oh fuck, that's hot!" Harry growls as i become even wetter, enchantment and desire over running my senses. The smirk in his voice echo's into my mind indulgingly,

"I love you in this position, so helpless and so innocent-"

My lips manage to escape a whine of pleasure which i imagine turns him on even more as i fight ever so hard to re control my body. Inside, i am shaking like a dog as i pound my way out of this silence mode.

"The more you struggle, the less likely the drug to wear off," Harry announces which makes my heart thump faster and faster, and not just because the vibrating thing is pushing in further to my sensitive area. My body attempts to relax but i just couldn't find the inner peace just to rest resulting in more panic as to if i would ever escape this trap,

"It's as if you do not want it to stop," A cocky Harry whispers into my ear as his lips trail down my body seductively, pausing at my hardened nipples. I could feel everything he was doing to me as his teeth bit down on my nipple before rolling it around blissfully with his toungue.

I wanted to cry out, or at least push him inside of me- SHIT! The vibrating thing went deeper into me, vibrating as i felt it grow like it was a machine - please do not tell me it is a dildo! My inner body was screaming in pleasure on top of the whimpers which were conducted my Harry's heavenly teasing's.

Just as i thought i was going to get used to this, something lashed down onto my body like a whip. A soaring pain rattled through me but it was soon taken into extreme pleasure as everything was building up on each other.

The whip carried on, mocking my self control as Harry pulled back from my leaking breasts. I stayed as quiet as i could despite the fact it would make no difference as i waited for something else to happen.

Something then clasped onto each of my nipples as a machine managed to pull, play and send me into ecstasy. At this point, i was practically a wet mess as something vibrated and pounded into me; a gorgeous feeling of a whip that will strike me over and over and something fed off my nipples blissfully.

"Oh my fucking God," Harry gasped as he gently grabbed my hand and pressed it over his enormous boner,

"And this is just looking at you,"

My body almost exploded as all the temptation in the world was to please Harry as much as i could. I got even more steamed as he ran my hand over it teasingly,

"Just imagine this baby, thrusting into you so fucking fast and hard,"

My whimpers inside grew louder and louder as i the dildo went in harder and faster again,

"All you have to do is to wake up, and then it is up to you, what we do. That is after you have came a good few times so i can drink you fucking dry. You know i will suck you like a cat, harshly lapping at your fucking juices until you're screaming,"

I wanted to just wake up as i felt something manually push the dildo in, now controlling it. Harry now got hold of the dildo as it vibrated gorgeously fast,

"Until you are pleading for more,"

It was pushed in further as he now began moving it in and out blissfully. My mind was overwhelmed at how many pleasures i could feel at once as the dildo was smashed so far into me repeatedly. I wanted to scream, better yet want it to go faster as my wish came true.

"Until you are screaming and whimpering"

It slaps, thrusts and pounds into my pussy as i am sent over in such pleasure. A hard orgasm hits me like a wave of bricks as i come tumbling down the mountain of bliss, Harry grunting to my convulsing and heavy breathing.

Once I had overcame my extreme high, Harry made me cum several times, each time making me scream louder and louder until my body had kicked into reality,

"ShiT!" I gasp, as my body flies forward, eyes seductively eating Harry alive as my breathing was hitched with desire,

"Good morning darling," He grinned but I was already on top of him, snogging him with all my might as my body practically pounded for more. My hands immediately pounced onto his member as my eyes sunk sexily down to the rock hard member,

"Bad girl," Harry winks at me before pushing me onto my back, resting his member on my sensitive area. Whimpers escape my lips at his erotic teasing's, enough to make me explode by just thinking about them.

"Harry please," I gasp pathetically as he frowns sarcastically,

"Let me think about it for a second,"

He holds as I struggle to create more friction between us before almost screaming,

"HARRY! For fucksake just fuck me already!"

And as if on cue, he slams into me with such force I could of sworn my walking skills had been
snatched for life. It didn't take long for either of us to reach our highs as of all the teasing but when we came, we came loud and hard.



I sat in front of Harry at an extremely posh restaurant in such a glamorous dress which may of been hand stitched by God himself. It was our last two hours of our honey moon and we wanted to spend it out for dinner.

"So, what have you learnt this weekend darling?" Harry smirks mischievously as my eyelashes flutter away from an incredibly rich, indulged beverage that I was sipping at sacredly,

"That you are one huge horny bastard with a great skill of teasing women in such ways, we are begging for mercy?"
The grin on his lips almost double as his eyes are glued to me intensely,

"Anything else?"

"Yeah," I lovingly gaze into his eyes,

"My husband is the best man in the entire world,"
My lips gently tap his but remain longer than I expected as he slithers his arms around my waist seductively,

"I cant stress enough how much I love you Calista, please never ever leave me" His boastful voice suddenly dropped significantly into a hoarse whisper as tears prickled in my eyes,

"No, what you done was all my fault. I shouldn't of let you out my sight, or the children. it was a dick move and I promise It will never happen again,"

A lump in my throat formed as our eyes linked together as one,

"It doesn't matter who's fault it was. It never will. All that matters is that we are a happy family,"


An hour and a half later, we had finished our meals and had ten minutes before the limo arrived,

"Oh and Calista," Harry peers up to me,

"I moved the month you have to work for Dominus so you could at least have some more time with the children and I. You are working in May, is that alright darling?"
"That's three months, right? It's perfect! The twins birthday is coming up so we can celebrate that in the meanwhile,"


"Sir and Madam," A man in an extremely tight tux came up to us,

"Your limo awaits,"
We begin getting up as Harry turned around to me again,

"If any one asks what our honeymoon is, tell them it is a secrete. Just our little secrete darling"




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