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Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


14. School Rumors

" KELSEY!" I was confronted by nearly all the teachers and pupils, smiling and Waving at me.

" what's going on?" I whispered to Alessio who has his arm around me in a protective manor and was looking unusually sad at me.

" social services told the school everything that has happened. I'm so sorry, I didn't know they would-" I cut him off with a weak, sincere smile.

" calm down. It's ok, it's not your fault!" I laughed uneasily, dodging everyone's heads spinning towards me.

" keep close and get as far as we can-" I instructed pulling Alessio's hand to get out of reception. He chuckled, leaning back so I would have to pull extra hard and then making me stop when Mr.Stutt came over to me.

" Kelsey, I have heard everything which is happened and I do hope my inappropriate behaviour didn't cause it." He gave me a shy smile and I tore my head in Alessio's direction who is sneering.

" urm, no sir. I need to go now-" before he had time to say anything, I grabbed Alessio's hand and ran down the hall to wait in my first class early.

" what the heck?" I snapped at him who was sitting on one of the tables.

"Strange, right? Happened to me three weeks ago when the news got out. Well, when I showed up which is once each week." Alessio laughed, fiddling with his hands.

" and where were you all the other time?" I cock my eyebrow up at him hoping he won't say with me because it's not good for him.

" I think you know that answer already,"


" what! No, Alessio your so stupid. Please never do that again it's not good for you!!" I walk incredibly close to him, his hands sweeping a strand of loose hair behind my ear.

" there won't be a next time, riighhtt??" I lent further into his hand and nodded slowly, pouting slightly.

" it was a lucky escape." I winced at my own choice of words and it immediately looked as if Alessio came tumbling down in anxiety.

" no.. You won't ever put yourself in that position again. Please,"

His voice was beginning to croak and if he cried I would cry and I couldn't have anyone see me cry, besides when Alessio looks upset, it as if the world stops spinning, The sun stops shining and the word happiness turned cold. It was inexplicably horrible to watch.

" I won't, I promise." I lent in for a kiss but he lent in for a snog.

His arms sweeping round my body and snaking me closer to him with one swift movement and his lips trespassing down my jaw to my soft spot.

I pulled away quickly to the sound of the bell and Alessio snickered, wiping away threatening tears as people Began filling into the classroom we were in.

We made our way to the back of the class, English and sat down accordingly as the teacher stumbles in, rushing about.

" class, gather your things, there is an assembly in the hall. Quick quick! We are late already." Miss potter is frantically waving her hands everywhere as I stand up, grabbing my bag.

"C'mon slow coach." I laugh as Alessio struggles to unhook his bag from under his seat.

"Hang on,"

He finally un hooks it and we make our way to the hall.

" settle down, settle down." miss Morris is at the front of the hall, directing the assembly to the whole school and it making strong eye contact with me.

Our class files in with me and Alessio on our separate row and placing our bags on the floor, our arms brushing slightly.

" as your all aware, there has been... Bullying going around." Miss Morris starts strong and I sink in my seat with the occasional blush when someone turns round at me.

" can I just say now, we will not stand for this. I can't believe that this assembly is having to be said and we are not naming anyone but we know who you are. "

she walks around the assembly stage, using her hands as an indicator for her words and she was deadly serious like I have never seen before.

"To The people who cyber bullied another student, If you do not come forward BY Friday, we will be forced to take a more serious action. " she said coldly making me want to Crawl up in a ball and cry.

Alessio's fingers twisted round mind and squeezed slightly, giving me 'it will be ok' look and shuffling closer, if it was possible.

"What are the effects of cyber bulling? Depression, anxiety, suicidal. Not once has there ever been any good coming out of that."

Everyone stared at Miss Morris, gobsmacked and eager to find out more but all I could focus on is my hands and Alessio's. If I looked up, I would cry and I wasn't going to let school get the better of me.

" now as you now, we recently lost many students in the recent weeks, suffering from aniexty, depression, sickness and bad health because of one person suffered with someone cyber bullying them. "

Alessio's head lowered now and I had a good ruff idea who she meant by 'many people'. My heart was dramatically beating and wanted the assembly over because I couldn't bare to listen any longer.

"I'm not naming anyone, but, let's just say her friends and sibling were worried sick because of the state she put herself in."

No. No. No. All heads momentarily flickered towards me and I felt Myself stiffen with Alessio releasing a breath I didn't realise he was holding.

" eyes on me please! I'm going to wrap up this assembly... For now... by saying words have consequences and the person, who we know, will have to come forward soon or we will have to get the police involved."

A few people shuffled in there seats, uncomfortable by the police perhaps and then everyone started walking out the hall, talking randomly.

Alessio and I walked silently to our next lesson, P.E and went our separate ways to get changed quickly.


By the time I had put on a p.e kit that Alessio picked for me, which was a skimpy sports bra and mega tight running bottoms, He was waiting outside for me, grinning cheekily.

