Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


24. Tom and Niall

I moaned against Alessio’s neck as we passionately snogged and I toyed into his hair. He was groaning louder than me because I was biting his lower lip like he loves. My hands sneakily crept up to the back of his head, toying with his hair as his hands snuck down to my lower back. He was gently pushing but not enough to frighten me away. Then, the phone rang,

" Noo," I grabbed his arm with a pout when he went to reach it,

" It could be important?"

" Fine!"

I huff and he grabs his phone off the side before rolling back on top of me and answering,

" Hello?" He says into the phone but slightly muffled because my hands have swept up to his chin and carried on kissing him, loving the soft taste of him. I closed my eyes and so did Alessio trying to control his breathing when I pushed my boobs to his chest to turn him on; it worked.

"I am- umm,- I'm a b-bit busyy rightt n-now," Alessio says to the phone and he grunts the minute I roll over so I am on top and swept my hair over my right shoulder, still kissing him. He responds and I run my hands up and down his chest, running them up his top and un-buttoning my shorts and his trousers.

" B-but, can't we- UGH!" Alessio complains and moans when I begin taking my flimsy chequered top off and leaving my in just my shorts and a red lace bra. I pull his top off his body, breaking the kiss for a millisecond and then smacking my lips to his again.

I feel his intense glare on my bouncing breasts but I knew he was trying so hard not to take control whilst on the phone.

" O-Okay, okay. be at my house in an hour."

I pulled back from the kiss and sat up, raising an eyebrow and Alessio put his finger up to his lips when I went to speak.

" No! Your outside m-my house already!" Alessio stuttered and I climbed off of him and began re-dressing into  tight fitting jeans and a maroon jumper type thing which was open breasted along with a silver piece of jewellery and flat silver shoes. It took all the time for me to add around ten minutes worth of makeup before Alessio came in, in just his jeans mid way when I was straightening my hair because I had nothing better to do.

" Who was that?" I said as I finished off the last bit of my hair.

"Niall," He bit his lip harshly before pacing around,

I felt a lump form in my throat as I knew it was too late to hide plus all I wanted to do is to carry off where we started twenty minutes ago.

" Shall I let him in?" I ask and Alessio’s eyes widened with amusement,

" He's already gone, I sorted it out over phone."

" Oh," I put the straighteners down, and strutted over to him, being turned on all day because of his sexy teasing all day during class and gently pushed him against the wall.

" What did he want then?" I innocently looked into his eyes and brought my hands up to his face and tilted it down so I could kiss him, as for all, I was still a few inches smaller than Alessio.

" He needs a place to stay."

Alessio shrugged and I anxiously grew more and more curious,

" His flat burned down with all his money and stuff like that, just till he gets money he is staying with us."

I stood back clearly astounded,

" It's only for a while Kelsey, he will be gone bef-" Alessio got the reason why I am in astonishment wrong,

" No he can stay however long he needs!. Is he ok?"

" Yeah, he's fine... He has just gone to tell his parents and then he will be moving in with us later tonight."

Alessio’s arms snaked around my waist bringing me closer and I could smell his body which made my legs feel wobbly,

“What about Tom?” I quizzed. Alessio's shrugged and then bit his lower lip nervously,
“Nail cheated on Tom. people are thinking Tom burnt his house down.” 

My hand slapped over my mouth as I stared at him with shock,
“Niall wouldn't cheat. Tom wouldn't burn someone's house down?” 
Alessio's shrugged again and cast his eyes from me- there was something he wasn't telling me. 
Instead of speaking out my concern, I just wrapped my arms around his neck. 
" Now-" He began, lifting me up so my legs were wrapped around him and said the line I had craved for,
" Where were we?"



Hey, another quick bus filler. Sorry but two chapters in twenty minutes isn't THAT bad? Ahhh, love you guys!!




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