I put on a fake smile which I knew he didn't buy but thankfully didn't put me in my space for being grumpy.

" gym?" Instead he helpfully lit up as I nodded and we made our way to the schools gym.

I climbed onto the rowing machine and so did Alessio, so we were opposite one another and began rowing.

Each row, Alessio's muscles would burst out, causing an intake of sharp breath each time from me so I could calm down. He was really destroying my famous view of being a heartless bitch and I loved him for it.

" Alessio?" I said genially smirking. He peered up at me from where his eyes were glued to my bouncing breasts and grinned back.

" come here," I order and it takes no time before he jumps round to me, sweeping me up in his arms lovingly.

" anything else my'lady?" His sarcastically says before bowing his head down accordingly making my heart flutter in want.

" yeah, kiss me."

Without hesitation, his lips come smacking down to mine and he planted me down back on the ground for an easier, meaningful snog.

I feel his hands snake up around my body and he gently but seductively pushes me up to the wall, making a huge vibration of my breasts. His eyes dart towards the Movement and a grin forms on his lips, teasingly.

" kiss me..." I complain before he allows his lips to fumble back to my lips and suck gently at them. His hands trace up and down my sides, feeling my curves and the resting at my breasts.

He begins moving them around and my breathing becomes hitched, trying to not moan too loudly. I sort of let out a whimper when his lips furiously rip from mine, sucking all down my neck to my chest.

" Alessio, no marks please. The top will show them dramatically." I beg, my head leaning back to the wall and moaning when he smirks against my skin,

" then everyone will know your mine, besides, your body is practically begging for me. "

I peer down at my stiff nipples and let out a hazel, raspy gasp when Alessio begins playing around with my left one in the top.

"A-Alessio!" I moan, My head flickering back in pleasure. To escape moaning loudly, I close my eyes trying to take me some other place where my boyfriend isn't titty fucking me.

" please stop," I gasp but I really wanted him to do it harder and without my bra on. His eyes meet mine and then he releases my nipple before slamming his lips onto my neck, making me scream out.

" ahh! Alessio! Hmm." I moan in complete and utter pleasure, my Hands pushing his head in further. His teeth sink into my chest and I gasp in surprise.

" we n-need to stop," I fumble around with my words because I knew one thing would lead to the next and soon we would be fucking in the schools gym. Imagine If someone walked in on us!

" fine, but you look so sexy right now. " he grinned at me before I adjusted my sports bra and he smirked lovingly.

"Don't you dare."


During last period, nearly everyone knew about our small 'party' and many were coming to our house with alcohol. It was Alessio's idea to throw a new home party, to take our minds off of all the drama and to focus on the good things. Who was i to argue with such a good idea?

I figured we wouldn't have to buy anything cause Alessio only topped up the supplies yesterday so we headed home without a fuss with Niall, Louis, Jack and Tom having a look around first.

We enter the house with a few gasps from the boys.

" wonder as your hearts content," I smirked deviously at The boys who stands there gobsmacked.

" party is on the second floor, 1st door, make sure to check it out." I wink before heading to the elevator to go to our room to change.

For the party I wore some really sexy clothes so I could tease Alessio all night, hopefully getting him back from the gym. I wore black sexy lingering which pushed out my booty and then I put a incredibly short dress red on with black, mysterious patterns creeping up from the bottom. It clung perfectly to every curve and stopped at my breasts with a open aired back all the way till my bum.

I applied some heavy eyeliner and applied a decent amount of makeup. My eye makeup was majestic and completely sexy and my lips were a bright shade of red which enhanced my high cheek bones and made me look really sexy. For once in my life, i was enjoying the new me.

I straightened my blonde hair (after dyeing the colour again this morning ) and then back combed the shorts layers to have a gorgeous poofing affect.

I put on black high heels, a black gothic style choaker and painted my nails before heading to the 3rd floor where the boys were.

" fuck! You look so freaking sexy!" Alessio stumbled towards me, he had just changed into jeans and he hadn't put his top on yet ( not that I was complaining ).

" thank you baby. You sure it's not too much?" I gave him a little twirl, making him gasp a little as a result,

" as in too much you mean too much clothing, then yeah." He grinned and pulled me closer, my breasts bouncing onto his body in the meanwhile.

" don't worry, you will be the sexiest one here!" He winked at me and planted a kiss on my cheek, careful not up ruin the makeup.

" I doubt it but we will be the cutest couple!" I laugh before grabbing his hand to lead him into the Nightclub room.

I chucked my head back In laughter at Tom working the DJ booth and the boys are stuffing there faces with the Buffet.

" did you do this?" I spun around to Alessio who is blushing at all the work he out into the nightclub, the buffet, decorations, lights and so much more. He gave me a shy nod before Jack shouted,










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